1989 – Centel – first cell phone ad!

“Where people connect!”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to 1989 – Centel – first cell phone ad!

  1. penenadpi says:

    Does anyone know what the background song is called or who is the artist?I
    love it so much.

  2. VirtualGirlGamer says:


  3. gmancine says:

    I just posted three different versions of the 1989 Centel commercial. Check
    it out: CENTEL – first cell phone ads – 1989 Yuppies – 3 Versions: 30 45 60

  4. penenadpi says:

    Btw, note3 is almost as big as those phones.I have to wear it in a backpack :) 

  5. Jammy Kurtis says:

    Does anyone watched first first cell phone commercial back to 1989 year?
    Travel through time

  6. Andrew Turner says:

    And I am able to make voice calls and surf the internet from almost
    anywhere now! Mobile technology has come so far.

  7. Gary Hoffman says:

    I remember the cell phones my family had in the 90s, they were really big.
    Anyway, this ad is awesome.

  8. Dante Garcia says:

    They make it look so cool 

  9. macroevolve says:

    I like this music. I wish I knew who the composer is/was.

  10. xdog d says:

    Is there an App for that?

  11. DeathByFail says:

    does it let me play candy crush and snapchat dick pics?

  12. Raphael zindondo says:

    i like this

  13. Pinkyprank4 says:

    i guess no one imagined cell phones would be number one cause of car
    accidents 30 years later when they made this ad, and decided to put a man
    calling from his car

  14. Mathieu Stemmelen says:


  15. Richard Lew says:

    I just hope that dock can hold that jeep

  16. Good Apple says:

    We’ve come along way.

  17. bigjabba says:

    Cuz you watch too much porn.

  18. JD Sweet says:

    My Grandma had one in her car. :D

  19. Ztech says:


  20. Rustycage870 says:

    lol shes crazy..i knew a girl that had that attitude..haha

  21. KHAN WINK says:

    that the new samsung galaxy 3

  22. René Redfield says:

    Yes you’ve got a good point there. And very nice to talk to you too.

  23. s3lvr says:

    I feel bad for you that you overpaid for obsolete phone.

  24. lagada3 says:

    like the iphone ^^

  25. macroevolve says:

    I can listen to this music for ….minutes, like the installation music of
    Windows XP

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