2013 Top 10 smartphones Full HD – Nvidia tegra 4 game performance

2013 smartphones Top 10 smartphones NewTop 10 smartphones Nvidia tegra 4 game We are sorry for a little problems we dont do anythıng for change this problems…

10/04/2013 – A redução de impostos para fabricantes de smartphones vai diminuir o preço dos aparelhos.Com o aumento no consumo deste tipo de produto, as empr…
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24 Responses to 2013 Top 10 smartphones Full HD – Nvidia tegra 4 game performance

  1. Super43102 says:

    Damn. Where is my Lumia 920. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. D Haze says:

    sony eperia z is a good phone however the display although it being 1080p is kind of meh in my opinion. There are obviously better 1080p displays out there for instance the htc one or galaxy s4

  3. Austindapimp02 says:

    Wtf the droid DNA is number one!! Fuck u

  4. rashidhumine says:

    i want Xperia ZL

  5. Luciano Jesus Gomez says:

    Jjaajajj lumia 920??? jajajajja… Xperia z is the best… elegance, beautiful…

  6. elad antolin says:

    Samsung is the only company i know that have a phone (note 2) that allows you to do multitasking so well, and the stylus is just something out of this world…

  7. Topit tp says:

    for me the best always be samsung

  8. vignesh sivakumar says:

    WTF where is lumia 920…………stupid dumb video

  9. 789MARINE says:

    actually 1 is always the best in a countdown. thats why in ever countdown show they always leave the best for last.

  10. 789MARINE says:

    i already have it

  11. kchichine hamza says:

    I wil never like a Samsung production. But sony is the best

  12. lesorax123 says:

    HTC One FTW!!!

  13. Ferry Edmund says:

    i love galaxy s3

  14. Alex Abordo says:

    The Galaxy s3 is very emotional LOL

  15. Jeff Sanchez says:

    Actually, we can find 7000mAh extended batteries, but it’s a great one on Huawei.

  16. Jeff Sanchez says:

    All of them have pros and cons, and where is the Lumia 920? for me the xperia Z, HTC One and GS4 will be the best. Anf of course, I’ll go for a GS4.

  17. Jeff Sanchez says:

    Yeah, and in a few months you would need a new one :) 

  18. alipouya says:

    i can eat off sony xperia z!

  19. alipouya says:

    lol blackberry z10 wasent even that good
    but the keyboard is probably the best touchscreen keyboard in the world

  20. degodenzon1 says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is best smartphone of the century. Android & Iphone only Shit

  21. Roger Silva says:

    I can takes a shower whit a Sony Xperia Z, fuck yeah!

  22. subuscribe says:

    ni s4 ,s4 is realised

  23. ilovepancakeswithjam says:

    OLED > TFT

  24. ilovepancakeswithjam says:

    samsung note 2? No! the note 3 is this years

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