70 Million BlackBerry Smartphones, 70 Million Stories

We appreciate the reviews that Team BlackBerry submits for a BlackBerry smartphone or the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Beyond that, we are inspired by your stories. Here is just a small collection of the 70 million Team BlackBerry stories from around the globe.

Solutionmake sure you have google play services installed
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25 Responses to 70 Million BlackBerry Smartphones, 70 Million Stories

  1. flash348 says:

    Been in love with Blackberry, started with the 8700g and now with my new baby 9930. :D

  2. fengjihong says:


  3. staticfive says:

    “I love my Blackberry”

    -Me in 2004

  4. dmslhotblue says:

    Dont even think about getting one of these……
    There Mobile system’s = Internet, BBM, Email and Customer service is useless and unapologtic. They are slow to respond and is always CRASHING!!!!!

  5. cockwiper says:

    wtf is so good about this fucking shit phone it has the same thing that EVERY other phone has nothing special

  6. Mayson176 says:

    Блек Бери это 0хуеННО !!!!!!!!

  7. polkarde says:

    @jorlopfragmail I totally agree with your statement, having got my first one last year as well, and just loving it.;-)

  8. thanhpc1012 says:

    blackberry is the best smartphone I have ever used .love bb so much!!!

  9. kertadikara says:

    when blackberry playbook use android

  10. doomedhuman420 says:

    70 million blackberrys, 70 million privacy acts broken.

  11. MicheliD83 says:

    BlackBerry è l’unico smartphone degno di questo nome: il futuro è di RIM.

  12. lopezt1 says:

    I had to do 10 battery pulls to see this video.

  13. worldofhottestvideo says:

    GO BlackBerry, Many thanks RIM for the BEST SMART PHONE, you do really help my life night and day, work and holiday, every minutes, every second

  14. dc619 says:

    GO RIM

    Fk the haters….BlackBerry owners can think for themselves, not allow others to decide for them..

  15. gangpenn says:

    I love BlackBerry! Absolutely!!

  16. northgrid says:


  17. luchogusta says:

    Blackberry sucks. Everybody knows that that’s why they are going to dissapear, because they make stupid products

  18. wmaxx3 says:

    lol its sad cause andriod is gonna take over the phone market and iphones are just better. blackberry sucks

  19. RHAK313 says:

    9000, 9700 and 9900

  20. TheAteela says:

    Very nice video. Just got a Bold 9900 and it’s by far the best phone I’ve ever used in my life. Thank you RIM for making amazing products :)

  21. samstar5782 says:

    8900,8520.9300 and now i love my 9780..

  22. FaleevAV says:

    8300 – 8310 – 9000 – 9700 – 9780 – 9900 !!!!!

  23. FaleevAV says:

    9900 is the best!!!

  24. phpFreNZy says:

    my blackberries over the years: 8830 – 9550 – 9800
    not buying the new ones tho, im sticking with my 9800

  25. aliceinneverending says:

    if you need a blackberry to take control of your life or any technological device you are in a really bad position

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