A cell phone and static electricity

A silent film caught by a surveillance camera at convenience store. Along with a passing fuel truck and a fire.

LYRICS: [Annie:] Belief in the one true power [Chino:] Can’t stop the sound Can’t… you? Can’t stop the sound Can’t, stop the sound I can’t stop you [Annie:...

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49 Responses to A cell phone and static electricity

  1. Husky Corporation says:

    Although this has already been proven to be a myth, I would still recommend
    to be on the safe side when pumping gas. Talking on your phone while
    refueling your car can distract you from what you are doing. Don’t forget
    that petrol is a dangerous and highly flammable substance. Stay safe and
    concentrate on your task to avoid accidents. 

  2. Stephen LeMay says:

    I’d say the more likely cause of the fire was the fact that he was walking
    back and forth to the store and around the car while wearing what is
    obviously baggy denim jeans and a cotton shirt, all of which is known to
    cause a static electricity charge, then (Even tho the video says he touched
    the car when the cellphone rang) he reached for the pump in the car
    creating a static spark just above the fuel nozzle causing the fire, then
    like an idiot, he took the, now flaming, fuel pump out of the car spraying
    burning fuel on the car and ground. The only thing the cellphone had to do
    with this fire is the fact that it was present. Had he touched the trunk or
    any other part of the car before reaching for the fuel nozzle, this fire
    wouldn’t have happened. Video titles like this continue to perpetuate
    suspensions that have proven to be false. To stop this from happening to
    you, all you have to do is touch the body of your car away from the fuel
    fill, before and during refueling. That will ground out any static
    electricity you have generated safely preventing a fire. In the event a
    fire does start, LEAVE THE FUEL PUMP IN THE CAR!!! Removing it will only
    make a slightly bad situation a catastrophic situation.

  3. Worrall Bukowski says:

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  4. LewEl26 says:

    I am a technician, and my job is to fix a gas pump no matter what it is.
    Using a cell phone by a gas pump is a myth. That’s what we are told when we
    go in for training, “that cell phones don’t cause fires.” Like I said I
    work on pumps all the time and am constantly talking phone with either my
    cell phone on my shoulders or with the speaker on replacing a hose nozzle
    or whatever. Been doing it for 15 years and no fire. Now what does cause a
    fire is rubbing your hands on your sweater, things of that sort cause a

  5. Shell Alaf Satria Sdn Bhd says:

    PLEASE! PLEASE! Its not a good idea using HANDPHONE near petrol pump! #shell
    #fire #cellphone 

  6. Janie B Johnson says:

    IM a cashier i get cuss out on a daily bases asking customer to turn car
    off, phone off. Don’t smoke near the pump. And i personally catch i turn
    the pump off.

  7. www9311 says:

    If you look closely, the fire started where the nozzle of the pump entered
    the car. This is a common cause of gas station fires. Static electricity
    sparks a fire when you reach for the pump handle. If a fire like this
    happens, it isn’t a big deal. Your car’s tank is designed to handle this
    sort of thing. Don’t remove the pump from the tank, or you’ll spread fire
    all over the place. Just get the attendant to put it out.

    Oh, and a cell phone had nothing to do with this video.

  8. Robert Galli says:

    I deliver gas to stations an I see people all the time talking on cell
    phones an leaving there cars running at the pumps while i’m dropping gas in
    the tanks,no one cares until something happens

  9. Tso Westervelt says:

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  10. jbo5112 says:

    Cell phones continue to be cited as causing fires at the pump in e-mails
    circulating on the Internet. So far we have been unable to document any
    incidents that were sparked by a cellular telephone. — Petroleum Equipment
    Institute (March 2010)

  11. atcred3 says:

    STATIC?…YES…………PHONE ?………..HA HA HA HA……………NO

  12. Doug Anderson says:

    I’m sorry, but no matter what any of you think, and despite supposed
    “evidence” by Exxon as regurgitated here by arrogant know-it-all types,
    there IS NOT ENOUGH static or any other discharge created by a cell phone
    to ignite gas vapours. The fires that DO happen are from static discharged
    off of clothing when the nozzle is handled while filling. Cell phones
    causing fires are a myth. 

  13. Jen Y says:

    “Michel Lacroix,” you probably shouldn’t criticize the intelligence of
    people when you can’t even spell the word “intelligent.” Also “alot” is
    actually two words, “a lot” and the saying is “once in a while” not “once
    and a while.” Maybe you should use that horrible thing called the internet
    to look up correct spelling and sayings.

  14. The Demon's Name .Is Surveillance says:

    car bursts into flames near a gas pump, he jumps back… then walks back
    towards the car.

  15. Anglynn74 says:

    should be full service like in Jersey where you don’t pump your own gas and
    the attendant does it for you, regular people pumping their own gas is a
    biiiiig mistake

  16. Enrique Pina says:

    Just a phone call….

  17. scbonduk says:

    ExxonMobil have spent a fortune researching the issue, as have the other
    oil companies. We don’t tell you to stay off your mobile phones for the
    fucking fun of it you fucking idiot. Static electricity ignites petrol
    vapours, using your phone and answering or making a call causes a static
    discharge to occur. It may only rarely be enough to ignite but it has

  18. DrayBay says:

    you people are fucken stupid he is isolated from ground static is the
    ignition source here not a fucken cell phone its a wave not an electic

  19. scbonduk says:

    Why would I need counselling?! I know exactly why mobile phones and similar
    electronic devices are banned in petrol stations and morons like you are
    the people who result in the emergency stop being used on the pumps and the
    same people we have to call the police out to arrest when you refuse to
    stop using them.

  20. newo82 says:

    Fame on!

  21. mydesigirl84 says:

    holy shit i honestly didnt know phones could do that. and my friend has
    been on her phones whilst shes been filling up the car a few times!

  22. scbonduk says:

    His car might explode and the pump may catch fire…the fuel in the sealed
    tanks below are perfectly safe and idiot proof.

  23. RASHTG says:

    Static electricity! I would not drive that car. The guy has enough balls
    to come to the car and try to extinguish the fire after 20 or more second
    of fire.

  24. flagmichael says:

    Neither radios nor cell phones produce sparks, although a car radio could
    more easily afford to do it. Sparks require a significant amount of power;
    modern electronics are designed for energy efficiency. The car radio has
    high power audio output so it could potentially switch several amps, but in
    practice a small control current is switched instead. Cell phones have low
    current drain to maximize battery life, and no cell phone has a ringer –
    even the vibrator has no contacts to spark.

  25. leviathon74 says:

    Its simple, u come onto my forecourt with a mobile phone in your hand u
    will be told to get rid of it b4 i authorize your pump… Ppl just do it
    cos they think that no one is watching, and yes ive had dickheads on my
    fourcourt smoking, so ive shut down all the pumps and when everyone that is
    trying to pump fuel are all looking at me, i get on the P.A. saying..”
    sorry fokes ive had to shut the pumps down cos there is an fool on pump 2
    that is smoking, once he gets rid of it ill reauthorize thanx

  26. TimberWolvesX X says:

    people like annie hardy need to resort to being explicit to hide their lack
    of talent. its a shame the deftones got sucked in. still a great band

  27. U Mirin says:

    how can anyone possibly enjoy this? Im as big a fan of deftones as any but
    i know shit when i hear it and man im hearing it here.

  28. Fer Zimmerman says:

    Love you <3

  29. Sukkiyakki says:

    love this song…one of my favourites

  30. adrenaline says:

    People say this is the worst Deftones song but the funny thing is there is
    no such thing as a worst Deftones song.

  31. pyramidmirrors says:

    14 people are uncircumcised

  32. sleepoptimistic says:

    submit your soul and don’t be afraid to die anymore now get on the fucking

  33. andrew oliver says:

    damn just found out its anne hardy :) 

  34. thecoolguy2207 says:

    Hahaha. Love Deftones.

  35. Benton Whitney says:
  36. Anna Gómez says:

    Can’t stop the sound Can’t… you?

  37. Jagger Mabry says:

    @DeftonesFan867 aye you dumb ass deftones is one of my favorite bands lol
    shut the fuck up and respect other people opinion

  38. Seiferzed says:

    i wanna buttfuck the bitch who speaks at the end ..seriously am not british
    and not touched by anything she said but for some reason i fuckin loathe
    women like her !

  39. YouCanCallMeCharlz says:

    I always wondered why British people have bad teeth…

  40. snt0 says:

    if circumcision encourages blowjobs, then Israel is BJ heaven

  41. tim eshelman says:

    2:40 best part!

  42. Sean Harris says:

    Easily their worst song. Why they created this abomination I’ll never know.
    It’s like a whole other band

  43. drinksbottleblues says:

    Anyone else have a Carling advert before this video?

  44. cuteemmerz says:

    Team Sleep…Not Deftones

  45. spikealicous333 says:

    @Nighttimechaos ’cause she’s british and got bayd teef :P

  46. TheAndrewj96 says:

    3:38 I kid you not, that garbled speech is really the word “buttfucking”
    reversed. I am dead serious.

  47. kowtpr187 says:

    you are welcome! i hope this helped you blow your load on your girlfriends
    tits while she slaps you and says “Rollllllllllllllllll Tiiiiiiiide!!!” and
    then falls off the edge of a building during a game of Black Ops 2 and then
    yells “Dolphine Diveeeeeeeee!!!” while doing it.

  48. LOADEDF1ST says:

    Hot Carling! I turned that into a verb, I hope you appreciate it.

  49. Carolina Morales says:

    Love this

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