Always On – Unboxing a hot, new smartphone, the HTC One Molly Wood and Jeff Cannata unbox the HTC One. Check out the stunning design and top-notch features.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X+ The One X+ vs. the Galaxy S3 in an Android smartphone smackdown! It’s going down in the latest Smartphone Smackdown! Today…

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46 Responses to Always On – Unboxing a hot, new smartphone, the HTC One

  1. gamal ramadan says:

    ultra better than mp

  2. Lala Brook says:

    please do the torture test already!

  3. Mario Götze says:

    You are a complete idiot. Try doing a little research before posting such stupidity

  4. Malik Howard says:

    It’s a 4 ultrapixle camera pay attention

  5. XxUnReALKiNGzxX says:

    in my opinion galaxy s4 still murdered this phone haha 4mp camera Wtf is that galaxy s4 has 13mp camera no other company can keep up with samsung

  6. Nicolas Mozart says:

    want to shop cheap android tablets,android phones,or accessories, iphone/ipad accessories,just visit the website imycases(dot)com,under 70$ you can buy the high performance machine.

  7. michael koblence says:

    An asshole charger?

  8. Justin0kay says:

    4 MP rear camera!? What is this 2010!?!?

  9. fat jose says:

    iphone 5 is more better

  10. Zheel Shwani says:

    “HTC One torture test” my heart just stopped for a second there

  11. Lynell Sandifer says:

    I will check the htc one out when at&t gets it. I’ll also be checking the galaxy s4 to when at&t gets it but i think the s4 will be my choice after I check both of them out.

  12. jesse morales says:

    yeah buddy , you didn’t know that “quietly brilliant” is HTCs logo phrase… killer flirt moves bro

  13. Jia En Khoo says:

    CNET, HTC One is not the first HTC phone with Beats Audio, they being doing it since the Sensation. It’s not HP only…

  14. Jia En Khoo says:

    They are focusing on the ‘Ultrapixel’ camera I guess.

    It takes a very good night view shots but needs more working on normal condition…

  15. BeMoGamer says:

    Your dumb FALSE OPINION Isheep 

  16. iNf3rNuSdI4bLuS1 says:

    every girl should wear this phone… it just makes them look more gorgeous LOL

  17. iNf3rNuSdI4bLuS1 says:

    just say it’s damn sexy!

  18. iNf3rNuSdI4bLuS1 says:

    ohhh but you don’t understand what kind of 4mp camera it’s got you noob, don’t be driven by numbers but by facts you moron!

  19. Gilad Lukash says:

    only 4MP camera? pretty lame..

  20. seemeagain123 says:

    ur comment is bull shit this is a Good phone. ps I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  21. ŞwēEəţʇ Bõɨɨ says:

    a big looollll for u :D 

  22. ŞwēEəţʇ Bõɨɨ says:

    best unboxing (Y)

  23. shakskillful says:

    WHAT! phonedog used to be a technobuffalo employee?! oh, u dawg! lol

  24. abhiphoenix1 says:

    which phone has a better battery life ??

  25. SlackVideos says:

    Just understand now the the reason the S4 will be rated best phone of the year over the HTC One is because the S4 is better all around. Not because of marketing.

  26. Dom75GR says:

    The battery on my One X+ holds near 2 days with normal use!

  27. Bhaskar Pal says:

    Does htc one x+ have notification toggles? does it supports OTG cable?

  28. clevelandtyler2 says:

    Yup it all comes down to marketing. The S3 was much more heavily marketed than the htc.

  29. lesorax123 says:

    My question…why wasnt the one x+ one of the best smartphones of 2012? is it because of lack of advertisement?

  30. Zuuuaaau says:

    omg i hate sense

  31. Max Fruitema says:

    Quad core S3

  32. Hala Khanji says:

    HTC One X+ is the best y’all !!

  33. Andre Gonçalves says:

    Bulshit…. htc one x+ its better… i have both

  34. DrFokuZ says:

    Samsung Galaxy S III is the best!

  35. 30002elimoises says:

    S lll the best

  36. CoLuva TZ says:

    64 gigs not enough, how much porn do you need!

  37. Kristofers Treimanis says:

    We got some S3 fan overhere:D

  38. Unchi Sama says:

    You’re just an HTC fan-boy PERIOD!!!

  39. 6Italia0 says:

    the international model yes, US model no, 1.4GHz S4 dual core

  40. Ro Striker says:

    Galaxy S3 has 1.4 ghz quad-core not 1.5 ghz dual-core

  41. kunt865 says:

    Fuck Samsung, HTC Is The Best.

  42. Androlord Gery says:

    Hey isn’t this guy from PhoneDog, who also made a comparison between GS3 and HTC One X?

  43. Jukebox1923 says:

    70 people sucks

  44. Anthony Espinoza says:

    I love how samsungs phone can keep up with phones 9 months later xD

  45. ithj201 says:

    근데 갤쓰리보단 차라리 갤노투쓰겠다

  46. ithj201 says:

    갤쓰리가 더좋아보이네요

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