Amazing and Shocking Mobile/Cell Phone Spying

New software that hides on cell phones and captures call logs and text messages is being sold as a way to monitor kids and spouses. But one security company calls it a Trojan horse. Visit
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Danach habe ich meine tochter grogezogen und mir verschiedene fhigkeiten wie nhen, musikinstrumente spielen, etc als autodidakt selbst beigebracht

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24 Responses to Amazing and Shocking Mobile/Cell Phone Spying

  1. LCaston96 says:

    Can they just do this from the Internet ?, or do they have to get your phone and install software on it before they are able to tap your phone ???

  2. bassbonemexie says:

    I’m going back to writing letters

  3. techNextUK says:

    That’s old technology. Now you can do it all from an app!
    cellphonecommander . com

  4. EarnMoneyFast1 says:

    oh shut the fuck up you idiot, thats not the point the point is there is getting less and less privacy every day now, the goverment are even no planning to spy on what we do on the internet, the point is when does it stop? for god sake just let us be…

  5. Sniper Spy says:

    voila url de logiciel Espion

  6. Sniper Spy says:

  7. tuipale says:

    install that to my nokia 3310. aww no open connections u fail coders.

  8. HmmWildCherry says:

    Good to know!

  9. cidland says:

    Search youtube for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking.

  10. geminiloves says:

    some one has hacked my phone checking my voicemail, has access to my call log, even my contacts, even listened in on my conversations as well. where is this softwhere come from?
    I changed my code to my vm and they are still able to get in.

  11. christosoufgww004k says:

    Get your zip code in 1 minutes, draw your iphone4! ExGIC

  12. charissemaelucero says:

    nice one, cool…

  13. 00thegreat says:


  14. TerryCrossb5 says:

    Bye Privace RIGHT !… Also you can Find out who is calling here tinyurl dot com/records99

  15. JulieBulas says:

    If you want to spy a cell phone, check out my chanel or go to:

  16. spycellhunter says:

    BE AWARE!!!!!!! SCAM

  17. salena1001 says:

    I am using software OmegaSpy. I use GPS for free.
    Also, I can see SMS, calls, photos, contacts ( $4.99 / ten day )
    I can track anywhere. just create a free account at
    This is Gadget computer Google

  18. kabiite07 says:

    please tell me its true that this software works, does it work in the uk as well?

  19. aznbball125 says:

    is this software legal?

  20. TheCaseForPrivacy says:

    I’ve spent years and almost every last dollar I had developing, patenting and now attempting to bring to market a truly effective way to put an end to the active tracking, tracing, stalking, eavesdropping and hacking of your cell phone. Visit thecaseforprivacy(.)com to see how to stop all of this.

    We do have a right to privacy, but like all rights, they don’t mean anything unless we are willing to stand up for them.

  21. rogue1wow says:

    OMG!!! This film is about this same type of messed up privacy violations… They just posted a few days ago… Very interesting… and creepy.. (XP

    Search “(AmI) Live” on facebook~! o.o

  22. sivko23 says:

     Leave your kid alone.

  23. TheChannelZeroNews says:

    Old news. Just as I type this comment it’s being spied on and stored into the secret service/national archives database…Think people. It’s the Inter(command)Net(work)…ThinkingIsNonFundamental*—Moshe L.S., A.R.R.(11:27et, 11/28)

    *Fun(fooling around;foolish)A(no)Mental

  24. ZiZla999 says:

    Two words: Dzhokhar Dudayev.

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