Amazon hopes 3D, Firefly sway smartphone buyers There’s a new player in the smartphone world, taking on Apple and Samsung: Amazon’s Fire phone, with 3D technology. CNET’s Kara Tsuboi…

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21 Responses to Amazon hopes 3D, Firefly sway smartphone buyers

  1. Ruy Santos says:

    32GB hardware for 200 bucks, yeah sounds like a bargain. NOT!!

  2. JAY Daniels says:

    To bad its only on AT&T

  3. Wayne Wooten says:

    How they don’t care about making money off the hardware when the phone is
    priced like a high end phone? It’s priced like an S5 & a iPhone5S… 27$ a
    month is the same as every other high end phone on AT&T… & are they still
    using a custom version of android for the OS? 

  4. TheMonkeyFarted says:

    Great just 4 more camera that the nsa can use to watch you. Just joking but
    I barely like seeing one camera on the front of my phone what makes them
    think that I will mind having 4 more staring at me.

  5. nick poverman says:

    How many people will get sick from the 3D? This is stupid. 

  6. Invincible Don1 says:

    To hell with AT&T 

  7. Dylan Digby says:

    Approximately zero people will buy this phone.

  8. mrtruth2007 says:

    I wonder if it can play movies in 3d

  9. Scott Behnke says:

    So its only going to be 27 a month? With Text, Call and 32 GB of data? AM I
    getting that right or is that too good to be true?

  10. Akallz says:

    A 3d gimmick lol only morons would buy this for that what matters is the os
    app store battery life an build quality.

  11. James Jones says:

    I hate this exclusiveness with AT&T, android, iphone, and windows phones,
    don’t know about blackberry when they first came out. Seem like these phone
    companies will never learn. 

  12. Alejandro Alex says:

    Thats one big money investment mistake amazon….

  13. Rakitha Perera says:

    the phone cost $650 without contract

  14. eastender74 says:

    Why do most of the coolest smartphones go over to AT&T exclusively? The
    carrier with the crappiest cell phone signal. Cdma is soo much better than
    GSM. Why don’t the cell phone companies recognize this when picking a
    carrier! Cdma penetrates buildings better.

  15. Darren Anderson says:

    Can u play games and watch movies in 3d on this phone?

  16. Jason Merritt says:

    i don’t think i want to buy a phone to be constantly connected to a store 

  17. DBSpy1 says:

    Why only AT&T, cant get one don’t want AT&T.

  18. Shane Willbur says:

    I think everyone agrees that exclusivity with at&t is a mistake

  19. MrApple FanMan says:

    why are people complaining that its $200 for the 32gb version? the google
    nexus 5 is $400???? and it’s a 16gb piece of crap

  20. Jon Mullet says:

    Looks cool great deal with free prime for a year.

  21. KevMack Olson says:

    if they don’t care about making money on the hardware then why is the phone
    not free on contract lol

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