Android – Các mẹo vặt khi sử dụng Android – CellphoneS

Like Schannel : Tham khảo giá iPhone 5: Tham khảo giá G…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Defcon 18.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Does the lg g5′s ‘always on’ display really matter

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49 Responses to Android – Các mẹo vặt khi sử dụng Android – CellphoneS

  1. Nam Hoang says:

    Sao minh tim ung dung Nofitication toggle tren appstore ko co?
    Co phai app doi ten roi ko? Ban biet ung dung nao thay the no gioi thieu cho minh vs?

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  3. poceo5897 says:

    E dùng galaxy Ace 2 sử dụng widget locker bấm phím cứng home sẽ trở về màn hình chính không cần mở khóa.Em nghĩ Go locker tốt hơn 

  4. Fern Stein says:

    Cái này ngốn pin lắm

  5. trung hoang nhat says:

    Có link đoạn nhạc intro đầu không bạn ?

  6. Thoại Nguyễn says:

    VID của Cellphone S luon hữu ích..thánk

  7. toan tran says:

    Wallpaper Changer sao em lam van bi cat hinh the nhi

  8. Hiếu Lê Trung says:

    làm nhiều về windown phone đi bạn

  9. bình nguyễn quốc says:

    widget locker down ở đâu thế anh

  10. tu pham xuan says:

    cho hỏi android 2.3 có sài đc mấy ứng dụng này ko?

  11. Andy Nguyen says:

    thanh Notification trên HTC chỉ cần lôi widget ra màn hình 

  12. duclinh84bk says:

    Cài rom CM thì tha hồ mà vọc, cần gì phải phần mềm thứ 3

  13. kho ngu says:

    noi nhu gio

  14. Hân Trần says:

    Notification Toggle chứ ko phải Nofitication toggle a ah :D

  15. tuan maianh says:

    CELL PHONES quá đỉnh

  16. Zoe No says:

    cám ơn HƯNG LEO ^^

  17. Hưng Leo says:

    Xperia V bạn à !

  18. Zoe No says:

    cellphones cho mình hỏi xperia bạn sử dụng trogn clip là cái nào vậy ah? cám ơn ^^

  19. Sam Ly says:

    cac video chuyen ve iphone 4s rat it

  20. Sam Ly says:

    tai sao khong thay cellphone s lam cac video ve iphon 4s nhi

  21. Nguyen thanh nhat says:

    cell phone s sap hum lam bai nao ve lg het zay, hay tai lg hum dc ua chuon cho lam hay sao

  22. Phú Vinh Huỳnh says:

    cell phone s cho hỏi tải widgetlocker lockscreen ntn ở trang vậy! thank’s!!!

  23. Minh Khiem says:

    mình thích phong cách trình bày của anh này :D

  24. Dương Nghĩa says:

    Cellphone ơi cho em hỏi sao em dùng phần mềm wallpapechange mà khi đặt hình nên vẵn phải cắt hình vậy. Có thể hướng dẫn em kĩ hơn được k? em dùng bản rom vk6.4. máy s2

  25. Vu Tea says:

    Hay hơn mấy bé tinhte nhieu, quay, dựng rất chuyên nghiệp. Thanks. Mấy bà thím nhìu chuyện làm ơn bớt chê lại nhé.

  26. Qu0thTheRaven says:

    That’s some hardcore phreaking

  27. blackmuzzle says:

    Maybe he wears high heels but he can hack your phone and destroy your life if he wanted to :P

  28. davidkulpe says:


  29. Tom Smith says:

    Tough Crowd – but what a great topic!

  30. bstring23 says:

    my first defcon cellphone speech was in 1995 @ defcon 3 and way more phun

  31. graboid90 says:

    Just do some googling. During the first half of the talk I located every single part for the device, including a used IM-ME.

  32. AnthonyB Jr says:

    “Bored”, or paranoid as fk

  33. AnthonyB Jr says:

    I don’t want one, I need one! Also I’d love to have the noise generator setup as well. Wish you would have shown some calls being made too.

  34. alvaradomisael says:

    Where can i get this product?

  35. HarunDanyal says:

    10 minutes into the lecture, and I didn’t even realize the speaker had an accent lol. I was so interesting in the info I didn’t even realize.

  36. noselasd says:

    Note for Android(HTC Desire at least) – “dialing” *#*#4636#*#* gives you access to a phone info menu where you can turn off GSM, etc.

  37. svampebob007 says:


  38. Tuckypoo111 says:

    I think that could easily be spoofed honestly..?

  39. svampebob007 says:

    This is like a defense against MAC spoofing/ARP poisoning.
    I wrote a script for my computer that could easily be ported to a phone OS, all it does is basically run the command “arp -g” in cmd at start up and gets the mac address of the router (the BTS), and if it changes I get a warning telling me the previous and current IP and MAC of the router, so if the attacker isn’t too skilled and uses tools like cain, I get a good warning sign.

    Fuck the FCC use voice scramblers for secure calls :)

  40. Jeff Rodriguez says:

    Is he saying the Nokia 3310/90 work as GSM packet sniffers?

  41. Tuckypoo111 says:

    Surely all you’d have to do is root your phone, you would gain all administrative access to every function on your phone.

  42. Tuckypoo111 says:

    FCC does not let you encrypt your calls without a license (I could be very wrong on that)
    It could cause problems with the cellphone tower, however your only hope is to somehow get your phone to lock onto a cellphone tower…

    EX: Make an app that whenever you need it, before you walk into a room with important people, locks onto a signal from a tower you’ve been connected too for a bit.
    Make it so that your phone knows that you are not moving, and any sudden broadcasts are attacks. :)

  43. cannedboyz says:


  44. Mr5CHNELL says:

    No this is at a level below that which an app can access either in Android or iOS (or Symbian for that matter).

  45. shodanxx says:

    is there an effective countermeasure for this ?

    like an app that looks for weirdness in the basestation, like no crypto or operating on rare bands or just checking basestation against a basestation whitelist and notifies you or even outright block them ?

    surely and android app has access to all that information ?

  46. Michael Wittmann says:

    cut your nails you fucking faggot

  47. infol3ak says:

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  48. KarazhanIsCake says:

    look on twitter

  49. KarazhanIsCake says:

    ChrisPaget is the person. The “new” him/her is KrisPaget.

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