Annoying Cell Phone Guy on Train

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Parents’ expectations of their children are much higher now, said kweku forstall, who until recently served as the executive director of project grad atlanta
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25 Responses to Annoying Cell Phone Guy on Train

  1. assail says:

    CHOW!!! hahahaha

  2. DisturbedRS says:

    It’s an over sized plastic novelty phone. Although this could be a Nokia?

  3. Call1800POO says:

    @DonforDead Remember you don’t have to be an old person to thing like one.

  4. damnitboyzz says:


    lol hahahahahaa, u bet!

  5. DonforDead says:

    Wow, typical old fucks thinking they boss the shop, making him move simply because he had a phone call quiet zone or not, I bet he’s the sort of twat who just drives his disability motorcycle thing out onto the road without looking both ways.

    Old people piss me off.

  6. stnyblue says:

    he must have a huge @ss cellphone bill as well lol

  7. irishgeoff1 says:

    google:- the yapper zapper. Its a very cool mini cell phone jammer

  8. irishgeoff1 says:

    google:- the yapper zapper. Its a mini cell phone jammer

  9. irishgeoff1 says:

    google:- the yapper zapper

  10. tigerborn62 says:

    Now this would be so funny if the timing were better. How about whipping out this silly act when someone is actually doing it? Now that would be brilliant.

  11. SatanistTV says:

    I would kick the shit out of that old fuck!!!

  12. blasphemator says:

    @LittleMissSweetieKat What has sarah palin done that’s so great? She can talk a lot, that’s for sure, but she was already unable to manage serving a full term in public office. Again, what has she actually DONE? You make her out to be some sort of genius or saint, yet she’s merely a talking head for hire. Parroting tired propaganda and pandering to conservative xenophobes willing to pay someone to tell them what they want to hear. They/you rather hear pleasant lies than the unpleasant truth.

  13. inmylifetime says:

    @LittleMissSweetieKat O.o “but Sarah Palin does nothing right, beyond copying all the other republicans. Lol.”

    anyways this vid is omfgfreaknlarious!!! post this on twitter quick

  14. TheRedgenius says:


  15. XShadow730X says:

    First off how the hell does he get buy with that big of a phone on the train???

  16. dlm3ecd says:

    Where does he keep the phone when he gets on?

  17. silverfin113 says:

    He didnt seem to realize it was a joke, probably to old to realize phones have become smaller

  18. LittleMissSweetieKat says:


    “Here in America we lack the balls even if we know we are not going to be knock out cold” that was stereotyping.

    And so was saying “balls” to mean guts, cuz not only boys have guts. And like I said, some girls, like Sarah Palin, have more guts than most boys when it comes to doing whats right.

  19. Tboorohn says:

    I’m glad that you have the guts to do something. This is meant for idiots who just stand and watch this country go to hell.
    What part of my comment was stereotyping?
    This is meant for anyone despite of Religion, creed or race who will not stand up against those doing wrong.

  20. LittleMissSweetieKat says:


    Excuse me? It’s only liberals and democrats who don’t have the “balls” to do something like that. And saying “balls” is idiotic. I’m a girl and I would’ve done something. Heck, I have the so-called “balls” to stand up for myself and others and I’ve done that before. Oh, and I’m an American.

    Don’t stereotype. Sarah Palin is a girl and she has the balls to say and do what most guys including Obama are to scared to do. And she is a TRUE American. ; )

  21. Tboorohn says:

    @eLLriDe420 Be honest with yourself. Do you really think you would have had the balls to go over there and tell that guys to shut the heck up? You don’t have to respond to me because frankly I don’t think you care.
    Old or young,..America or not….it doesn’t matter. The fact still remains that the OLD guy had the stainless steel balls to do what he did. Here in America we lack the balls even if we know we are not going to be knock out cold. Let’s be frank about this.

  22. eLLriDe420 says:

    @Tboorohn in america the old guy would have been knocked out cold. you dont run shit when your old

  23. Tboorohn says:

    You have to hand it to the gentleman,,,he had the cojones to go and demand Annoying cell phone guy to leave. That is what this country is lacking.
    I bet most of you don’t have the gems to do it.

  24. 6FunkySpaceMonkey9 says:

    I love the way the guy walks up to him and tells him where he can go and talk, like he’s on a real phone…too funny!

  25. katieminnie1 says:

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