THIS CONTRACT TO CHANGE YOUR CELLULAR DNA. DONE. FACT. FINISHED Reload! Dr. Barrie Trower – 30 Minute Reality Update
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Hi This is part 3 of an ongoing research project into this new “altered reality” that we all as the human race, are being introduced to And seemingly embraced…Without thinking it Entirely through. Mayhap, we might want to exercise caution and consider things a little bit deeper from now on? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction but sometimes our science fiction writers are actually borrowing from truth. Please rate, comment and subscribe and don’t forget to check back later, we’re having a January giveaway!

The limits, though, would still have to be met on an average basis
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  1. Karena Gerrard says:

    they just put a news story out about fungus that eats radiation. and those freaks “irradia” that say they eat radiation, from chernobyl. they have a following already, of radiation worshipers. puke. this is beginning to make sense… sun is supposed to be radiating us more now too. gmo fungus everywhere.

  2. michaelnew1962 says:

    Can you believe that cell phone ad about the DNA change, unreal.

  3. SelflessEmpire says:

    Im 29,in the last year i have gone completley foggy in my mind, i eat right exercise, avoid gmo. It feels like humanity is fighting against all odds but evil is trying to enslave on every front. The world i see know is not the one i grew up believing it was, sad.

  4. 2006ZAHIR says:

    Life just doesn’t feel the same after watching this. It feels like something just slid away, I think it was our future as a species, or was it we never really had one but just didn’t know . Very sobering video.

  5. william hampl says:

    OMG that is what they are spraying in the planes all over the world with the chem trails waiting to awake up the hosts….

  6. william hampl says:

    al qaida is the product of this government the created cannot be greater evil the the creator of evil

  7. LendMeYourHand says:

    Our Government ‘is’ Al Qaida.

  8. Essentialbathrooms says:

    Does ‘Al qaida’ even exist?

  9. mrhumboldthippy arcataco says:

    well yall learn this fact.the worlds supply of ascorbic acid is created grown in a lab from asperilligus niger black mold.this is what is in 90%of juice dietary aids and anything stating it has vitamin c dirieved from acorbic acid

  10. LegendaryAsshole says:

    Yes, because having no clue about fantasy bullshit conspiracy theories rehashed and reworded, or don’t believe them due to lack of evidence makes me a complete idiot right?

  11. Sherrie Lea Laird BACK HERE says:

    have I lied to you yet?

    Well I need help making this viral. ANONYMOUS PUSHES HOAX news. Infact the whole ALT MEDIA hide everything. ANONYMOUS PUSHES HOAX news making them a hoax
    /watch?v=WQ3v4tTzerg and description. MOST important. Run and Trust that.

  12. MsLongNails says:

    I know that “This could be a bullet in the back of the head moment”, feeling he speaks of.

  13. fgre3456 says:

    Very interesting very Informative

  14. Sherrie Lea Laird BACK HERE says:

    ht tp://ww w.multiscope. com/hotspot/aspergillosis.htm

    Birds and animals have it. They also call it mange.
    Its Aids. Its cancer, hair loss, pneumonia. I was locked out when I uploaded this vid. I’ve uploaded all my vids from a back door in Youtube settings. Cause I’m locked out and will not acknowledge their PINK slips or you’ll lose your chan. Make reloads. PLEASE. ASPERGILLUS fungus is cancer and its curable.RADIATION spreads it.
    JUST EAT GARLIC etc!!! pass it on.U need Antifungals/probioitcs

  15. Sherrie Lea Laird BACK HERE says:

    and kids..its in the chemtrails. Look for my other vids in here about Aspergillus and MOnsanto and etc. Its Why they are consumed with CORN and BT CORN which is the name of bunt corn and causes cancer. This is done by ISRAEL cause they see us as GOYIM. I’ve asked any and all Jews to come forward and tell me this isn’t true…Just one. In 5 years NOT one person denied it. Please. There’s still time. I need a JEW to prove he’s a jew and say we are not GOY.

  16. Sherrie Lea Laird BACK HERE says:


  17. takkcertu says:

    Thank you for the upload.

  18. Acktheleone333 says:

    Hang on a sec..gotta answer my cell…..0.o

  19. shelley Gomez says:

    RFID mark of the beast!! No one take it

  20. preparadox says:

    many likes for this video. shared and added to my videos. thank you

  21. Johnnie Walker says:

    so Dr. Barrie Trower u take the money doing those wepons and now you want us to believe that u want to see those wepons gonne?u want to scare people with your shit secret wepons u fucking retard



  23. TheWTFSOB says:

    lmao good answer. 

  24. BarryEssex says:

    A lot.

  25. TheWTFSOB says:

    i dont but what has that got to do with anything? lol

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