Best 5 Android Smartphones of 2013

best android smartphones 2013 Are you in the market for a new Android Smartphone? With so many options and similar specifications …
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25 Responses to Best 5 Android Smartphones of 2013

  1. joseph abdullahi says:

    s4 should be the best crazy people´╗┐

  2. Rohit Almeida says:

    actually i like note 2 which is ur choice…..´╗┐

  3. Alex G says:

    its top android phones

  4. haidar hakim says:

    Note 3 is number 1 now

  5. Ismael Saboerali says:

    Oppo find 5??

  6. Nav Seira says:


  7. Emile Heskey says:

    wheres iphone?

  8. Jethro Pumbwe says:

    What of the sony xperia z1 the lg g2 and iphone 5s

  9. Ram Satesh says:

    if they put the title as phone,i will surely argue about Nokia 3310,but
    it’s smartphones,so ya

  10. Jerry Mendoza says:

    Where’s lg g2

  11. Erdal Topal says:

    lg g2 the best of allll

  12. cosybroom says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  13. fakhrul razi says:

    htc one

  14. xdagam3x says:

    Htc one is infrontt the s4, you guys must be on opium

  15. Thomas Firi says:

    what about nokia 3310…?????

  16. Jay Alvarez says:

    it is a badass phone.. but the snapdragon software sux

  17. Darcer1304 says:

    I still think Nexus 4 is the best Android smartphone made to date… Clean
    Android is must…

  18. Jackson Randall says:

    Ummmm where the lg g2 Lg g2 is definitely the best

  19. Marobobb says:

    nice but where is the xperia z people

  20. M-Waris says:

    Nice video, But what about huawei Ascend mate ? Its got the biggest battery
    4000mah and 6.1 inch screen and is fast too :)

  21. tru786 says:

    HTC one is number 1

  22. Erik Carbajal says:

    HTC One = smartphone of the year it raised the bar very high just like the
    galaxy s3 did last year… all manufacturers should learn something from
    HTC 1.- build quality 2.- elegant user interface 3.- optimized battery and
    software 4.- fast performance without lagging 5.- strong low light camera
    performance 6.- front-facing speakers I just find it amazing how a such a
    small company compared to let’s say Apple, Sony, Samsung and LG schooled
    them on how to make a premium phone.

  23. Gram Pt says:

    Horses for courses folks, too much choice is never enough?

  24. zein el deen says:

    htc one

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