Best Android Smartphones 2014

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21 Responses to Best Android Smartphones 2014


    Check out what we think are the best Android smartphones of 2014 in our
    video: #android #samsung #lg #sony

  2. E-Game says:

    Were ist the ONEPLUS ONE?

  3. Aaron Joshua Turrioni says:

    Oh yeah!!!!when i saw that the g3 is the 2nd on the list ive already known
    that the note 4 will be on the top :D 

  4. Bert Manalili says:

    Samsung galaxy s5 dust & water resistant, better camera and battery life

  5. Farah Kirmani says:


  6. mrbrainchild76 says:

    Worst Top Ten List ever. See MKBHD vid for more accurate listing of best
    smartphones of 2014. smh

  7. Imtayaz Majaz says:

    And the winner is …….. once again NOTE 4

    TOP 10 Best Android Smartphones 2014:

  8. Jeffrey Oxner says:

    Ayeeee… LG G3 we in this!

  9. Rebar NiNO says:

    Where motorola droid turbo!! the first smart phone in world %100

  10. AirFPV says:

    My top 3: (Im not a fan of fablets)
    1. Moto X (2014)
    2. LG G3
    3. HTC One M8

  11. Stefan C. says:

    Nice list. For me, the list goes something like this:
    Nexus 6
    Note 4
    LG G3
    Mate 7
    Xperia Z3
    HTC One m8

    And so on.

  12. Ben Alldridge says:

    Add iz on fb now or I’ll come to ya wedding cut ya cats head off and shag

  13. Alman Namla says:

    Z3 Represent!

  14. PotionGaming says:

    Where’s LG G3 Cat.7?

  15. Paul Mann says:

    Where’s moto x

  16. vitor180396 says:

    No Moto Maxx ?

  17. Andrew Hutchinson says:

    You’ve been dubbed over Scott!? Who did you get in to do your voice-over?

  18. Michael Gregory says:


  19. edward narvaez says:

    No Droid Turbo? 

  20. Roderick Reed says:

    Whst:-[:-[=-O your going to lie right in her face w.o.w

  21. Lexy Lollipop says:

    my songggg

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