Best budget smartphones: Top 5 cheap mobiles

We run through the top 5 cheap smartphones for the budget-conscious. Subscribe for more from TechRadar: A guide to the 5 best budget phon…
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Full report : Here’s a list of Top 5 Smartphones under Rs 20000, offering a premium smartphone experience without hurting your pocket….
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25 Responses to Best budget smartphones: Top 5 cheap mobiles

  1. Josh Moss says:

    I would get the lumia 520 if it was me

  2. Vasudev dubey says:

    Seems Legit,its an under rated phone and plus it has a Dual Core 1Ghz Processor

  3. Vasudev dubey says:

    first up,i have a Nokia Lummia 710 too, and the OS is called “Windows Phone7.8″, not Windows 7 (thats a PC OS!), second the design of Windows Phone 8 allows updates to windows phone 9 (in future) directly from Windows Phone 8, the problem of hardware caused the break from WP7.8 to WP 8,rest assured. it wont happen again

  4. arpakyna says:

    I’m sorry about you being stuck on an older version of WP, but things are different now that they have overhauled the kernel (the very core of the operating system) to support multiple cores, higher display resolutions and so on.

    The kernel powering WP8 has support for 64 (!) cores, so they will not need to update that anytime soon, like they had to with WP7.

  5. Nishchinth Kumar Dewar says:

    Thanks for your reply Arpakyna… FYI: I am a windows 7.8 user lumia 710…. And microsoft is not at all planning to give new apps which windows 8 has….. In that terms microsoft is failing to do such backward compatibility for older versions…. In future windows 9 launches then you can understand it more clear… Thanks again..

  6. arpakyna says:

    Backward compatibility of new apps? What you smoking son? And yeah, it has upgrades for the next 36 months.

    520 is an amazing phone!

  7. arpakyna says:

    It’s an awesome phone!

  8. Nishchinth Kumar Dewar says:

    Lumia:- Waste phones… Handling from 1.5 years… No upgrade, No backward compatibility of new wp8 apps

  9. latheeshkl007 says:

    Lumia is the best

  10. Tyebh says:

    I have the ace 2,the only thug bad about it is that it’s running gingerbread…

  11. guineapiCat says:

    The 520 on place 1???? Come on…

  12. FoxVisionGT says:

    Do top 5 best mid-range smartphones

  13. Efrahaim Star Masocol says:

    What I didn’t like about IOS and Android phones is the updates.. lol.. I mean, they do it so frequently that the phone I invested on gets outdated so soon…. and if ever I updated an android, most of the time the phone fails to compensate.. (lags, hangs, etc.) hehe! xD Though Apple and android phones are good, I prefer Windows phones; they are more stable and reliable..

  14. Daniel Grey says:

    I got huawei ascend g330! Lolz

  15. dannyclub09 says:

    I was sure that you weren’t going to put in the Orange San Diego simply because it’s not a popular or “branded” phone, but you did, and I respect you for that.

  16. William Thompson says:

    Nexus 4

  17. mrmaxo4000 says:

    yea baby!

  18. METAGALAXIS04 says:

    I BOUGHT ,

  19. mrmaxo4000 says:

    fair :) )

  20. METAGALAXIS04 says:

    N O K I A LUMIA 820 ! S U P E R GOOD !

  21. Jey Shane says:

    where is BLU Life Play ? only $229

  22. chris clark says:

    Phones are out of date within 6months to a year, you get the latest and then all to quick its not anymore, best buy is waiting or buy a year old phone, some are nearly half there price,

  23. allstarsnorks2 says:

    LG Optimus L9 is a cheap mobile phone as well. But GO LUMIA!

  24. Derek Zientara says:

    Nexus 4

  25. vvkps sonar says:

    wht abt lenovo s820,xoloq1000

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