Best Smartphones for 2013

Android, iOS or Windows Phone – which smartphone should you buy? Here are our top five smartphones – phones we’re confident will stand up to new releases fro…

They were told you’re not successful, you don’t fit,’ she says

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25 Responses to Best Smartphones for 2013

  1. shameem EC says:

    these plastic have better feature and hardware ok and nokia is the worst company ma be it is lower than these plastic

  2. Utpal Parajuli says:

    It’s not bullshit, it’s true! This plastic shit is lower than nokia!

  3. Utpal Parajuli says:


  4. shameem EC says:

    yea man its corect note 2 have better feature s and how it comes at 5th thise is bullshit

  5. Spiky1998 says:

    It wasn’t released in januari 2013 ;)

  6. 789MARINE says:

    BlackBerry 10 series should be on the list. It’s OS system uses a QNX Neutrino microkernel OS that enables the use of Flash and HTML5 capabilities also known to be embedded in systems around us such as social networks, cars, hospitals and space shuttles to name a few(look up the ad ‘Space grade technology….in the palm of your hands). If you knew anything about QNX this would’ve been number one. Just saying.

  7. syeda rahman says:

    i prefer iphone 5!

  8. fabian sanjose says:

    i think that the galaxy s4 should be on the list

  9. mercuryal555 says:

    don’t forget the samsung galaxy s4, the lg optimus g, the sony xperia z, the samsung galaxy ativ s, asus padfone 2 and padfone infinity and for last but not because is the ugliest the Htc one

  10. jessekahkate says:

    Everybody crying about the Sony Xperia Z/ZL: This is a t-mobile top 5 phones and they don’t carry the xperia

  11. PolarBearNoiseFTW says:

    Nexus 4 or iphone 5

  12. smarteffort1 says:

    eat a dick faggot

  13. MrVoayer says:

    Feeling lonely in your mental illness ! I am sorry I can’t make you company.
    But having psychological problems does not give you the right to be rude to people you do not know !
    Mind your language. You are in public !
    Now, be polite and do not reply !!!

  14. smarteffort1 says:

    you must be a midget

  15. smarteffort1 says:

    are you retarded

  16. farid abd aziz i says:

    maybe cause the note2 has heavy weight

  17. Will Demascio says:

    S3 sucks

  18. SmoochieGamer says:

    Guys , I don’t know which smartphone to buy , iphone 5 , galaxy s3, or even wait for the galaxy s4, but I’m afraid that the eye scroll don’t work with me because I have glasses , I seriously don’t know which one to choose , please answer me and tell me which one should I buy
    Thanks .

  19. Blake Riley says:

    Ps vita lmao ftw

  20. Joe Mama says:

    This video should be renamed best smartphones of 2012

  21. John Ron says:

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  22. Rxsiner says:

    How the duck can u stand a fine that is as big as 2 hands (note 2) the size of it should come under a mini tablet

  23. antonio vaquez says:

    i think iphone or the note 2 shouldve been first and the s3 shouldve been 5

  24. sony Bror says:

    bettery on xperia s is awesome after rooting with jelly bean 4.1.2.Its almost 35 -40 hours after full charging with as usual use

  25. sony Bror says:

    You can do everything with sony xperia s and z and others,even you can use all the jelly bean feathers on xperia s..You can use photo sphere

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