Boss Film – The Smartphone Network

Relationships often get strained due to professional demands. At such times, smartphones transcend their role of being a mere communicating device, and play …

Na Kabum, que apoiou esse vídeo, o preço para quem vier do EuTestei é especial! São R9,90, com frete grátis para todo Brasil. Smartphone LG L90 Dual Chip …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Лучший блог о стоматологии и имплантации вот такие зубов отчет с фотовылазки от ноябряпомнится, тогда в кремль нас не пустилипоэтому мы просто пошли слоняться по киеве
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50 Responses to Boss Film – The Smartphone Network

  1. airtel India says:

    Watch how #TheSmartphoneNetwork sparks a magical moment between a
    modern-day couple

  2. airtel India says:

    Have those late night video calls with your loved ones seamlessly only on
    #TheSmartphoneNetwork. Know more :

  3. DiviSaysWhat says:

    I love this advertisement. Men feel its degrading for them if their wives
    are earning more than them but it shouldn’t matter.
    I love how the husband respects the boss and his wife.
    Amazing! Hats off.
    I don’t believe in feminism, I believe in equality.
    PS: I have over 650 subs, I make funny videos, check’em if you want.

  4. Thanvi Vishishta says:

    I really like the ad…that man doesn’t mind his wife being superior to him
    even when it comes to profession and also respects his wife’s post. This
    contradicts the typical Indian man thinking where one cannot bear that a
    woman, especially his wife, is more successful than him…!

  5. Prabha Meenakshi says:

    Have those late night video calls with your loved ones seamlessly only on
    #TheSmartphoneNetwork. Know more :

  6. Kingmanification says:

    I don’t like lady boss but i work on farm

  7. anil sahu says:

    who is the girl? anybody know her name?

  8. WiNGSPAN TT says:

    Great ad, but I am really confused. Why is this man dating his boss’
    sister? It seems like a HUGE conflict of interest.

  9. Mayank Bhattacharya says:

    Jeez! So much hate? For an ad. film? Watch it if you liked it, else move on
    and watch something else. Something that you really like! Why be so
    PS: YouTubers are glad about this ad tho! Airtel’s been paying a pretty
    good cpm. ^_^

  10. Cor Leonis says:

    This is a classical example of denying men rights.The boss lady finds
    satisfactions in giving extra load of work to her male employees and makes
    them work extra hours denying basic human rights to go home after usual
    work hours.Then she make a 2 min noodles and show that to her husband to
    cool him down.the poor and loving husband who is obviously hungry falls for
    her trap ! Dedicated to all half brained feminists

  11. MrRestiu says:

    I’d lov 2 punch that guy on his face. ytf is with ads. y so much ads in
    india? i fucking hate indians and its wannabe western dicks

  12. Priti Mishra says:


  13. Sathish Balasundaram says:

    What is big thing about this ad concept ? Just a normal ad.

    I just see this as Money vs Happiness. Situation would have been no
    different, if it was a different boss. Life is full of compromises and on
    what you are compromising is the only thing that matters. Hypocrites and
    People who don’t have any work to do are the ones who are actually crying
    on Twitter.

    And working for a decade in corporate’s ( i speak about professional
    companies), i have never seen husband and wife reporting structure. Never.

    AirTel – Have a Life and people crying on Twitter, see your face on the
    mirror please.

  14. Gaurav Jain says:

    Your 3g network is really really bad. Do something about it… 

  15. Bharathi Priya says:

    Relationships often get strained due to professional demands. At such
    times, smartphones transcend their role of being a mere communicating
    device, and play cupid. Watch one such sweet story brought to life by
    #airtel, the network made for smartphones.

  16. nayana cariappa says:

    this new ad seems to be getting a lot of flak on twitter.

    Boss Film – The Smartphone Network

  17. Amit Saraf says:

    ad doesnt say much about man accepting wife in superior position.
    Only in ads they show it where a girl aged 20ish being boss, returning in a
    chauffeur driven car to cook for her husband while he works in office.

    Real situation is so much different,

    there are millions and millions of haraamkhors who live on what their wife

    Leave alone superiority but millions and millions live on wifes earnings
    and wife is single bread earner in millions of families with husband doing
    nothing. When u see those haraamkhors living happily on their wives
    earnings, it is very sad, nothing romantic about it.

    Further more:

    A working women is real life is a full-time home maker a full time mother
    and a full time employee

  18. Shamim Khan says:

    stupid ad,,which company allows husband wife in a direct reporting
    structure ,,,??? One of the stupidest ads of airtel……………

  19. anurag saikia says:

    underdog husband ! underdog for life !!!… how’s it nice to see a
    miserable man’s life ? 

  20. Aditya Bonka says:

    She made this advertisement look amazing…. she is good boss but a
    gorgeous wife

  21. Dipika B says:

    Thank u airtel India for clearly picturing women empowerment nd dat too wd
    a very good msg…. really appreciate it.. one of my fav ads.. looking
    forward for more of these

  22. vinod vadakkadath says:

    What bothers me about this ad is not the husband-wifey thingy, but WHY

  23. Reena Chowdhury says:

    A great story line and brilliantly executed Airtel ad …”A woman can have
    it all “…she decides on the roles she wants to play …But this ad has
    created a storm form the orthodox gender stereotypes !!!
    Food for thought :-) 

  24. burhanuddin sakarwala says:

    The number of misogynists out here …….. IS TOO DAMN HIGH!!!!!

  25. Rakesh Muniganti says:

    Moral of ad – Never ever a man should get a Boss as his will be

  26. EuTestei says:

    Confiram a resenha completinha do L90 aqui no EuTestei! Amanhã tem o tira
    dúvidas! :D 

  27. GV Comparativos says:

    LG L90 ou Moto G? Que dúvida cruel!

  28. Maicon Bruisma says:

    Stella minha linda,to só pelos reviews do Nexus 5,Moto G e Xperia M2,não se

  29. Nathan Dinardi says:

    Gosto também de resenhas de tablets , vc faz muito bem, por que parou?
    Gostaria quê voltasse. Abraços

  30. ze Oliveira says:

    Estou muito interessado no LG L90.. Porém, com medo da memória interna, é
    realmente 4GB interno? Com 4GB posso ter os apps de redes sociais
    tranquilamente? Facebook, twitter, whatssApp, entre outros.. os básicos que
    uso no PC.. sem muito interesse em jogos, com 4GB posso baixar em torno de
    quantos Apps? Agradeço.

  31. Luan Meireles says:

    Kabum era bom quando não era famoso na internet e faziam um preço justo
    agora não passa de uma loja qualquer.

  32. Catarina Figueira says:

    ele tem led de notificação, Stella ? 

  33. phfm30 says:

    Stella a câmera frontal dele tem ctz que é VGA ?? que decepção..

  34. Matheus Silveira says:

    Stella, a câmera frontal dele não é VGA, ela tem 1MP e filma em HD (720p)

  35. Leo Multimídia says:

    Os botões capacitivos, acendem ( leds ) ou não?

  36. kaue Andrioni says:

    quando moto x vai atualiza pro 4.4.4 ?

  37. Pedro Gamer says:

    O Kabum é confiável?

  38. Victor Karakawa says:

    Stella, LG G2 Mini ou LG L90 ?

  39. TheDarkserpent says:

    A bateria dura 2 dias com wifi ligado o dia todo e muito uso, e realmente é
    muito grande a bateria, realmente surpreeende.

  40. MAGNO FX says:

    Nexus 5 !!!

  41. Fábio Casemiro says:

    Stela o link não era para estar realçado para só clicar e mandar para a
    página do kabum? foi algum erro?

  42. Nivaldo Oliveira says:

    Os problemas que detectei nesse aparelho é que, inadvertidamente você
    inverte a posição dos chips no ícone do canto inferior direito, fazendo com
    que faça ligações utilizando a operadora errada, levando ao consumo
    indevido dos seus créditos nos planos pre-pagos, principalmente, além do
    pouco espaço interno disponibilizado na memória interna, apenas 3,6GB.

  43. Wanderson Fernandes says:

    Pó agora eu q ñ entendi vc disse q ele ñ erã tão bom, como assim ele possui
    4 núcleos e ele é quad core
    Vi as informações dele no tudocelular
    E vc errou bastante coisas como por
    Exemplo a câmera dele frontal ela é
    1.3 po….

  44. Mayumi Honda says:

    Tenho esse modelo e a unica coisa que tenho para reclamar é o atalho de
    foto (pressionar o volume para baixo para tirar foto) que ás vezes liga
    sozinha e tira centenas (mesmo) de fotos do bolso ou bolsa (mas a câmera
    tem boa qualidade para as minhas necessidades). E o fone de ouvido é bem
    inferior ao de outras marcas que eu já tive.
    Sou usuário mediano, uso facebook, jogos, apps de fotografia, e-mail, dois
    chips, GPS, músicas e etc.
    Cartão de memória não incluso, mas aceitou o cartão do meu celular velho
    (S2) e leu tudo o que tinha nele tranquilamente (não sei se tem relação
    como o celular ou com o SO).
    Estou feliz com esse LG. E saiu o preço que seria do conserto do meu S2 XD

  45. Mylla Santos says:

    Faz a Resenha do Galaxy Win Por favor… 

  46. Rafael Pereira says:

    Parabéns pelo video, fico excelente tiro muito das minhas duvidas :D
    Se for possivel, façam uma resenha do Xperia M2 por favor, vlw abraço!

  47. Sérgio Storck says:

    Eu tenho ele e a câmera frontal e 1,3 megapixels 

  48. Andre Gomes says:

    Qual vc acha melhor o Lg L70 ou o Nokia 630 ?
    No Site do Magazine Luiza estão o mesmo preço
    Mas vale a pena comprar qual ?

  49. Flávio Santos says:

    Stella pf faz o uboxing e a resenha do galaxy win duos

  50. Alisson Teixeira says:

    stella, o frete não é gratis :/

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