Budget Smartphones Supertest — Nexus 4, Sony Xperia J…

Don’t forget to visit http://www.stuff,tv for the hottest gadget news and reviews The Nexus 4 proved that a high-end doesn’t necessarily mean high price. At …
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18 Responses to Budget Smartphones Supertest — Nexus 4, Sony Xperia J…

  1. Killett97 says:

    the huawei ascend p6 is cheaper then the nexus 4

  2. Phantom Wind says:

    it is time to make… the magiks!

  3. Erjon J says:

    nexus 4 a budget phone? gtfo

  4. neontube100 says:

    why do you think?

  5. Daniel Marques says:

    Nexus 4 ins’t top tier also…

    The resolution isn’t even full HD!

  6. chevucius says:

    01:30 threesome…

  7. Mystical Zoroark says:

    dude it is based around MONEY

  8. Taimoor Ahmed says:

    Acer cloudmobile s500(new and unlocked) is only for 179 euros in ebay-germany

  9. Jayson Tan says:

    Calling the Nexus 4 mid-tier is an insult; it is just as good as the iPhone 5 is not better.

  10. Epicjack says:

    NEXUS !!  FOUR

  11. Syed Sarhan says:

    Nexus 4 FTW!

  12. Jared Fontaine says:

    Vicki from fifth gear???

  13. Maglia Rosa says:

    Why is the blonde cheerleader bent over between a racer and a native American?

  14. saintgeorge67 says:

    So what smart fone does she have …..??

  15. saintgeorge67 says:

    XJ is let down by the VGA Vid on both front & back …..

  16. Niqbal87 says:

    nexus 5 is being released over the next few months

  17. liam wilson says:

    The nexus 4 is not a mad tear device, its a high end Google flagship with better specs that the galaxy s3 so you can’t call that mid range because that’s just an insult.

  18. lolpop789789 says:

    first comment!! i love stuff subsribe

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