Castiel’s struggle with cell phones

Our favourite angel doesn’t always get along with technology… Clips from The End (5.4), 99 Problems (5.17), and My Bloody Valentine (5.14) I don’t own any of these clips. No copyright Infringement intended. Belongs to Warner Bros. & Eric Kripke.
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The Cell Phones perform French Door live at Caffeinated Recordings in Chicago, Illinois on Friday, November 4th, 2011.
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Asked what he thinks is the hardest aspect of being a parent, patrick says being responsible

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25 Responses to Castiel’s struggle with cell phones

  1. elainespenguin13 says:

    “The VOICE says I’m almost out of minutes” almost sounds like he means God lolz

  2. keimeira says:

    imagine being the ppl who drove past a guy in an overcoat who was just standing there looking at nothing xD They must’ve been like “is that guy nuts or something?” lol

  3. tminuyasha1 says:

    Dean’s face xD
    “I’m there now”
    “Yeah I get that.”

  4. Digmer says:

    what? what dick????

  5. Manganimfreak says:

    CUTE! ^^

  6. Michelangelofangirl says:

    @cherryblossominmist It was Cas. He was embarrassed.

  7. nicktjeuh says:

    I want more of cas !

  8. cherryblossominmist says:

    ..and who is the one dislikes this?

  9. cherryblossominmist says:

    I love castiel <3

  10. browny174 says:

    I remember laughing so hard when Cas appeared in front of Dean like that.
    Still hilarious. This show is so quality.

  11. drshnty says:

    “The voice says I’m almost out of minutes”
    sdlmgosrgrw gets me every time.

  12. SunderMan96 says:

    1:29 – 1:45 priceless!!

  13. SunderMan96 says:

    The voice says im almost out of minutes!!

  14. cupcake94ification says:

    i think castiel is hot no actually sexy lol

  15. MegaMissaA says:

    I love him

  16. Starshelle says:

    Watching these Cas moments on YouTube just make me miss him more. Come on, Supernatural, bring our favorite angel back already! Pretty please?

  17. SupernaturalLover303 says:

    @MewMewSakuralover the whole supernatural fandom…?

  18. LokitoChan says:

    @MewMewSakuralover Everyone? o.O

  19. laurenKassidy says:

    “the voice says i’ve almost ran out of minutes” why is that so funny to me?? X)

  20. Neopets4Life494 says:

    Cas + Cellphones = hilariousness XDDD

    one of the many Cas moments we fans love XD

  21. MrsBreeCullen says:

    “The voice says I’m almost out of minutes.” I hate that voice

  22. VengeancexVideos says:

    @suiamanda …..distraction distraction distraction….i love you :D

  23. suiamanda says:

    @VengeancexVideos -_- . what?

  24. VengeancexVideos says:

    i love castiel! lol cant believe he died )’:

  25. TheDarthNefarian says:

    “Yes, I’ll just… wait here.”
    /Waits in exact spot for 4 hours XD

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