Cell Phone Love.

What’s the most annoying thing you’ve ever had happen to you in a movie theater? Click to Tweet this Video for me: clicktotweet.com follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com Read story at: www.independent.ie
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25 Responses to Cell Phone Love.

  1. delaronable says:

    once a kid that was about 6 yelled in echo what the actor/actress said through ALL OF THE MOVIE yes 90 min of some kid screning. his parents JUST SAT THERE.

  2. linkrocks9898 says:

    there was like two 5 year old kids kicking my chair OR MY F***ING HEAD!!! and everytime i tryed to talk to there mom she was like “SHHHH!!” or told her kids “be good or no presents from santa” cus it was the winter time I MEAN COME ON!!! so the whole movie im here getting kicked in the head i just wanted to grab there feet and break them but i could’nt

  3. vance10000 says:

    lol a cell phone add just came up in the vid

  4. NIKKYomgily says:

    these people wer taking pictures WITH FLASH all throughout the movie!! lol my friend leah and i stood up and was like “TURN UR FUCKING CAMERA OFF” and threw our popcorn at them.. lol we felt bad cuz it was a kid movie…

  5. Mamy210 says:

    Oh, and when these people were smoking in the movie thea..ooh shitt that was meee.

  6. Mamy210 says:

    When Me and my friends we seeing a childrens movie and these idiots were having sex in the back, during a effing CHILDRENS MOVIE !
    we threw popcorn at them :D

  7. cinders1998 says:

    Umm….I have no cellphone, I find them unnecessary, most annyoing thing that happened to me in a movie theater was……when there was a couple making out in front of me the whole damned time the movie was playing,…. how the hell did they even BREATH?

  8. mizzhellohello1231 says:

    @origwhokid49 LOL

  9. Wokings says:

    ahh come on please can i do drugs :P

  10. Sidiza says:

    @AWESOMEPICASSO oh i wanted to lol

  11. origwhokid49 says:

    some dude was jacking off need less to say i now have his penis on my wall

  12. bubblebudy0 says:

    i was at he movies n the gurl sitin next to mii was suckin on sumthing??hahaha n i was like shut the fuck up !!

  13. 1Leopardfur1 says:

    An ASS sitting behind me was chucking boogery M&Ms at me. I ignored it 4 a while. & when sum1 in the movie said something stupid like, “I know U R, but what am I??” He would laugh SO DAMN HARD! He laughed so hard his head coulda fallen off….I wish it had. The voice was familiar….My phone had received a txt. FROM MY EX. it said “Hope ya like M&Ms!!” Then one flew at me I took him outa the theater, & scratched his hand so much, it bled. I got a phone call from his mommy, & I ignored it.

  14. Balnoris says:

    I once had to deal with a school of kindergarteners on a field trip they talked during the whole movie. I also had to deal with two guys who brought Fireworks (diffrent theater)

  15. KinAlamia says:

    Most annoying thing while at the movie theater, a couple in the back top right having sex. Yes HAVING SEX. They thought they were being so slick and careful but everyone heard them, a building exploding doesnt have a background sound of moans… but I guess when they blow shit up it moans.


    @missvahn9 ohh


    @KaptainKanada69 what the hell


    @Sidiza dang you should of knocked her ass out


    @Labrynthiea creepy

  20. sludger490 says:

    little kids screaming “WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!”

  21. Sidiza says:

    the most annoying thing that happened to me at the movies was when i first met my best friends new boyfriend, he was sitting in between us and about 5 mins after the movie started my friend started giving him a hand job. We were watching one of the Harry Potter movies and there were tons of like 8 yr old kids in the theater. the whole movie i could see her hand moving out of the corner of my eye!

  22. LittleMssMusic says:

    just the usual talking and laughing,, anoyed the fuck outta me though¬,¬

  23. KaptainKanada69 says:

    These 2 16 year old girls were making out with their bfs so I went down and said Hey stop that shit. This is a fucking family movie (Shrek 3) So I go back to my seat and not even 30 seconds later they start rubbing each others crotches with the butter from the fucking popcorn….

  24. missvahn9 says:

    there was two 17 year-old girls in front of me and were having phone sex with there boy friends and wouldn’t shut up so i kicked the back of there seats and the threw their sodas at me. bitches!

  25. emmy04031996 says:

    Hm, probably when these girls like 4 rows up kept pulling out their phones. The light was so distractinggg. And they weren’t even young! They were like in their 20s. Plus they came in late and talked the whole movie. But I have no room to talk because once my friend and I were throwing popcorn in this womans hair. Her hair was so big and fluffy that she didn’t even feel it, and she left the theatre w/ popcorn-hair !

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