Cell Phone Microwave

So THAT’S How cell phones work…

Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/gregorygorgeous A story I thought was important to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy! xo

Few americans recognize that students in many other countries both https://justbuyessay.com/ developed and developing are currently obtaining more years of schooling than those in the united states

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48 Responses to Cell Phone Microwave

  1. SonicTHnerd says:

    Nom nom

  2. RockinPancakes333 says:


  3. Damienlebroc says:

    Pree siick

  4. mrnoahdude says:


  5. zsantaplur says:

    Seems legit.

  6. sharki9876 says:

    thats how doom3 started

  7. SoCohamp00 says:


  8. sebastian89sr says:

    Ill give it to you that was cool

  9. Edward707c says:

    Open Steins Gate!

  10. bbm964 says:

    omg, i thought this was real -_-

  11. iPacmanify says:

    Tht was actually kinda cool xD

  12. INoHaveIdea says:

    So THAT’S why Nokia phones are practically indestructible. They house demons.

  13. sofiaachan says:


  14. sidneefzblvp84Er says:

    I never imagine that i can get a iphone4 in such a easy way! lEXT4 27go.info

  15. dave564oida says:


  16. celticschampions says:

    awww i own my mom a new microwave

  17. celticschampions says:

    awww i own my mom a new microwave

  18. romantictragedies says:

    Lol it looks like the thing.. I almost shit.

  19. Dar3aza11 says:

    It almost looks like the Silence from Doctor Who ^.^

  20. ishaniloveanimals says:

    is this edited???

  21. 90000sonic says:


  22. EZBobSaget says:

    honestly thats some pretty nice editing x) , i saw this on damnlol

  23. indiemusicluver3 says:

    smite me oh mighty smite-er.

  24. KernalWilliams says:

    i’ve seen enough horror movies to know where this is going

  25. Dj3xC says:

    I’m going to stick you in a microwave and see how you like it

  26. UAJAKE82 says:

    i’d marry you….bottom line

  27. HurriedBeauty says:

    That’s actually invasion of privacy and they could get sued. They have aright to take property if it is counter productive, but they do not no have the right to go through anything that is not school property unless it is a scheduled search for weapons. What state do you live in? that teacher/school could get in trouble for that.

  28. Aphrodites92 says:

    I fkn loveeee u lol :)

  29. Mars12soccer says:

    my god your eyebrows changed

  30. TwintowerEdition says:

    this happened to meee!!! but with an ipod touch a couple years back, when they had just came out. -.-

  31. fakethinggy says:

    wow……….in the screen shot u actually look like a dude…….and u looked hawt!

  32. LordReidy says:

    lmao fail, his parents know and they love him

  33. checkme1992 says:

    well truth is my son, they took your phone to get dirt on your parents on how gay their son is. sad but true

  34. Dy699 says:

    u should model…

  35. macylacygirly says:

    holy fudge my ipod 4g got tuckin away holy fudge i mean realy realy i didnt get it back ether my mom whent off on a teach oh man i hade to get a new one im like holy O_O mom is that you?!?…..and holy moly i was in tears like realy i hade to get a new one juts last munth lol and it got takin in 2011

  36. Nabby8x says:

    At my school, if you get your phone taken away the teachers will start going through your phone RIGHT infront of you. This one kid got suspended for some text messages he had on his phone, its dumb shit.

  37. 11rebellious11 says:

    I get your point the phones should be locked away and everything but it dosent change the fact that you shouldnt have been looking at your phone in the first place

  38. Kyuukayayoi327 says:

    No where is really safe for any phones, I got three phones stolen from me, 2 were stolen by pick pockets in public utility vehicles(not at the same time) during rush hour, and one was stolen while I was praying in the church!

    And the every time a phone is stolen, one of the people on my contacts, will tell me that I’ve been asking prepaid load from them! well in fact my phone is stolen!…

    now I have mobile tracker and passwords all over my phone…

  39. AdventuresWithLyndsy says:

    I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU ABOUT THIS STORY xD one time I got my phone taken away while we were WAITING to get out of school with the announcements on I was checking the time! We get out at 2:05 and I got it taken away at 2:04!! I was so mad I went off on the teacher. I was like YOU AINT GONNA GET NO RAISE OR SOME SHIT FOR THIS BITCH. WOOOH I was mad.

  40. VRaccoon01 says:

    WOOOOOAAA… hello eyebrows!!!…

  41. sasha041288 says:

    i new a girl who got her phone taken away after she found out her grandma died.
    she got a call in the bathroom from her mom’s employee about the accident and a teacher walked in and immediately toook the phone from her without any time for explanation. she even tried to explain it to the office staff but they thought she was lying

  42. Kayla Bassett says:

    I Love you Gregory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  43. nandoul1 says:

    i loved it sooo much without the make up!! :D

  44. mandy238 says:

    oh my gosh you are SO FRICKEN HOTTT….WHY DO YOU HAVE TO B GAY!!! :’(

  45. iceecream723 says:

    Holy shit your eyebrows.

  46. gobydick3 says:

    oh my fuck. you’re hot

  47. KnivesAndPens21 says:

    You were in grade 11? I thought you were in like college or something xD

  48. thestarinmyskyy says:

    At my high school when they take up your phone the administrators will go through it. We’ve had kids suspended because of texts or pictures they have on their phone. Its ridiculous.

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