Cell phone spotted in silent film from 1928 [Must See]

Is this a proof that man can “time travel” himself Or it is an other proof that they hide to us too many things??? The decision is yours…… ΗISTORY: Radio…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Brooks adds she’s funny, she’s goofy and I like her because she’s not afraid to voice her opinion
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50 Responses to Cell phone spotted in silent film from 1928 [Must See]

  1. Michael Lemke says:

    how did I got here?

  2. Atheist Extremist says:

    A – Who would she be calling ?
    B – Where are the masts to handle the signal ?
    C – Are people really that stupid ?

  3. Original Syn says:


  4. Burt Toast says:


  5. Dave Agnew says:

    Surprised nobody has made a blue phone box gag yet…

  6. 007raad says:

    Some say this woman is walking by with a radio, I dont buy that, this is an
    early message from the elites to let people know how far advanced they are.
    They say technology the governments have is at least 50 to 100 years ahead
    of the general population. They dont release to the public though as
    governments have to stay well advanced of the general world populations for
    obvious reasons.
    I believe in about 100 years we will have dream catchers/mind readers,
    where you can capture or see your dreams/thoughts of anyone “plugged in” on
    a screen. Also Transporters. If you watch Stanley Kubricks 2001 a Space
    Oddessy, you can already see smartphone technology on there.
    Amazing thought for me is, during the World Wars the leaders were all
    texting and chatting 2 each other.

  7. HAM0002 says:

    time travel backwards is impossible ,one simple reason , it would give
    humans an unlimited amount of “do overs” …and history would not be
    history cause it would be changing constantly … also time travel forward
    is also impossible cause that would eliminate the natural advancement
    and evolution of mankind ,, example the world as we know it would
    already have advanced beyond gas propelled automobiles and wars . oil
    dependence would no longer be an issue …. this is way it impossible ,,
    if it where possible history would not constantly repeat itself …. 

  8. Hlubexample Thao says:

    i think she is digging her eat wax. and talking to herself

  9. Jebediah Kerman says:

    That was an elder that probably couldn’t hear and was having a conversation
    with the man ahead of her. She was probably simply using an ear horn-type
    thin to help hear the man speak.

  10. faraz tehrani says:

    Did anyone consider that maybe..oh u know.. just maybe..HE WAS ACTING!!!??

  11. David Roberts says:

    Well, I’m not surprised that CNN picked this up…….

  12. Rohan Khadapkar says:

    Its a hearing amplifier from 1924.

  13. cybertree says:


    (The fact that it’s viral on YouTube actually confirms the stupidity
    automatically, it could be her wallet, hankerchief, makeup case or hell
    even a fuckin’ donut she just bought. Back then, I bet being on camera in a
    chaplin film was like standing naked at the U.N..)

  14. bayman50cal says:

    How the hell did she use a cell phone in 1928? There were no cell phone
    towers and no cell phone service then. So who was she talking to? Her cell
    phone would not operate back then.

  15. justwingingit says:

    Nickola Tesla created what he called the wireless pocket phone, this is
    what your seeing. Like every thing else our dictators keep any thing good
    that they can sell, or use to keep us in control.

  16. Big Scottius says:

    How about an ear trumpet? Back then they were very common, and came in
    relatively small sizes. Maybe she was trying to listen to something?

    Cell phone would be the least logical conclusion you could draw in this
    situation. Cell phone? Seriously? That’s what you come up with?

  17. Tyler Trimble says:

    You, yes you reading this that actually believes this shit, you’re fucking
    stupid. My autistic brother is much smarter than you, and he’s only 11.

  18. Thomas Price says:

    there were no cell phone towers. so how did she make that call?

  19. redmond424 says:

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  20. carlos powell says:

    i wonder what network shes on? and if shes on contract or pay as you go!

  21. RobVanDaminator says:

    This isn’t proof that ‘man can “time travel”‘

    This is proof women can >=(

  22. buppie2000 says:

    incredibly stupid.

  23. ok? says:

    did she seriously say “Charlie CHAPMAN” ??? oi…

  24. shoa31 says:

    If man could invent a time machine, the cellphones in his present time
    could only be found in his ancient history museums. 

  25. Jane Doe says:

    Its really quite rude that someone probably spent hours making you a
    personalized phone case and you 1. complain about TWO gems falling off, 2.
    then go on to say that you dont like the jewel cases as much as the ones
    you bought.

    This is why companies need to stop sending youtubers free stuff, they
    become spoiled and ungreatful. 

  26. Rachel Roberts says:

    Love the juicy case! Juicy Couture stores are closing in the U.S. so if you
    come here anytime soon be sure to stop at a store because most are 60% off
    entire store :) 

  27. LovelyTheresa1 says:

    Theresa in the house!!!

  28. Baka Sarah says:

    stop saying cheap, cheap means low quality. SAY LESS EXPENSIVE.

  29. ezra villarreal says:

    Samantha what happen to hogan I never see him in your videos anymore ?? 

  30. Emily Danielson says:

    1st comment!!!!

  31. Ariel Ventura says:

    Is it just me, or did someone scream for help between 3:38-3:42?

  32. anjunabagels says:

    you have one phone right? why do you need 50 cases

  33. Brittany Hollingsworth says:

    I would so buy a case like the one you had on your phone but only for very
    cheap, which they probably aren’t, they just aren’t practical you can’t
    even lay your phone on its back and I would love to know how long you can
    use it before the stuff starts falling off. A review on that case would be
    very helpful actually later on :) 

  34. Vickxx Vulnerose says:

    Would you ever add Instagram to places where your cuties could ask
    questions for you ask Samantha’s?

  35. Ruth Caldwell says:

    What is winners

  36. Tayler Coopey says:

    Wow, that first cellphone case is amazing, but I went on the website to
    look, and they don’t have a variety to choose from, and they are really
    pricey. But Love it.!! 

  37. Layla Styles says:

    Is it just me or does her voice sound higher?

  38. Ashley Cameron says:

    Woah i was not expecting that wallpaper…. but you guys are cute

  39. Logan Ehrensberger says:

    Hey Sam do you get your nails filled?

  40. turtleproductions123 says:

    Didn’t Nina give you a stylus in your swap? Why didn’t you use that one?
    Love you, Sam!

  41. ItsBre says:

    I commented this before but can you please do another room tour once it’s
    finished??? It’s my favourite video of yours!

  42. Tianaz Bryant says:

    Why do you need so many cases?? Where did you get the ring

  43. Lexi Bieber says:

    Awe!! I love you even more now I know that you love Tricia too

  44. StaciiLove xo says:

    Dollar Rama has soooo many cute iPhone cases. I always get sad when I see
    them cuz they don’t have any android ones :( 

  45. PrimadonnaGirl95 says:

    Sam I love your videos, and I am not trying to be rude or anything but you
    have a million cell phone cases. I love shopping too, but its not like your
    going to use that phone for another 5-10 years. I only buy 2-3 cases for my
    cellphone, because its a waste of money.

  46. sugarpop119 says:

    What iPhone does she have? 

  47. Lexie Covello says:

    am i the only one who heard someone scream something around 3:38

  48. Emily Danielson says:


  49. Gianna Abbott says:

    Didn’t you get a stylist for your phone from Nina

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