Cell Phone Symphony

Improv Everywhere conducts 60 cell phones to go off simultaneously in a bookstore bag check.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This short video explores ways to determine if your cell phone has been compromised to act as a bug. While it’s obviously unlikely that this would happen to most people, it was recently revealed that the FBI has used this technique, and just as illicit wiretaps are possible, illicit cell phone bugging could also occur. This video is based on Lauren Weinstein’s December 2006 blog entry: “How To Tell If Your Cell Phone Is Bugged” located at: lauren.vortex.com Be seeing you!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Once you’ve installed rom manager and granted it root privileges, you can open the app and at the very top you’ll see a section called recovery

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50 Responses to Cell Phone Symphony

  1. Thebadcommenter says:

    @Gummifunzel No, in one of the older episodes there are gnomes that steal underpants and they say their plan is
    1- Collect underpants
    2- ?????
    3- Profit

  2. Gummifunzel says:


    why southpark? they did it there??

  3. Thebadcommenter says:

    @Gummifunzel Lol, ohh southpark!

  4. Gummifunzel says:

    1) record this
    2)get a plane-seat near to cockpit
    3)play at full volume
    5) PROFIT!

  5. aiiirdryy says:

    i would’ve loved to hear an ominous “hello moto” when they called all the motorola phones.

  6. aiiirdryy says:

    @mitoschumacher next time, i’m bringing popcorn. haha

  7. T0BBi94 says:

    best prank call ever? =P

  8. xX20lindsay08Xx says:

    @Rolfstunner they could do it again on Dec 21, 2012. The day the earth ends. lol.

  9. BooDiddly781 says:

    The guy is prolly like why ddint I get a call? whats going on??

  10. BooDiddly781 says:

    Verizon FTW

  11. bartho says:

    that poor guy.

  12. Randomshows124 says:

    If my phone was on its loudest and with its current ringtone it would be so loud!

  13. Randomshows124 says:

    There like : This has never happned before!

  14. yusfah says:

    i bet some people were exchanging numbers for real

  15. Lightningpath says:

    It would have been funnier if you had all the people have the same ringtone. xD

  16. missdolphin18 says:

    this literally made me lol!!!!!

  17. djchonny says:


  18. plandercozeron says:


  19. 1metalnation says:

    @Rolfstunner dude, yes

  20. moneyjr1122 says:

    The All STATE insurance commercial are so fuckin annyoing

  21. moneyjr1122 says:

    The All STATE insurance commercial are so fuckin gannyoing

  22. Pangejanus says:

    @Xx8Maui0Boi8xX lol

  23. Mrsbellacaw says:

    “there’s some japanese ghosts in here dude”

  24. skidatashtraphobia says:


  25. missionaryoffaith says:

    My battery go fast way to fast, wow and I an just a simple person living a loving life
    May be they need love awwwww how sweet

  26. junglejd13 says:

    EHHHHH, WRONG! England is the MOST surveillanced (video) country in the world. It is way easier to tap a cell phone than throwing up thousands of video cameras. Don’t assume no one is watching.

  27. drebin7410 says:

    i used to have a T610

  28. VortexTech says:

    @Koppurointi Echo is typically just bad hybrid paths in the network, or timing issues. Echo you don’t need to be concerned about (other than the resulting poor call quality).

  29. wallstreetyoung says:

    OMG! my phone is doing all of the above…

  30. Aldenif says:

    Don’t they have to have your phone in order to tap it, or can they do it remotely???

  31. papo1957 says:

    @thelardkid liced hearing

  32. papo1957 says:

    @faffaflunkie informative & secretive like the k.g.b.?

  33. papo1957 says:

    @1zg no!!!

  34. nastydawg75 says:

    crazy shit
    i said sth similar on my vid

  35. collegeboi317 says:

    @usarocks911 well i think different i think my government and your government tap our phones. think about they have access to the satellite they can tap any call they want. our governments are no different. They all are corrupt thats why the want to force it to be a one world government.

  36. bioshock255 says:

    i dont have to worry because i dont use my cell phone much and it’s never really around me at all times.i only have it around when i need it.

  37. webkinz10001 says:

    4:43 RUBBER DUCKY!

  38. xoxpriscilla says:

    @fst3v0 dude i was totally going to say this…im hella paranoid about everything and anything. this makes it worse! almost gave me a heart attack :/

  39. MarsBar2012 says:

    (resuming) my phone was on text mode as if I were sending a text to someone one I’ve never text before and the message was just this “*” (quotes, asterisk and quotes). I started backtracking, had I had the phone in my purse, perhaps it was crushed against something and the keys were pressed… NO! The steps required to find my phone in that manner would be absolutely deliberate. I know no one who would be interested in ‘spying’ on me. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

  40. MarsBar2012 says:

    I decided to do a search of these things because i know my phone well, have had it for three years. For the last three months it beeps as soon as I turn it on, it lights up on its own, I have to charge it a lot more often when I rarely use it (new battery too!) and it warms up. I’ve been suspicious about its behavior until this last strange thing which happened. I took my phone out of its case, and noticed it was on text mode (con’t)…

  41. 55mautak says:

    Stop using cell phone???

  42. Koppurointi says:

    What about the echo sound.??? You know when you can hear your own voice in the backround on phone conversation.

  43. funnyificationify says:

    the 4:21 means that it is near electronics

  44. ChaosIsUponUs says:

    wtf my battery has started going dead quickly lately

  45. fst3v0 says:

    Awesome… freak out the paranoids

  46. FoxShot01 says:

    @The2Wiredproductions No, dropping calls just means you live in the USA.

  47. thelardkid says:


  48. 1zg says:

    easy, remove the damn SIM card!!

  49. ckyfanrick says:

    @Atpete12345 run jk just try to reason with them.. and chances are its fake

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