Cell Phone Time Traveler Discovered?

Jon discusses George Clarke’s improbable discovery of a possible time traveler in a behind-the-scenes feature from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, “The Circus” George Clarke’s original video — youtu.be Article on the “discovery” — bit.ly – “The World According To Jon” YouTube ‘visionary’, and creator of the hit web series, “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?”, Jon Paula shares his opinionated and enlightened view of the world with you, by way of an unfiltered and sometimes harsh stream-of-consciousness. New videos usually uploaded daily! Unless an episode of “Jon’s Adventure Vlog” is posted instead! +++++++++++++++++++++++ Twitter ——- bit.ly Facebook — bit.ly Adventure Vlog — bit.ly Main Channel — bit.ly FAQ Video – bit.ly T-Shirts —– bit.ly +++++++++++++++++++++++ Created by: Jonathan Paula Camera: Panasonic HMC-150 Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Computer: bit.ly An ideo Production – © 2010. ~

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25 Responses to Cell Phone Time Traveler Discovered?

  1. OMGitsDSypl says:

    It’s possible for a song to sound good forward and backwards tbh. Sanctuary – Utada Hikari. Has a full song backwards and a full song forwards. Same thing with Simple and Clean partially. Besides that though, I would agree that it was likely a coincidence that those lyrics reversed did that.

  2. DarthOptimus207 says:

    She isn’t a time travler, she’s a wizzard. DUH!

  3. SamRimo says:

    2000, to stop the release of Battlefield Earth.

  4. juniorrocks2012 says:

    Jon… Jon!!! Maybe she was hiding herself from the camera!!!

  5. 5onitws says:

    @sketch2k really good point man , very creative perspective . i wish i had thought of that =)

  6. sketch2k says:

    Maybe Charlie Chaplin films weren’t created in the era we think they were and have been released more recently so as to warp our perception of history.

  7. lineriderextremest says:

    i would travel 1 year into the future to make sure the world hasn’t destroyed itself

  8. strongbadbeta says:

    yea whats up with the horse thing zebra thts wat it looks like y does tht irish dude point tht fat lady out instead of the horse or unicorn

  9. MattsGamePlace says:

    i would go back to last year before my grandpa died T.T

  10. jason007raley says:

    @kaas94 well im talking about the units of time that we use, there is no actual way to calculate how long it really is, what i said meant that seconds, hours, minutes, etc might not be as accurate as we think.

  11. kaas94 says:

    @jason007raley if there was no time everything was happening at the same time. Units of measurements like seconds are made up. Also if there was no time there is no speed because v=s/t. any many other things. What your saying is absurd. I gues you need some more physics lessons.

  12. jason007raley says:

    dude there is no such thing as “time,” it is just something that humans have made up in order to keep their sanity of what will come, plus, why would someone, who by the looks of the lady, would have to live through the great depression, and WWII? why not the 1980′s?

  13. ddergjjjkjkkf says:

    well jon’s argument about cell phone towers isn’t great cos’ in the future cell phones could work without towers and satellites and anyway it’s sure that the “time traveler” isn’t from today since no one has invented a time machine and anyway maybe that person is a “time agent”,you know a person making sure nobody brakes the time-space continuum

  14. rthoma34 says:

    ‘id go back to kill hitler

  15. killroy135 says:

    i would go back to 1963 and watch The Beatles play live at the cavern club

  16. GeoffShouldWin says:

    OMG is that a real phone!
    NOPE! Chuck Testa

  17. DragonsMoehawk says:

    do you think mankind is that dumb to make one? wait don’t anwser that.

  18. DragonsMoehawk says:

    yes that is correct. timetravel would not exisicet do to the chance of distroing the fabric of space and time.(OPINON)

  19. MarcoBocoure says:


  20. singletond11 says:

    i’d go back to the 80′s the best years ever

  21. pepsiemoo says:


  22. Joddyman21 says:

    I would murder all aristocracy from the day they emerged. This would make sure slavery never happened, our own slavery is because of aristocracy!

  23. DarthOptimus207 says:

    poll: to 1980 and show Steve Jobs My iPad

  24. Lyc4n1121 says:

    I would go forward in time get the lottery numbers then return so I could win the jack pot

  25. simpsfutur says:

    There’s only one thing to convince the world you can time travel: FIND DOCTOR EMMET BROWN!!!

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