Cell-Phones are ruining America

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Chugach faces many challenges a larger district would not
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25 Responses to Cell-Phones are ruining America

  1. Ambi215 says:

    you are my fucking hero

  2. TheSuperFunnymann says:


  3. nsg619 says:

    I remember the days when all a TV remote had to do was change channels….now people want them to call other people…………………..Thats ruining America…not cell phones.

  4. valdivia562 says:

    you are so amazing you seriously know whats going on. dcigs for president 2012!

  5. TokyoCircus5678 says:

    @stringsandrings Maybe but it makes you lose sight of what is important

  6. stringsandrings says:


    seeking perfection isn’t neccessarily a bad thing.

  7. TokyoCircus5678 says:

    @stringsandrings He’s not being a hater its not even about the phone even its about how America wants anything and every thing to be perfect

  8. TokyoCircus5678 says:

    Oh shit grits??!!!??

  9. narutoballz5 says:

    i wuz too :)

  10. mystikXgoddess says:

    This dude.. Speaks the truth! :D

  11. ilikechicken3775 says:

    you must love me all i have is a tv xbox 360 and a trac phone. and a laptop

  12. kooldude292 says:

    i hate fancy phones

  13. umaan1994 says:

    What About Your Mom She’s Dying Of Cancer


  14. stringsandrings says:

    I watched this on my iPod touch and I’m proud. Don’t be such a hater.

  15. 2304ninja says:

    Iphones sukk

  16. heartcrusher34 says:

    ” wat bout ur momm shee’z dyinn ov cancer

    FUCKK DHAT BITCHH hahahahaah lolx

  17. ichigolover1231 says:

    i have the same remote lol u rock

  18. shotsnhops says:

    Siggas I watch all your videos on my android powered phone, y u hatin?

  19. sargegriff says:

    reagulr ??

  20. d3vils4t4n says:

    i have phone that can take 3 pictures and the memory goes full :D

  21. giggity369 says:


  22. TheChunkyKong says:

    But What about your mom She’s dying of cancer. “FUCK THAT BITCH”!

  23. clickshot5 says:

    although the video s funny there is actually alot of truth involved.

  24. Salamanderzzz says:

    I have 10 years old Siemens. It calls, rings and sends messages. And I’m completely satisfied with it.

    Am I unique?

  25. helpsavetheanimals says:

    I spat my drink out at this video! So funny!

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