Cell Phones Dead

Beck-Video by Michel Gondry ( http://www.michelgondry.com/ ) .. crazy. The whole Album is superfantastic!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

As we all know no one’s perfect and this app is no exception
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25 Responses to Cell Phones Dead

  1. aboynamed SIOUX says:

    just saw him play during the three day Electric Picnic festival in
    Stradbally, Ireland…he easily stole the show

  2. CrashN2Me1000 says:

    “Beck is one bottomless pit of weird. That’s why we love him.” ~(?)

  3. Marty Martyn says:


  4. Николай Юшков says:

    Вот, вспомнилось что-то… Шедевр – как в плане музыки, так и в плане

  5. Eric Erusiafe says:

    Check out this DOPE BECK Remix By Philyos!!!
    https://soundcloud.com/philyos/cellphones-dead-remix-feat #Philyos #Remix

  6. 1ofomuracitizens says:


  7. Christos Arvanitis says:

    Cell Phones Dead

  8. Eric Cruz says:


  9. R. ROOKSBY says:

    Today has been a fucked-up day.

  10. Ben Wherlock says:

    Brilliant . The first video that I have ever seen which graphically
    displays what Ketamine use feels like. Genius!!!

  11. linchpin77 says:

    Agree with everything that has been said -Beck is a bloody genius! Cant get
    enough of this song!

  12. yescharliesurfs says:

    The Becktrix

  13. soNervig says:

    hes the coolest scientologist ive known so far. As long as scientos leave
    me alone i dont care about them.

  14. MrVincentR says:

    @iddsfan kanye is such a gay fish yo

  15. CaptainCookin says:

    @iddsfan Ha, nice

  16. Andrew Monsterdick says:

    michel gondry’s videos are so amazing. i lovelovelovelovelove him

  17. alexmax2467 says:

    Yeah! Michel Gondry AND Beck. That’s like….

  18. MultiWhaa says:

    I wonder if turning into a wooden person makes your stomach feel queasy.

  19. jack gray says:

    wats with the other video? this one is 10x better

  20. Obvious Bicycle says:

    Killer song.

  21. wheelofteeth says:

    This video looks the way a salvia trip feels. Make sense to anybody?

  22. CrazyKamikaze13 says:

    @carbonlaminate They’re both visionaries

  23. GerrG01 says:

    @antisadism you haven’t sen cows cows and cows of cyriak and all of his
    other vidz? ohm mah gaad!

  24. niponexpress says:

    creo que se me hace muyy pirata retomar imaguinaciones de los pioneros??
    para usar marcas comerciales le dan en la madre a todo lo

  25. Ashley Bowman says:

    This is probably my favorite music video ever.

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