Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP

Travel to the cellphones future timeline.
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25 Responses to Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP

  1. kitty cat ⓚ says:

    G O O D N I G H T …


    .. ” Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working
    together and motivating them … the teacher is the most important. ”

    … ครูเป็นสิ่งสำคัญที่สุด”.

    .. “La tecnología es sólo una herramienta en términos de llevar a los niños
    a trabajar juntos y motivándolos … el maestro es el más importante.”

    .. «La technologie ne est qu’un outil en termes d’obtenir les enfants à
    travailler ensemble et de les motiver … l’enseignant est le plus

    .. “テクノロジーは一緒に作業し、それらをやる気に子供を得るという点で単なるツールです…先生が最も重要である。」


    kitty & Kit Kat *
    10th Feb ’15

  2. Prin Ngampattrapunt says:

    Like if you are watching this in 2015

  3. Nelly Parra Sandoval says:
  4. Alang Hsu says:

    回顧一下五年前 (2010)
    預測未來手機變革的影片,轉眼已過了五年,影片內容當初看來有些夢幻,如今有些都已經實現在現在的生活中,又有些再過幾年也要實現,而影片後段預測 2040

  5. Kodi Climo says:

    in 2040 the technology will be advanced to glass technology the
    possibilities will be unknown we will see in the future for incredible
    interfaces and nanotechnology will be possible in 2016 to 3156 by this year
    it will be microtechnology

  6. killdacreepers1 says:

    you uploaded this exactly 5 years ago today February 24 2015 and i haven’t
    seen any of this

  7. Servitim Libera says:

    Teléfonos para el futuro

  8. VideoLogDotCom says:

    We have better things now. Lol

  9. Leon Fernando says:
  10. Syinta Dewi says:

    Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP: http://youtu.be/DN__D5ixme0

  11. Sophie D says:

    lol i just looked now and its said 2013: and im like “uhh thats the past”
    and realized this is 5 years old XD

  12. Joydeep Chakraborty says:
  13. Yuma Tsukumo says:

    Today I made this comment on Saturday 20th December 2014 and I have seen
    any phones with Intergrated Projection or Miniaturizing Technology yet
    today on Saturday 20th December 2014.

  14. Eve-Anne Mouanfoulou says:

    Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP : http://youtu.be/DN__D5ixme0

  15. Norman Billy says:

    Cellphones of the Future – UDLAP: http://youtu.be/DN__D5ixme0

  16. kamran ghajar says:
  17. Maymuna Hanaffi says:

    THE FUTURE IS HERE [to me]

  18. virendra rathore says:

    thumbs up if you are watching this in 2015 :D 

  19. busqiet whalez says:

    fast approaching

  20. Cadx Mals says:

    It’s interesting how 5+ years ago people thought cell phones would only be
    getting smaller, but if anything they’ve gotten bigger screens because
    people don’t want to just make calls on their phone, they want to do
    *everything* on their phones. Shows how technological trends can be hard to

  21. Diogo Miranda says:

    see this video in 2014, I felt like laughing

  22. Amr Abdulrahim says:

    please can you send me the demo intro?

  23. Redline Dsign says:

    ini lagi….

  24. Luis Grullon says:

    The video is almost on point morph will be out before 2035 after that who
    knows most likely will be nano infuse in are clothes 

  25. LPS Panda Productions says:

    2015 cell we have touch screens now

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