Cheap Smartphones an Alternative to Apple, Samsung

The WSJ’s Yun-Hee Kim shows three smartphones that don’t sport an Apple or Samsung logo, Diana Jou explores a Chinese air-filtration mask that delivers pollu…
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5 Responses to Cheap Smartphones an Alternative to Apple, Samsung

  1. T-BONE MOK says:

    I’m satisfied with my iPhone 4 

  2. Daehyun Kim says:

    *Cheap Smartphones an Alternative to Apple, Samsung*
    Chinese smartphone market is booming!
    Zopo is a great alternative!

  3. nick wease says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  4. ReassuringSmile says:

    Sure…. there are cheap alternatives, you can get low end htc, samsung,
    sharp phone for $200 no contract, but those come with standard resolution,
    processor, design and etc. That’s why htc, samsung, sony erricsson, and etc
    makes about 1 high end phone a year, and you get what you pay for, if now
    you simply go to a retail store and buy a prepaid smartphone then swap the

  5. ArbJunkAgeG says:

    I highly doubt that they are actually “equivalent” specs to Samsung.

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