CNET Top 5: Highest radiation smartphones

These smartphones are truly “hot.”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to CNET Top 5: Highest radiation smartphones

  1. cooliD97 says:

    iPhone 4 a 1.17

  2. seahawksownge101 says:

    Droid 2 SAR?

  3. mabeast502 says:

    what’s the SAR for iPhone 4

  4. Nevanator7 says:

    hey where can I find the SAR for every smart phone?

  5. MrPrompter says:

    Pocket Chernobyl… :D

  6. arifur54 says:

    I have no clue what this vdo was about…..

  7. SilentReezy says:

    2:10, you must be eating crumbs if you can somehow get food stuck in a microscopic area like that.

  8. Potts132 says:

    @thelostworld So you can text your friends? Surf the web? Play games?

  9. tylerphoneprasith1 says:

    I have a blackberry torch

  10. SodomGomorrahWaDC says:

    God my phone is next to my balls half the day. Not good :(

  11. thelostworld says:

    use a headset =)

  12. Sk8tefreee says:

    I had the black berry curve 8330, But I got an iphone. But then I got a Droid

  13. MrJustinb8 says:

    this dude is funny but he pisses me off

  14. undeny says:

    @4N0NYM0U557 Dang! You just scratched a video off their playlist lol! Thanks for the info..

  15. TF2Wolv says:

    @When he said “your company will make you carry a Blackberry”

    My dad’s company has you carry iPhones and TomTom GPSes.

  16. Techbucker says:

    @cnettv Are you going to be doing a top 5 smart phones video?

  17. 2011FindTheTruth says:

    The thing is, GMO’s and irradiated foods haven’t been around for very long… People born in the 50′s and 60′s who had a lot of saturated fats and other shit just can’t compare to this new generation living on useless pateurized fruit juices, irradiated or modified foods, and chemical meat. Oh yeah, and the fact that radiation has settled all over the planet from the crazy amounts of nuclear bomb tests starting in the 50′s. We are dying faster and faster, it’s a fact.

  18. LoudGJ says:

    I don’t want kids

    better get a blackberry

  19. TheStrangeOnes4 says:

    What about the Droid X’s SAR rating?

  20. MegaBeerFart says:

    @4N0NYM0U557 iPhone 4′s SAR rating is around 1.17 W/kg. Some websites will rate a 0.01 point higher or lower depending on where you look but its around 1.17.

  21. SSTelevision says:

    Why are people mentioning iPhone 4′s SAR when it’s lower than all top 5? lol. It’s the highest of most of the iPhones but this isn’t an iPhone radiation list.

  22. klk1900 says:

    @No3Jerichoholic idk wats wrong with him hes tha rudest jerk off ive evr seen in a video before he thinks hes billy bad a00 i think

  23. Silverhedgehog1000 says:

    Dude why they say SARS it’s a virus that happen in 2003 I think

  24. darnops says:


  25. narutorandomness457 says:

    @Simsrockslol Chris ?

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