CNET Top 5 – Smartphones that cost a dollar

If you’re shopping for a new phone and you don’t absolutely need the latest and greatest, here are five worthy smartphones that can be had for just on con…

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25 Responses to CNET Top 5 – Smartphones that cost a dollar

  1. Nieminen Eminem says:

    American scrub operators fooling ya like apple does

  2. FroddeB says:

    Hey, here where I live you can get an iPhone 6 plus for $1 on contract…
    Or even better, if you already have a contract with them you can switch the
    contract to your new phone and still only pay $1. Now that’s really neat!

  3. BRENOP111 says:

    “Top 5 smartphones that cost less than a sandwich…”

  4. thewwedj says:

    T-Mobile doesn’t have $1 phones anymore sadly.

  5. Marcus White says:

    I got a Galaxy S3 for free at Ntelos

  6. WeeoneProductions says:

    Acually get the Nokia Lumina 520 is bettet than the Nokia Lumina 822
    or 882 or what ever its called :/

  7. Javier Miglino says:

    But shit it was 99 cents!

  8. Luuk Hendriks says:

    That galaxy sII dosnt look like a sII, it was my old phone and it had 3
    buttons and a different design

  9. TheAwesomeCow says:

    The moto x I think but correct me if I’m wrong is 1 cent for the 16gb model
    (on a 2 year contract). It runs android 4.4.2 KitKat, is very fast and has
    moto maker. It is one cent including moto maker, add 25$ for a wood backing

  10. King Bersalona says:

    i so agree with the galaxy s2.

  11. Michael Featrrston says:

    but you have to pay for the contract

  12. John Killer says:

    I buy my sandwiches two at a time for one penny, so these phones are too

  13. Nadz Nadesh says:

    Robot Uprising LOL

  14. Cole Hannah says:

    my Verizon iPhone 4 8GB was 1$ then I ended up getting a 16GB after a year
    and a half 

  15. joshua reviewsvlogs says:

    now u can get the s3 on Verizon for free

  16. Barish K says:

    In Europe iPhone 6+ costs 0 euros on contract

  17. Tech Nerd says:

    Shit only 1 USD guys? even cheaper then Normal phones in Sudan Hell Yes
    this country has corrupted

  18. John Kucera says:

    The iPhone 4 was $.99

  19. Sebastian Kouridakis says:

    well i got an alcatel one touch 903 for 80 :P 

  20. Tech Nerd says:

    Mobiles like above must be imported to my country where normal mobiles cost
    more than at least 80$

  21. Vincent Bruce says:

    I wander if they have a throw away phone or a tolite phone for a $1

  22. Luke Skeggs-Bennett says:

    Cost less then a sandwich lol

  23. Albert Pime says:

    the i phone 4s is on 0 on at&t verizon and sprint

  24. PivotkidA says:

    I have s 5 it’s awesome

  25. Kovu Vs Simba Gaming says:

    I have the nexus

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