Dr. George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview

www.emfnews.org TV Interview with Dr. Carlo (Campbell Live, TV3) Dr. Carlo talks about the cell phone industry’s marketing towards children and the epidemic projections from cell phone use.George Carlo and Martin Schram are aiming to become information-age Ralph Naders. They ask a question that ought to concern America’s 103 million mobile phone users, as well as those who merely come within earshot of these popular devices: Is the wireless future a threat to public health? “Visit any public building, college classroom, courthouse, or commuter train, and look around: You’ll see people using not just wireless phones but also wireless laptop computers and miniature palm tops,” write Carlo and Schram. “What you won’t see are the microwaves that are criss-crossing a confined space where a number of people who are not even using these instruments are bombarded by these waves.” It sounds creepy. And Carlo, an epidemiologist who once oversaw a multimillion-dollar research project on health for the cellular industry, believes the news is not good: there may be a link between cell phone use and brain tumors. The research is not conclusive, but Carlo and Schram think it’s disturbing enough to warrant government action. Needless to say, the industry that once backed Carlo’s work now considers him persona non grata. Due largely to Carlo’s coauthorship, Cell Phones is unavoidably a one-sided story. Key business figures didn’t agree to interviews. In fact, this might have been a better
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Description of Cell Phones for Soldiers Charity and how it is helping our troops around the world
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As a result, I was disappointed at times by their response to assignments that had once excited and engaged my students before I became a literacy coach

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38 Responses to Dr. George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview

  1. zenviper says:

    @corporatefascism @corporatefascism Cell phones don’t send microwaves. Microwaves are in the spectrum: 110 – 140 GHz, cell phones are <1.9GHz If you know anything about physics, you know how different these characteristics are.

  2. rifofir says:

    Omg i found the most genious invention to overcome the Radiation problem!
    its called Bluetooth Radiation Free Air Tube Headphone!! =]
    u better check it out in Ebay or something =] Love it…

  3. aceshelia says:

    I have a eye tumor from the uses of cell phone..also break out when I’m exposed to RF..IT REAl..From what I understand most people die never knew they had a tumor..

  4. cindiburkey says:

    @toiwin Dr. Carlo was tasked by the wireless industry and Congress jointly to evaluate the safety of cell phones. His 7 years of study was peer-reviewed through Harvard. That is what Carlo was studying. That is why he’s one of the most knowledgeable critics of wireless safety. Whoever gave you your information is not credible.

  5. lowball420 says:

    How on Earth did this guy get his Doctorate? He is a complete phony.

  6. lowball420 says:

    cell phones produce microwaves… microwaves carry less energy than both infrared and visible radiation. Microwaves do not cause physical harm. The theory of cell phones causing cancer is complete BS. It takes at the bare minimum mid-frequency UV radiation.

  7. fifthworld says:

    It’s called the Precautionary Priniple in science: When there’s a doubt (about safety, efficacy etc) you put the tech on complete hold. NOOOO proof of EMF safety with the new tech’s. So what gives???

  8. fifthworld says:

    @sodasoap YOU drink as much as you want, and while you’re at it throw in some hemlock; Mr. industry mouthpiece.

  9. fifthworld says:

    @sodasoap YOU drink as much as you want, and while you’re at it throw in some hemlock; Mr. spokesman forthe FDA.

  10. canem says:

    youtube Magda Havas, from University of Trent……

  11. TheDoctorInk says:

    I specialize in testing for Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure, treating patients with symptoms of exposure, and provide fast, easy and cost-effective solutions to protect people from future exposure to EMFs, even if they have been over-exposed all of their lives. I would like to offer my services to any parents and children who have been affected by the wi-fi networks in these schools Please visit buy radiation protection website to learn more.
    Paul Inkpen, D.H.M.H.S., Homeopathic Doctor.

  12. turbofalkon says:

    his projections were 500’000 brain cancer cases for 2010. Now there are over 4.6billion worldwide users.
    If his projections are correct that makes it a 1 in 10’000 chance of harm… that’s not so bad

  13. kFrederking says:

    Complete and utter hogwash!
    “one of the most credible cell phone sceptics” could be true, they are all phoney.
    At 0:25 “the science was unclear but the risk seemed significant” says it all. He didn’t find anything, so he just assumed it.
    First I thought he’s incompetent, but it seems he’s a fraudster, out for publicity and personal gain.

  14. toiwin says:

    this man Dr George carlow was heading an investigation into why the bees were dissappearing and centered his search on cell phones and not on viruses that have swept the bees colonies since 2007, decimating 70 – 90 % of bees, why did he centre it on cell phones???!!! argh!!!!!

  15. hplaserjet2001 says:

    Part 3: “It’s found in a number of adult tumours of all types and even breast cancer. They are isolating this SV40 virus and the surprise was it seems to have past through generations. In other words, people who got the original [polio] vaccine, now it’s in their children and in their grandchildren and there is no way to remove this virus. It’s just passing through millions and millions of people. What else is in the vaccine that we don’t know about?” -Dr Russell Blaylock

  16. hplaserjet2001 says:

    Part 2: “…for your life but for generations, it’s past down through generations. That’s what happened with SV40 and the polio vaccine. It is estimated now in the scientific literature that over 100 million people in the world were contaminated with the SV40 cancer causing virus. They are now finding this cancer causing virus in pediatric brain tumours as a cause of terrible tumours in small children and even in adults….” -Dr Russell Blaylock

  17. hplaserjet2001 says:

    Part 1: “We’re finding a lot of these vaccines are heavily contaminated, even Maurice Hilleman who was the #1 vaccine expert in the world who worked for Merck Pharmaceutical, he admitted in an interview that there was no way to get these viruses out of there and that many of the earlier vaccines were heavily contaminated with very dangerous viruses. Once that virus is injected in you, you can’t get it out, it’s there not just there…” -Dr Russell Blaylock

  18. hplaserjet2001 says:


    Most cancers are caused by viruses.

    In the 1970s, the World Health Organization introduced AIDs into Africa via a small pox vaccine program and the NYC male gay population via a vaccine program. Salk’s polio vaccine contained a live SV40 cancer virus, which was given to millions in the 1950s. SV40 is a stealth cancer virus that is giving millions cancer, as well as children and grandchildren of people who received Salk’s polio vaccine.

  19. hplaserjet2001 says:


    Part 3: The end result was that more than 3 million women in the Philippines are no longer able to have children. This forced sterilization continues to occur in many countries and is part of the UN’s Agenda 21. According to WHO records, this same depopulation strategy was used in vaccines given to African women starting in 1985 to “eliminate 150 million excess sub Saharan Africans.

  20. hplaserjet2001 says:


    Part 2: When hCG is introduced into the body with a tetanus toxoid carrier, antibodies are formed against tetanus and hCG. The body fails to recognize hCG as a friend and produces anti-hCG antibodies which attack subsequent pregnancies by killing the hCG that naturally sustains a pregnancy; when a woman has sufficient anti-hCG antibodies in her system, she is rendered incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.

  21. hplaserjet2001 says:


    Part 1: In the 1990s, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted vaccination campaigns against tetanus in several countries, including Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. In 1994, the Comite Pro Vida de Mexico became suspicious of the anti-tetanus campaign. The Comite obtained several vials of the vaccine that were analyzed by chemists. Some vials contained human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy.

  22. aceshelia says:

    I have it thats why Im here..looking for info

  23. EMRinformation says:

    Trustworthy top rated studies shows that cell phone radiation / EMR has a long list of biological negative effects.
    A lot of studies payed by the teleindustry says “no risks”. (Surprised?)
    For a recent example see this video on my channel:
    INTERPHONE: A reliable study on cell phone risks?

    Spread the massage!

  24. EMRinformation says:

    Trustworthy top rated studies shows that cell phone radiation / EMR has a long list of biological negative effects.
    A lot of studies payed by the teleindustry says “no risks”. (Surprised?)
    For a recent example see this video on my channel:
    INTERPHONE: A reliable study on cell phone risks?

    Spread the massage!

  25. exposefraud says:

    More drivel from the people wanting to SELL you the latest SCAM item to protect you from your dangerous cell phone.

    For a more RATIONAL view GOOGLE:
    Skeptic » eSkeptic » Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
    “Do cell phones cause cancer?”

  26. velcroboy60000 says:

    well… I guess it’s better than nothing. :/

    I ain’t gonna use my old phone for anything anyway.

  27. DukeBlueDevilz1 says:

    wow the country cant afford cell phones for the soldiers and now they are begging from the people that shows you how our soldiers are treatedd

  28. cantstandstupid1s says:

    this a bull sh*@t i work the company that claims donating the cell phones to the troops…The pintagon prohibit donating cell phones the solders..when u donate ur phone it gets tested then refurbeshed and SOLD on E-bay or to the original carriers wich thats how they offer u a free phone, and each phone sold on ebay 15 – 20 cents goes tored a phone cards that some of those actually are sold at a discount price…ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY

  29. pgnanne says:

    This is such a great idea!! How can I send my old cell phone?

  30. bumpkinboi says:

    This is Awesome and I got the Cell Phones For Soldiers Envelope today and I will gather a few from my friends and get them out asap! I have Soldiers in my Family and this is a great Thing. Thanks ~Jamie

  31. navysealsm4 says:

    its money we dont have,,even the goverment doenst have

  32. BumbleBeez101 says:

    Well I know their dad

  33. BumbleBeez101 says:

    I know these kids

  34. kkzx says:

    Why do kids need to come up with these brilliant ideas? Why aren’t our soldiers provided facilities to call home?

  35. vampov says:

    Most are. But every now and then you find a couple of kids who are not only smart but more importantly care about someone other than themselves.

  36. bmoore734 says:

    This is brilliant!!

  37. rjampi says:

    I used to think today’s kids were clueless. Then these two come along and change ALL that. What a wonderfull pair, their simple idea to help has avalanched into this major program were even big companies are pitching in. We can learn from today’s “kids”

  38. PimmieRodafan says:

    Fantastic idea!!

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