Emergency Crank Flashlight Radio Cellphone Charger Life Hammer, Seat Belt Cutter, Escaping Tool for Automovite, 3110

  • will break a side or rear window using either side of the conical shaped hardened steel head (it will not break a windshield or any laminated window)
  • will cut a seatbelt in seconds to free a trapped passenger
  • Emergency Crank to Power Radio and Flashlight and Charge Cell Phone
  • Includes 2 Rechargeable AA Battery and can be use with 2 AA alkilne
  • Super Bright LED for Flashlight and Strobe Light.

This NEWEST AUTOMOTIVE and MULTI USE SURVIVAL MULTI TOOL is a MUST for everyone. It does so much more than just break a window to permit escape from a vehicle that has sunk underwater. This high tech survival multi-tool is a long running LED flashlight, and extremely bright LED emergency strobe light, window breaker, razor sharp seatbelt cutter, magnet, AM FM Radio, Dynamo Crank Generator, Cell Phone Charger all in one. This tool is perfect for your car, truck, RV, Motor Home, boat and Emergency


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