FlyGrip Review for Smartphones – The One Handed Solution

Here is my review of the FlyGrip for Android phones as well as any smartphone or tablet! I HIGHLY recommend this accessory. Let me know what you think! You get a FREE case as well and be sure to use code QBKING77 for free shipping! Use code QBKING77 for free shipping! Buy here: See their website here: Blog: Facebook Twitter: Google Plus: ACS Site:

This is a quick run-through on how you can use google maps offline

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25 Responses to FlyGrip Review for Smartphones – The One Handed Solution

  1. jietzer says:

    @qbking77 Yea i did ended up making the extra adhesive strips i wanted free :)

  2. qbking77 says:

    @jietzer You’re welcome! Domt forget to use code qbking77 for free shipping!

  3. jietzer says:

    I got the galaxy note , its so big i cant check text messages as i go without fumbling it , Going to flygrip site right now and ordering . thanks for the great review

  4. toni24594 says:

    This thing is awesome!

  5. lxreaper says:

    @Spaisekraft It really is. And it doesn’t seem to do much else. No protection or anything

  6. paintball1321 says:

    i made one :D

  7. qbking77 says:

    @Spaisekraft dont forget qbking77 code for free shipping!

  8. Spaisekraft says:

    Actually I thought 29.95 was a rip off, but it comes with a free case too. I guess I’m picking this up.

  9. Spaisekraft says:

    Yeah this is neat, but 29.99 for this small bit of plastic is insane.

  10. brushrop03 says:

    You must have small hands. Never had an issue holding the phone with one hand UNLESS I have the case off (so skinny and slick it is hard to hold). Kickstand feature is nice though, but $30??? c’mon son…

  11. qbking77 says:

    @Thetaman1515 You’re very welcome! Hope you like it!

  12. qbking77 says:

    @dgillsco Let me know how you like it! I’ve gotten very good feedback from everyone

  13. dgillsco says:

    I finally watched the video, looks like a great product, order 2 one for myself and the Mrs. and the QBKing code worked perfectly… Free shipping Yippy!

  14. qbking77 says:

    @BloodshedRomance Yes it should stick just fine on a case. I have it on a case and it works great.

  15. Thetaman1515 says:

    Thanks QBKing77! I couldn’t resist getting one after I saw it came with a free case and free shipping!

  16. BloodshedRomance says:

    not sure if anyone else has asked this but I have the Motorola Photon with an Otterbox case. Will the flygrip attach to the otterbox case or would I have to not use the Otterbox case? I ask this because the only reason I got the Otterbox case is because I dropped my phone when I went to put it into my pocket (so even if I already had the flygrip it would’ve dropped and had its screen broken).

  17. gaakbecker says:

    Ps: Just purchased a Flygrip, they’re giving out a free case “while supplies last” & they honored the free shipping code. The free case sealed the deal.

  18. CardnalSyn says:

    Skip to 5:40 If you want to know what this does

  19. shortdom107 says:

    Fly grip is like oral sex lol can’t live without it……lmao….but yea I bought three and its literally worth it don’t b cheap $29.99 is worth it and the free case values at $9.99 I believe so its like paying $20.00

  20. qbking77 says:

    @FrankEGee88 I didn’t get a free case actually, but I’m sure its a prety good case taht will work with the flygrip

  21. psarao7 says:

    what are you doing with that other hand in bed…

  22. FrankEGee88 says:

    Just bought mine and got the complementary case. Haven’t received it yet, but do you know if the free-bee case that comes with it is any good?

    And if so, is it okay to put the FlyGrip on it? It looks like a regular TPU case from the pictures of the other phones but one was not available for our phone (E4GT).

    Thanks for the Awesome video as always, and the free shipping!! :D


  23. mckenrick87 says:

    awesome product. got mine a few days ago and it is great! i would definitely recommend it as well. thanks for the great review!

  24. aragon2235 says:

    seems useful but i’d rather see it priced at $10 or $20 :/

  25. qbking77 says:

    @cds0699 You are very welcome :)

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