Futuristic, Speech-Based Smartphones: Available This Year?

Complete video at: fora.tv Kurt Fuqua, Director of Speech Sciences at Vail Systems, introduces the next big development in smartphone technology: a speech-based interface. He says the feature will allow users to have relatively complex conversations with their phones, easily using several different applications at once. —– Kurt Fuqua, vice president of SVOX USA, explores the technical challenges involved in the future of interactive voice communication in mobile devices during a panel discussion at swissnex San Francisco. With moderator Dylan Tweney, Wired.com senior technology editor, Fuqua and fellow panelists Jim Larson of W3C Voice Browser Working Group and Bill Meisel, president of speech-industry consulting and publishing firm TMA Associates, discuss just what it takes for a device to understand the meaning of language, how to make multiple applications work together, and how voice commands will soon allow smartphones to go way beyond clicks and menus to allow for truly natural conversations with the devices in our pockets. – Swissnex San Francisco Kurt Fuqua is Vice President of SVOX USA. A computational linguist who has created natural-language understanding software for mobile phones and who specializes in conversational systems, Fuqua was project manager for Pico, the speech synthesis in Android, part of Google’s Nexus One phone. He created and maintains the Scalable Language API, an industry standard for natural-language applications. He has also created
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www.t-immersion.com French operator Bouygues Telecom has added an augmented reality feature to the smartphone purchasing guide available at its points of sale. The new 3D technology allows customers to test and discover the functions of new smartphones, divided into two categories by level of complexity “smartphones” : Acer Liquid Mini and Samsung Galaxy 551 and “premium smartphones” : Sony Xperia ARC and Samsung Galaxy S. Customers can also test various apps, including social networks such as Facebook on Android handsets. Users must go to bouyguestelecom.fr, start up their webcam and place the printed page of the 3D guide in front of it. The chosen smartphone will be viewed in 3D as if it were coming out of the page. The point of sale guide is available at the operator’s 630 Clubs Bouygues Telecom stores and as a download from its website : www.smartphone.bouyguestelecom.fr
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18 Responses to Futuristic, Speech-Based Smartphones: Available This Year?

  1. co4e says:

    Small point, “many layers of complexity” is a silly thing to say. This has nothing to do with complexity.
    The phone itself has little to do with where the new software is housed.
    This has to do with people speaking through the phones into the massive server arrays that employ the rules of grammar and syntax.
    The only smart here is the software developers.

  2. ananiasacts says:

    I wonder if psychiatric help will be available for the phones that end up in the hands of people like George Bush or Sarah Palin.

  3. ananiasacts says:

    @fo76, maybe one day even bushes will talk.

  4. OhNoItsGojira says:

    @JustaEropeanGuy Brought to you by Google.

  5. truvelocity says:

    Borrrriiiiiinnnnnng. Sorry, just had to say that, even though I am subbed to this channel.

  6. TigerOfKarlstad says:

    @ogrish84 The day the machines starts thinking is coming and that is NOT about time.

  7. JustaEropeanGuy says:

    O hi guys, my name is SkyNet lol.

  8. fo76 says:

    That’s not the kind of progress I need. To be honest, the idea of people talking with their phones makes me cringe…

  9. keeperlink says:

    by the end of this year? year, right, dream about it. Up to now even simple voice recognition is on extremely poor stage. may be by the end of this decade… something simple… working on smartphones with size of shovel…

  10. patricknelson says:

    So basically, we’ll all have the Star Trek computer in our pockets. Nice.

  11. RealityZealot says:

    By the end of the year eh? Couple orders of magnitude greater? oooo very nice .

  12. LordNapalm says:

    Earl Grey…hot

  13. tyrannicoystercult says:

    this guy needs to learn some basic computer science and see why this bullshit is extremely easy tag-sharing and database referencing

  14. matchu4444 says:

    Me: Do you remember that hot chick I met at the bar last weekend?
    Phone: Yes. She was not that hot so I deleted her number so you couldn’t contact her when you sobered up.
    Me: Awsome thanks!!!!

  15. Professoranton says:

    This is a wonderful talk about indexicals, semiotics, and the difficulties facing voice recognition software. If this is correct, I am amazed.

  16. ananiasacts says:

    Maybe women want a phone that listens to them, but I’m pretty sure most men would prefer a model that listens to whomever is trying to call them and saves them that trouble. Give me the phone I never have to talk to.

  17. ogrish84 says:

    It is about time the future came today.

  18. robinsoncrucify says:


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