Galaxy S4 becomes Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone 6 … [5-17-2013]

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We have been hearing talk about flexible screens for your smart phone and other devices, but they have always seemed to be somewhere in the future.Flexible s…
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There are different designs and patterns to choose from, and you can decide if you want a dark or light messaging display
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23 Responses to Galaxy S4 becomes Samsung’s fastest-selling smartphone 6 … [5-17-2013]

  1. Alex Chandler says:

    4:45 “That’s amaaaaazing”" idk why I laughed but I did

  2. Blake Blackstone says:


  3. AllenPatrick51 says:


  4. Y-Sady Nie says:

    Windows 8 is a fail tho….at the college campus it has a lot of glitches and hardware issues.Windows 7 is the winner for life!!!!

  5. cwilbr says:

    Samsung did projection phones from 2009 dude… Galaxy Beam. :) Still wish they’d add it is standard in the GS3/GS4 maybe the GS5?

  6. iEvolveTek says:

    see our channel!!!

    Its all about tech !! :)

  7. Marcelo Rodriguez says:

    que wea mas pautea XD

  8. Irna Ningsih says:

    Great work for this one

  9. SimpleAnimeFan says:

    the true phablet

  10. Josh Harper says:

    They just showed projection screen devices lol they will put it in phones as well and also the Apple projection is just a concept.

  11. Allan Zepeda says:

    Microsoft could have been the inovators of tablets, but they refused it cause they thought no one will use it -__-

  12. Allan Zepeda says:

    MIcrosoft!!! You had the chance to invent the tablet back in the early 2000s why did you ignore it!! now look at Apple!! they step on you for being late :(

  13. omaroo2 says:

    Lol nice imagination samsung! Good luck with it!

  14. cristian jesus perez machahuay says:

    no me parece interesante, mucho mejor esta el celular taiwanes transparente :)

  15. FazzyVFX says:

    no its not this is

  16. CoderMods says:

    100th comment!

  17. thomas scott says:

    Man I love nerds

  18. Gramm UP says:

    this is crazy, definitely one of the most intuitive shit ive seen in a while

  19. James Castells says:

    Are you implying that Apple copies Samsung? Wow, I think I just met the most retarded person on the internet.

  20. sultansami1276 says:

    who want a flexible phone that is made out of plastic :)

  21. Angelo Paz says:

    In the future

  22. Angelo Paz says:

    epic 1 person clapping in 1:55 and apple still win becuace samsung and windows (acually i use windows) but apple will make a gadget that has a projector screen on it

  23. OpoSai says:

    They may be wasting their potential. I want to see phones in our wrist. Camera is where the problem lies

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