High-Tech Handhelds: Smartphones’ nuts & bolts

Check out all the latest from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including the world’s first dual-screen Android smartphone. Dive into the nuts and bolts of…

English language lessons from the audio and transcript of the Voice of America. VOA Special English helps you learn English with lesson plans, grammar lesson…

He speculated that teachers are disengaged freedom writers essay topics in their day-to-day work, but fulfilled by the kind of work they’re doing to help children

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24 Responses to High-Tech Handhelds: Smartphones’ nuts & bolts

  1. TheLamaDeli says:

    Whats with all these hipster consumerist scum? I bet they think nothing outside of their disgusting existence, I bet everyone watching this video is probably masturbating over the corpse of steve jobs as we speak, hipster scum.

  2. thiagomarques122 says:


  3. Ben Willock says:

    Interesting to see the kinds of things Russian companies are contributing.

  4. RobuJohnson says:

    A video about technology and it’s exponential growth :)

  5. joshuaafisher says:

    Almost all of these segments are on Russian companies that aren’t anywhere near big hitters. It’s Russian propaganda even when its not about international politics as most of their blatantly biased segments are. RT is so biased, it’s like watching fox.

  6. trvth1s says:

    The average wage in Czech Republic is below $15,000 a year per family. It’s economy is also retracting & when it grows it does so like other European countries [very little].
    Again; research Thatchers take on socialism [spreading the wealth].

  7. Has1b says:

    That’s because Nokia’s are invincible. Very reliable, well made phones.

  8. AmauryPenseur says:

    HDI is an indicator of ‘quality’. Corrected by inequality means that the income inequality is taken account of. A country with a low HDI correct by inequality has a lot of higher class who profit from this ‘quality’ and a lot of lower class who do not profit from this ‘quality’ at all.

    And, lol, Czech Republic, the country of Prague, is not a 3rd world country! That’s an incredibly ignorant thing to say, especially coming from someone who has most probably never been there.

  9. jorn1233 says:

    I fucking hated that phone haha

  10. trvth1s says:

    Again; you’re posting comments without doing research.
    Inequality measures how equal the economy is without considering the quality itself.
    3rd world countries like Czech Republic rank higher than first world countries with far higher average wages like Austria, France, UK, etc.
    margaret thatcher sums up socialism best; /watch?v=okHGCz6xxiw

  11. AmauryPenseur says:

    The HDI number is useless. It’s an average and since everybody knows that USA’s wealth disparity is huge, it means the number is distorted. However, HDI adjusted for inequality is much more representative for the quality of life of the average people. Look now where the USA stands, even lower than Italy.

  12. trvth1s says:

    HDI, which measures quality of life among nations, ranks USA above all major European countries with Norway being the only exception.
    It’s important to boasts the worlds 3rd largest oil extraction company in the world while also having a population of merely 5 million [213th largest in the world].
    Their God given resources [energy] fund their socialism. It’s important to note that their resources are quickly depleting & Norwegian gov. is already talking about minimizing government.

  13. AmauryPenseur says:

    I thought free-market fundamentalists believed that there are no capitalist societies in Europe? That we are all socialist countries? I was comparing softcore capitalism (Europe) with hardcore capitalism (the USA). Believe me not everyone wants an American way of life.

    I’m not a child at all. I guess you are the child, a bigoted child that is.

  14. emotionalinvalid says:

    people who have grown up with digital devices would be like cavemen if they had to get around, entertain themselves, communicate, study, learn, teach, etc etc without their smart mobile devices. best to learn the old standards that don’t require selfish electricity. that means also directly talking to and engaging with other people face to face. try talking to a stranger in a coffee shop instead of being introverted into your own self and distant digital “friends”most you never met.

  15. pelletee r says:

    advertising a russian company much?

  16. PigsyCyberBully says:

    Have you notice they can read the word ( data ) but they mispronounce it as the U.S. does by calling it ( dart her ). People in the U.S. understand that they are mispronouncing it but they simply cannot pronounce it as they cannot pronounce vase and they pronounce the letter C as Z. They mentioned this in a television programme which they make called Star Trek, with data. What I don’t understand is how does a Russian mispronounce data as dart her. Monkey see monkey does?

  17. berserker912 says:

    Mobile world congress pffffff
    Akihabara, Tokyo is where its at. Last year when I visited they had smartphones with 2gb ram. At the same time here in the west samsung galaxy s2 was top with less than 1gb…

  18. trvth1s says:

    Apple isn’t in this event, it doesn’t need to be.

  19. trvth1s says:

    Capitalism is ”decadent products that people don’t need”?
    People who don’t live in a functioning capitalist system wish, dream & fight for these privileges you ungrateful child.

  20. ader Crus says:

    My russian comrade was so proud of his 6lb rotary dial .5g T70, top of the line russia built smartphone until he watched this video

  21. 100001091057100001 says:

    without private central banks, all free

  22. Tony Person says:

    Technology is changing so fast it’s over whelming — hard to keep up.

  23. brianl9944 says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 FTW! Can’t wait to get one soon.

  24. AmauryPenseur says:

    Thank capitalism: cultural dictatorship of the masses (trashy television, commercial shit books, fastfood, other decadent products that people do not need) and economic dictatorship of disloyal, nationless/stateless multinationals.

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