How To Get Free Cell Phone Service

This is how you you disable the filter on your cell phone (specifically LG ENV3. Once you disable the filter you will have unlimited free cell phone service….
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Gía Lumia 720 tại Hà Nội: Gía Lumia 720 tại HCM: Like Facebook Cel…
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At her group’s annual conference last spring, more than 35 sessions focused on fractions, including a well-attended keynote address

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50 Responses to How To Get Free Cell Phone Service

  1. ryan555554444 says:

    you are an idiot you cant get a shock from discharging your phone and the “filter” you were talking about doesent exist and the ammount of copper in a penny doesent matter

  2. ARMA TWERKN says:

    Best way for this sgit 2 work is to pay the gotdam bill…lol

  3. Parttime Recluse says:

    you area n idiot

  4. TheMenoHD says:

    ygs! (jacksfilms) look him up on youtube

  5. ilikedabigbooty says:

    tennis ball trick -i know its fake. but its funny they used it in the movie. the easy way to unlock a door is with a metal hanger through the edge of the door.take 10 minutes. push the unlock button with it.

  6. greg abbott says:

    they tried it on mythbusters it did not work

  7. Serena McGlockton says:

    if you read the persons comment hes replyin to…you’ll understand -__-

  8. Joseph Reese says:

    the funny thing is I know more white WANNA BE THUGS that act as you were just talking about than I do blacks or Spanish. anyone can be this way. oh and by the way just for gp, hows it feel that now YOU, the white man is becoming a minority. you’s are just mad casue colored people have come to dominate everything you’s thought you were the best at. even the whitest sport in the world…. golf, we got tiger smh lmfao. get a life.

  9. kielar faster says:

    Shit Tyrone

  10. Lisa James says:

    I tried to do and it didn’t work I tried like 5 times

  11. Ben Pena says:

    This has no scientific signifigsnce with regard to the penny and bobby pin….

  12. Davion Kidd says:

    This wack

  13. Joseph Laycock says:

    i agree my sister is mixed and that tape reelz does need to shut the fuck

  14. ikilleduku says:

    people think touching a coin to a phone = free calls, you’re all dumb as hell

  15. drewmeng77 says:

    I have a android optumus dynamic LG 38c can u help me

  16. Francheska Smith says:

    Does it work if you don’t have a cell phone plan ??

  17. kawone hewlin says:

    Can u create a video like this for the LG optimus exceed please nd thanks

  18. bebe Jones says:

    girl u need to shit the fuck up about blck folks ima mixed with white and black and u a loll disrespectful ass bitch naw hoe everybody steals.. white black mex. indian. etc… lil hoe and FYI ANYBODY CALLED ME CALLED BLACK IF U ACT LIKE A NIGGA.. dont hop on youtube with that b.s

  19. Trevor Fitch says:

    Proper english would be great so people can understand you. Go back to grade school.

  20. dimensionalyspeaking says:

    wow you are a genius, I did it and it turned my android into a iPhone, boy did i lose out,…

  21. SHAD0WHAWK109 says:

    Please please please how do i get free service with a iphone 4s?

  22. ilikedabigbooty says:

    in the movie “the next three days” russell crowe actually unlocked the car with a tennis ball” :P btw i tried the squeeze the nipple for more calls. it WORKS! am always learning on youtube :)

  23. Microslipp says:

    For the best results, you just gotta squeeze your nipple. ;-)
    People will be calling you from Botswana and Timbuktu while you don’t even have a phone number.
    This is the “Unlock you car door with a tennisball” section

  24. beoncanataye says:

    This goes to erry mf bodie wiff a problm bitch imma girl i can do tf eva i wanna say tf eva i wanna saay cuz dnt got shit to do wiff yall assses didnt saay i was gone shoot him cuz dnt kno wer da mf stayy let em keep tlkn bout black people yo ass n den yo ass wanna get mad whn i say im black bitch swerve i aint time to be arguin wiff people i aint face to face wit cause imma real ass bitch imma keep shit 100 i dnt kill i fight always have always will i love all kinds of races y u tlkin guudday

  25. beoncanataye says:

    Esxuzee me df i sed dat df u gotta do wiff how ddf do dat sound gay bitch juss becuz i sed he gone get shot dnt mean he will stupid bitch now if he was tlk bout black people i can saay tf eva i wanna saaay watch yo dmn self guud daay

  26. giang vo chi says:

    cai do dau fai window phone, cai do la window thuong cko may tinh ma`

  27. nguyenxuankhanhkt96 says:

    Mey bac cho e hoi jo con nay gia nhiu vay a.

  28. nguyenxuankhanhkt96 says:

    2:50 Chu danh cho nguoi mu va ta co the xo dc.

  29. ducdaovip says:

    aj dang sd he dieu hanh wp7,8 thi cho xin sdt de moi ban vao nhom.cung nhau kham pha .chia se hinh….mien phi

  30. Cao Quốc Khánh says:

    có ai cho hỏi là tại sao 3 nút Back , Home , Search của tui nó ko cháy đèn ?? nó đen thui à

  31. Trúc Pọ Dùa says:

    Thích giọng anh này :3 Dth kinh khủng :v

  32. Harry Knawten says:

    720 đi baby :3 Iphone 4 xài lâu riếc lắc như quỷ… =.=

  33. Quyen Do says:

    mua máy có kèm sim ko thế

  34. kim hyun joong kim says:

    mua i phone

  35. tkuylinh27 says:

    Iphone 4 vs 720 mua káj nao đx hon tư vấn júp e ạ

  36. kim hyun joong kim says:

    co phien ban window 8.1 rui ai bjk cap nhat ko zay

  37. Dũng Nguyễn Ngọc says:

    màu đen ngay ban đầu đấy thôi 3 cái đứng cạnh nhau ý

  38. giang vo chi says:

    hi`nh nhu la co

  39. Sup BK says:

    chờ SS S4 mini xem sao các bác.

  40. Sup BK says:

    nói chung lu hay lỗi đó nhưng cứ 1000k có 1 cái bị.còn xem bạn có may mắn trong số đó k thôi

  41. Cao Quốc Khánh says:

    choi hỏi sao 3 cái nút WP của mình nó ko lên đèn ?

  42. Tạo Nguyễn Đình says:

    có màu đen ko nhỉ

  43. ZzhoanghungzZ says:

    người nói về chiến lumia này rất hài và hay , tôi đoán chắc là người thanh hóa rồi , ko phải chê nhé :D

  44. giang vo chi says:

    cellphone S ơi cho hỏi kon này pin khoảng mấy ngài zậy ?

  45. Chau Ngoc Chau says:

    bên bạn có màu xanh dương không

  46. Huy Cường Lâm says:

    Mình nghe các diễn đàn lớn nói Nokia 720 này bị lỗi nhiều lắm: lỗi rung không dứt mặc dù đã tắt nguồn, lỗi tắt nguồn khi đang chụp ảnh

  47. Ban duong van says:


  48. ococgheghe says:

    bạn ơi chỗ cell có màu cyan chưa vậy. mình hích mỗi màu đó thôi

  49. Heo Nguyễn Tuấn says:

    làm cái đánh giá giữa lumia 720 với 4s đc k bạn….

  50. Heo Nguyễn Tuấn says:

    đang chờ clip so sánh đó để mua ip 4s hay 720 nè

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