How To Make A cell Phone Signal Booster

Increase your cell phone reception – cell phone signal booster – this video has been provided by

Sony’s xperia sx looks like a winner, but will we ever see it

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25 Responses to How To Make A cell Phone Signal Booster

  1. brooks loner says:

    your a fucking idoit 

  2. IRAQviva says:

    Fucking trapped

  3. Rourke McGaffin says:

    Hey Brainiac, here’s some technology for using tin snips on an aluminum
    can. It’s called gloves. Invented in 849 AD by Viking sheep rapers. It
    allowed them to Fist Love the sheeps without tainting their fists with
    sheep’s taint.

  4. Maurice Wilson says:

    Look what kinda phone he got and he wonder why the signal suck come on

  5. David Butler says:

    works about 5-10% better signal iPhone 5 normal not colour

  6. Steve Kse says:

    Finally able to text in my house.thx

  7. yo mama says:

    Wow u r fucking retarded. And what’s up with u not saying anything, R U
    some weirdo that people r looking for 

  8. FragranceMonster says:

    Ha ha
    Then when you answer the call. You lose connection. 

  9. Laal Pipra says:

    u just convert ur m obile phone to land phone….. lol ur family will carry
    with ear piece or sumthing? u beter watch ur vdo and give urself suggestion
    to be smart ….

  10. sam Kumar says:

    Interesting, not sure if it will work. But interesting

  11. shadowout4u says:

    worked like a charm thanks

  12. Pedro Bacame says:

    stupid ass

  13. Hugo Rosas says:

    Give me some of what your smoking.

  14. hasifi hasnan says:

    thanks 4 da video. i hv tried it and my phone signal increase up to 15%.
    not much but it helps.

  15. Maddy A says:

    just wasted 5 min of my life! 

  16. nikS shukla says:

    fuck u man .. sach a dumb as u r ..

  17. Malok03 says:

    How to make a Mickey Mouse Cell Booster !!!

  18. fastfreddy3000 says:

    Does it matter wat it is a coke can or sprite or orange ? Wichit is better

  19. Bourne2lose says:

    I have a honey badger tattoo in my ear, it scares the sh*t out of my phone,
    makes it work every time

  20. rugasyano says:

    i’ll try this later after buying a can of coke/beer thx nyc vid

  21. Soloman1001 says:

    very very slight difference but not enough to make a huge difference, i
    just tried it.

  22. Fish Head Soup says:

    LOL!!!! Don’t know if this actually works but I was so entertained watching
    this video especially when you sped up the video in parts. Very
    entertaining, seriously, I loved it…..great job.

  23. Junard Jimenez says:

    stupid asshole

  24. George Lewis says:

    that dude name is Richard Dean Anderson ( Macgyver )

  25. magentawave says:

    And does this really work? Can you see your phone gaining bars when you
    place it in the can…and lose bars when you take it out of the can?

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