How to make a Crochet Cell Phone Pouch for Droid – Iphone

Written Instructions Crochet Flat Pouch Droid – Iphone Crochet Cell Phone Case Pattern by Teresa Richardson Materials G Crochet Hook Yarn 4-Ply worsted weight Multiple: 2 + 3 Chain 15 Round 1: SC in each ch across (14 SC), on the opposite side sc in ea ch.join at the beginning. (14 SC). There will be a total of 28 single crochet when finished. Round 2: Star Bottom: Chain 3, pull up a loop 3 times through the next 3 chains and in ea of the next 2 SC for this first round. (HDC for remaining rounds). There will be a total of 6 loops on the hook. Pull through all 6 loops on the hook with a sl st. Make 15 bottom sections of the star stitch, join in the beginning ch 3. Round 3: Star Top: Sl St over to the closing joining the previous 6. CH 2, HDC in same sp. 2 HDC in ea joining space around. (15 sets of 2 HDC) Rows 2 & 3 complete a full star stitch. Complete both row until you get your pouch the length you want it to be. Cheerful Flower Stripe Beanie Crochet Shell Scarf Puff Stitch Hat Hat with Brim Slinky Flower Fower Rounds Baby Hightops Flower with Rounds Crochet Blog
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25 Responses to How to make a Crochet Cell Phone Pouch for Droid – Iphone

  1. winedseg says:

    ok, thanks so much i will try again maybe i need practice, i like your videos thanks for showing us how to crochet… grettings from Puerto Rico

  2. tjw1963 says:

    This would indicate that stitches could be getting missed or you are crocheting tighter as you go.

  3. winedseg says:

    i tried but as i’m going up, my work keeps getting little and little and little do you know what am i doing wrong?

  4. tjw1963 says:

    Glad you like it, thank you.

  5. T2thaR says:

    Great idea

  6. angelicatorres112590 says:


  7. khushboo ali says:

    great work… i did it
    thnks for sharing….. do u have kniting pattern?

  8. BlancieBestie406 says:

    I love the star stitch

  9. BlancieBestie406 says:

    I made one too but can u do one for a galaxy prevail

  10. BlancieBestie406 says:

    Hello I love ur work!! it cute god bless u

  11. NicoleBSmallworlds says:

    You know, I’m not Crochet geek, But i would say to make it lsrger just chain more in the beginning

  12. alnawraspooh says:

    hi there .. thank u very much .. u r agood teacer .. this is the second project .. i am so happy .. and i want to ask u to do another simple project using this stitch like a girl skirt or hand bag .. again thank u

  13. Hend Elsahly says:

    i Made it finally i watched you video like 7 times , but finally i made it thank youuu

  14. sere2405 says:

    what would be the beginning chain if i would want to make this for a kindle or a tablet?

  15. brotmancmdjd22Cc says:

    I win iphone just now!Say chesse!I’ve paly its powerful camera funtion. lVvdt

  16. krissyanne7 says:

    so happy i found this! I have been trying to decipher a poorly written pattern for this from another page and could not figure it out lol. Thanks for all your videos!

  17. tjw1963 says:

    I’m sorry, I do not sell them. If you visit my Facebook page, you can find a lot of crocheters who do sell their work.

  18. SuperJoshuatv says:

    Hey do you sell those

  19. RoseStoneable says:

    could you please send me a beginner playlist please…:)

  20. MPooja109 says:

    um can u do it for a kindle fire???

  21. KuroAlices says:

    Hi Teresa, This video was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I’m not a newbie but I still need a little bit of help. I noticed while watching your video your able to keep the pattern to the outside of the project, however, when I try to continue with my project my pattern comes out inverted. Can you please explain what it is I’m doing wrong?
    Thank You So Much,

  22. Temscalmonstar says:

    Hi Teresa, Your crochet’s are amazing!!! If I wanted to make mine double the size of this one, would I just chain 30 and then double everything from there? Or how would I go about this? I appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thank You in Advance,
    Monica :D

  23. tjw1963 says:

    Yes I will send it. The beginner playlist is also posted on my channel as well.

  24. FallenAngelKaren says:

    @tjw1963 could you please send me a beginner playlist please

  25. GabyEscol says:

    Teresa, please make a tutorial on how to make a laptop sleeve!!!!! I’ve been looking everywhere for one!

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