HTC Amaze 4G (T-Mobile USA) Android smartphone – part 1 of 2 – The HTC Amaze 4G for T-Mobile USA is a very fast phone in multiple ways. It features not only a dual-core, 1.5GHz processor, but it also works on T-Mo’s 42Mbps HSPA+ network and has what is likely the fastest working camera on a smartphone today. All of that performance and HTC’s well-loved Sense user interface make the Amaze 4G quite a desirable device, as you’ll see in this video. More info:

What starts out as a friendly video game duel between friends becomes a battle between their smartphones, The HTC Amaze 4G and the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S owner learns the hard way that its new camera can’t hold up to some of the killer camera features on the T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G such as BurstShot™, SmartShot™ panorama and SweepShot™. For more information, visit The iPhone 4S is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to HTC Amaze 4G (T-Mobile USA) Android smartphone – part 1 of 2

  1. Jrock2k9 says:

    I really wanted the galaxy s2 but a 4.52 in displays is a little too big for me. I’m getting the Amaze next week. As long as its fast and responsive like the s2, then I’m sold.

  2. VEGOOOSE says:

    If i bought a headphone beats audio for this phone i will find the sound music like htc sensation xe or not ?

  3. calikalinfo says:

    Can you skype using this phone.?

  4. StreaminGreen says:

    @krazygreen yeah your completely right there. And yes it really is in fact an adequate phone; I’ve dropped it several times to where my screen is severely cracked from multiple falls yet it still works near perfect:)

  5. DaarkRedeemer says:

    My amaze is missing the myself widget did they get rid of it? I guess I need the kindle app.

  6. krazygreen says:

    @StreaminGreen Maybe a little, since they’re both HTC. The Amaze is hefty and big, but the screen is gorgeous and makes the MyTouch look ancient in comparison (qHD S-LCD with higher resolution). I still like hte MT4g though and still believe it’s a great device, I’m just talking in regards to new generation dual cores vs. the single cores and the hardware differences.

  7. flubberdoggy says:

    is there a lighting setting to make the home return search w/e buttons on the bottom light up like the samsung galaxy s2?

  8. StreaminGreen says:

    Its design is a little to similar to my 1 year old MyTouch 4g.

  9. KidSillyFresh says:

    This phone is gorgeous. Plus it’s getting ICS. I’m glad I got it. HTC never fails when it comes to phone design.

  10. Flashbaggs says:

    You hary

  11. liltasha03 says:

    What is USB Tetering?

  12. liltasha03 says:

    SO U telling me it doesnt come with
    a headset SMDH out of line

  13. thatnigga54 says:

    is their a way to port sense 3.0 sms to a older htc phone, in my case the thunderbolt

  14. eleqtra171976 says:

    Good androids mobile

  15. gantswood says:

    I love this phone so much and will probably get it when it lands in Europe. I am situated in London, UK. I hear it will be renamed HTC Ruby upon reaching European shores. My only issue with this is that it has no gorilla glassing which all the other big boy Smart phones have. Do you think this is a problem? At 1.5 ghz dual core, it is the fastest phone. The other major players are dual core 1.2ghz. Samsung are soon to release a 1.5 ghz dual core Skyrocket next month. This or HTC Vivid?

  16. jchao617 says:

    i love this phone a lot its not as wide as the galaxy s II tmobile USA version. i just wish the battery will last a lil bit longer =X

  17. YoungTrellafrella says:

    slow as shit

  18. ohgeefreeks310 says:

    What phone will give me the most bang for my buck. I want a fast phone that doesnt lag like my optimus v. Help?

  19. Nullstr1ng says:

    Can I have your green eyes?

  20. Michaelhuyta70 says:

    Why isn’t there a headphone? That’s so strange.

  21. gyphon23 says:

    Hi, i have a request. Can you do a photo and video recording quality between HTC amaze and Samsung Galaxy S2 from T mobile? I heard some bad review from HTC, just wanna get a second opinion from you.

  22. medtik says:

    @mobileburn wooden background works the best

  23. Jerz1983 says:

    Its just a slightly upgraded sensation

  24. MrBigdad63 says:

    I think that it is possible (that when you are using the keyboard) that you don’t have to push the space bar to select the word. As long as it is highlighted, lifting your finger and going to the next swipe will select the last word automatically. At least it works that way with swype.

  25. VSrdjanV says:

    @mobileburn Yeah… I realized that the second I posted that comment :) I can’t get used to that international (the on I have) version and other variants of it in US will not have the same options in it. So my bad :)

  26. mercedeszombie says:

    I just bought the Amaze 4g and compared it with my sister’s iPhone 4s and it beats it in every single way besides battery life. Don’t get me wrong the iPhone is still more popular but not better.

  27. MParisTrekie16 says:

    I love the robot at the end . . . :) 

  28. smashbrosfan13 says:

    I am positive there are phones w/out an 8 mp camera that still get better pics and videos than the iPhone 4s.

  29. MrEggydrum says:

    Amaze camera is the best available on any smartphone

  30. Bahzad23 says:

    tmobile is retaliating cuz they didnt get the iphone and sprint did lol

  31. ram2246 says:

    Probably the worst commercial I’ve ever seen.

  32. novarim1 says:

    fracking lame. hipsters & terrible story line. HTC is cool but T-Mo is not. stop trying so hard nerds…iphone wins no matter what.

  33. TsnElric says:


  34. applechumb says:

    Okay it has a good camera and 4G (where you can get it). They don’t account for the 99% of other differences between the different phones.

  35. wyattwd1 says:

    @drewsmixes I agree

  36. wyattwd1 says:

    It’s sad because I have burst shot, panorama. They’re called apps. And my iPhone 4S runs on AT&T’s HSPA+ 4G network. The same as T-Mobile’s.

  37. AsianHideOut says:

    this is why tmobile isnt getting the 4s on their network, because u dare come out with ads like this

  38. MrGintama96 says:

    Iphone 4s, pay more get less? AntiWalmart?

  39. mariokidd319 says:

    Guys, their talking about the PHONES. Not the plans.

  40. chris1androidtech says:

    Apple fan boy 3 comments below

  41. 5vvi22 says:

    does anybody know the song??

  42. Zilronman says:

    True men dress up in legos and beat the crap out of each other to represent their favorite phones.

  43. atmancloud says:

    Where I work people bring iPhones to get them unlocked for T-Mobile?

  44. atmancloud says:

    I have full bars with T-Mobile! We get more people cry about att then anything else. I sell T-Mobile because its better the att

  45. drewsmixes says:

    The camera on the 4S is actually better so this fails

  46. leewyan says:

    puhleeze. you can get all the aforementioned features in apps. so at the end of the day, iphone still wins. woooo

  47. bputra13 says:

    Bitch please, there’s an app for that

  48. SuperRandyorton95 says:

    this is stuiped

  49. ThuLarryR says:

    But in reality … iPhone

  50. aberkae says:

    Android ftw

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