HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 – Smartphone Smackdown!

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I 4g Smartphone cellulare dual sim
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I think it’s setting the same scenario up, and I don’t agree with it

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25 Responses to HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 – Smartphone Smackdown!

  1. Forgott3n36 says:

    HTC has a much sexy look and its just a better phone the iphone4 is just plain and boring

  2. sharmark says:

    @rodiskcin ummmm he chose the evo 4g in this video dude. :/

  3. macbookfan33 says:

    @TheMovieLinker lol 2 hour battery life… Plus I think youre advertising/spamming, no offence

  4. EliteRofltaco says:

    My bad, didnt finish watching the video.

  5. EliteRofltaco says:

    You had WI – FI on the iPhone, not 3G.

  6. Tripleedge503 says:

    iPhone 4 is betta.

  7. tepeke88 says:

    Iphone 4 is bettet!

  8. TheMovieLinker says:


    Yes, I use it constantly, but if you’re a “normal” user, it may last you longer.

    When I had the iPhone, the battery would last me appx 3 hours playing games, browsing the web and playing YouTube videos.

    But then I didn’t have 4G, the ability to connect my ps3 to the net and play online, upload -download big files, watch megavideo movies, chat with friends on Tinychat, and much more.

  9. chordibird11 says:

    @EOnlineEntertainment um troll go under a bridge and die

  10. whoopiiiiie says:

    @TheMovieLinker 2 hours when you are using it constantly non stop right? but using it on and off it lasts 6 hours or more right?

  11. heavymetalpwns says: says iphone 4 is 960×640 not 960×480

  12. Poofybal says:

    i agree’d with most of you’r little shantty, but evo has swype standard, hence making it a better keyboard, also who the hell screwed you up on camera specs? hahaha did you see the same vide’s we did? the blacks were blacker, and the whites were whiter, it looked WAY WAY WAY superior then the iphone 4, maybe you just relaly like apple and are blocked by them, but im not, and i saw much better pic quality on the HTC evo , and this guy compares stuff wrong, 3g networks? anyhoo, evo = better cam/vi

  13. raykrislianggi says:

    It really depends on WHAT YOU NEED. If I need iPhone, then I buy iPhone and think it’s better. If I need HTC EVO, then I buy HTC EVO and think it’s better. But currently iPhone / iPod is on my need list so I go for an iDevice. SO STOP WHINING ABOUT WHICH PHONE IS BETTER.

  14. gr8xman7 says:

    Don’t really care who wins but I think a lot of more people will still buy iPhones (like me) until there is 4g everywhere but by that time iPhone will have it too.

  15. EMCHost says:

    @TheMovieLinker Also, if the battery was better, plus if the Evo 4G was available on AT&T
    I would totally get it. :D

  16. EMCHost says:

    @TheMovieLinker 2 hours of battery?
    Uhh I get like 5-6 hours on the iPhone 3Gs..
    But then again, you can change the battery, but you need at least like.. 5 of them LOL

  17. EOnlineEntertainment says:

    i love how all the iphone lovers comment about one singe thing that they think makes the iphone better then the evo.. for example ” the battery life sucks on the evo. Iphone wins!!”. Battery life doesnt suck the only reason why people complain about it is because they are constantly on there evo trying new things and doing things that a pc can do. Second example ” He didnt even mention the retina display”. Just cuz iphone has a fancy named screen doesnt make it better then the evo.

  18. EOnlineEntertainment says:

    @chordibird11 lammmmeeee

  19. EOnlineEntertainment says:

    Evo….4g …..nuff said

  20. HamsterCorn22 says:

    1 commercial says look how thin the HTC evo is and they so “oh its so thin” lol it looks as thick as a steak 2 me, and plus it looks really ugly

  21. Death2Fanboys says:

    Evo looks like a big dumb fucktard compare to the iPhone 4. Apple hands down.

  22. rodiskcin says:

    This guy in every fucking video chooses the fucking iphone4

  23. jalbm222 says:

    4g, hot spot, micro hdmi outport won me over. I live in San Diego, and in one year I have not had a problem, on the other hand my cousins iphone is constantly dropping calls. I also do print some of my pics, and can tell a huge difference from when my cousin prints pics. I also dropped my cable, and internet service from my cable company, saved me 110bux a month. Evo hands down for me.

  24. MegaRobokid says:

    (for ipod touch / iphone users):
    1. go to the app store and download an app called checkpoints
    2. when signing up for a checkpoints account, put in the bonus code zappy100 to receive a free gift card

  25. edman971 says:

    both phones are great, but i prefer iphone because it´s very simple to use, everything is so fluid and simple. just compare apple store with android market, apple store just kicks every ass nearby. Iphone is definitly better, yes I now it doesn´t have 4g but even without that its better than EVO.

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