HTC Rhyme smartphone hands-on and live first look – HTC has just announced the new Rhyme smartphone that will be headed to Verizon Wireless. The Rhyme is a typical slab-style smartphone, but it offers some unique features and accessories that HTC hopes will catch the eye of ladies who are shopping for a new smartphone. Behind its 3.7-inch, WVGA display is a 1GHz processor and 768MB of RAM. The Rhyme runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the latest version of HTC’s interface, dubbed Sense 3.5. Sense 3.5 offers new widgets to quickly accessed recently-used features, as well as a redesigned app tray. HTC is including a number of accessories with the Rhyme, such as wireless charging dock, tangle-free headphones, and a charm that has a notification light at the end of it. The charm will light up whenever there is a missed call or new message, and it is easy to see without digging the phone out of a bag. The Rhyme will be available on September 29 for 9.99 with a new two-year agreement. More info:
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Напомню, это мой аудита здесь самый дешевый, надежный и предсказуемый метод остеопластики

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25 Responses to HTC Rhyme smartphone hands-on and live first look

  1. SolarGangYoola says:

    Samsug is giving people wat they want big ass screen phones you can’t tell me I’m lying everybody who likes to show off and that’s almost every man and women in the world loves big screen phones

  2. bosschiqk10 says:

    @spededpat Though this phone may not be at the top of the food chain, from what I’ve seen HTC has been “popping out” some pretty top of the line phones that continue to be at the top with whatever company they’re with. HTC continues to be the #1 phone provider and that’s not because they enjoy randomly spitting out phones and crossing their fingeres

  3. pkin8721 says:

    @mobileburn that is not alot of money!

  4. 2ndaccord says:

    I really want sense 3.5. But i’m not trading n my evo for something smaller. And i’m not not rooting either. I guess it’s not for me.

  5. Demtres88 says:

    @StrickenWithFear Good point x

  6. toonygamer2004 says:

    Is it not because it includes all of the accessories out of the box? Bluetooth headset, and a dock along with it’s indicator? $200 is steep still, but your ready with everything out of the box. Kinda nice.

  7. StrickenWithFear says:

    @Demtres88 but this is a different HTC phone, this doesnt have that big ass annoying clock that takes up the whole screen and they are toning down the size a bit, no humongous 4.5 or 4.5. of 5.0 like Samsung and it isn’t too small Iike the Iphone.

  8. ingermarien says:

    199.99…….. -.-

  9. 1asesay says:

    This Phone is AWESOME!!!!!

  10. MrJetShinoda says:

    the battery is not removable ? maybe HTC is confident enough that this one has a good battery life ?

  11. Demtres88 says:

    I’m sorry, but htc phones are so boring… geez.. The cha cha looked interesting because it was a different device for htc..

  12. tokinotabumblb says:

    Non removable battery??? What?? No bueno…

  13. Vangmayj says:

    The tablet like auto rotation is so cool !!

  14. DaemonDM says:

    Guys, you are totally wrong. Dock is not wireless, check 3 contacts on the phone back.

  15. dcseifert says:

    @mobileburn Agreed. My Android battery complaints have been well vocalized.

  16. mobileburn says:

    @dcseifert There are definite design advantages, but until Android phones have halfway-decent battery life, non-swappable batteries will be a non-starter for me. I don’t even talk much on the phone and I get no more than a day out of them.

  17. spededpat says:

    HTC is too busy popping out phone after phone after phone that that cant even support the phones they already have.

  18. azie43 says:

    @mobileburn the $200 includes the accessories i guess

  19. xavierp0nce says:

    The new sense likes kind of cool… Still unsure though!

  20. Speakup84 says:

    A waste of press coverage

  21. syn010110 says:

    @skitzthegemini $199 on contract. That’s too much for what’s essentially a phone from early last year. I’d expect to see something like this on Boost or Virgin Mobile for $250 out the door, but this is kind of a ripoff on Verizon with a two-year agreement…

  22. syn010110 says:

    Looks like a cheap Verizon rehash of the HTC Glacier.

  23. dcseifert says:

    @mobileburn @robertsmith2002 I assume this will be a trend with HTC. Started with the Flyer tablet.

  24. mobileburn says:

    @MABeezy009 $200 is a lot of money for what is basically a mid-level smartphone.

  25. mobileburn says:

    @Robertsmith2002 No swappable battery, that’s right. Odd.

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