Huawei Ascend P1 S and P1 Android smartphones from CES 2012 – The Huawei P1 S and P1 are a pair of thin Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones that were introduced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. They feature dual-core 1.5GHz processors and qHD resolution Super AMOLED touchscreen displays. More info:
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25 Responses to Huawei Ascend P1 S and P1 Android smartphones from CES 2012

  1. amras18 says:

    IT has gorilla glass

  2. Filipinoman56 says:

    Sim card slut lmao

  3. RomaTotti1000 says:

    1800 or 1650

  4. msparis275 says:

    Well metro get this fone?

  5. 1016jared says:

    Is it sold on u.s carriers?

  6. SleepyAve says:


  7. MrPhantom19 says:

    Sure it has .

  8. codypebbles123 says:

    what service?

  9. TR8CED says:

    I hope it has gorilla glass

  10. octapotamus says:


  11. DarkSkysify says:

    i agree

  12. TheSte972 says:

    It’s not a galaxy S2 it’s better more beautiful !!!!

  13. bfmvalentine94rulz says:

    eeh no? :D

  14. dabug91 says:

    ugh. When are companies going to stop using ugly glossy black plastic on all their devices?
    Flat colors would look a lot sleeker when done right. =[

  15. octapotamus says:

    it’s a Galaxy SII rip

  16. battlechi says:

    P1 looks awesome! Omg the color amazing!

  17. LOLhahahahaa says:

    whats the carrier for it???? pleasee commentttt

  18. VividHugh says:

    Yeah, price and plans, after all, are somewhat important information.

  19. vladimirsmochenko says:


  20. xman798 says:

    looks pretty good for a Huawei. I would like one haha

  21. gtr2828 says:

    I heard this thing is going to b 3g….weak!

  22. hecl10 says:

    Samsung GS 2 Totally Rape!!!!

  23. mrcuccuou says:

    …who cares about being the thinnest phone, seriously who does? i prefer removable battery, battery cover and bigger battery life, i think 13mm is an ok size, that being siad go motorolla!

  24. RefUser says:

    what’s its battery life?

  25. LZantho says:

    I dont think this is coming for Metro PCs. Lmao!

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