I HATE morons with CELL PHONES!!! Part 1

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The Fiqh of Cell Phones by Sheikh Kamal el-Mekki delivered at Abu Huraira Center (Toronto) on November 21, 2009. We carry cell phones with us not realizing that there are lots of matters of fiqh regarding it. This lecture will shed light on some of these matters and proper etiquette concerning the use of cell phones. www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The devices were considered cheap replicas of famous brands with poor hardware on board

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49 Responses to I HATE morons with CELL PHONES!!! Part 1

  1. jodileegodfrey says:

    I agree with him…if any men or woman. Text in driving..on a date…at the movies and just ignoring the other!! Shame on them!!

  2. QuaziGNRLNose says:

    Are you the guy from So cool Science?

  3. KlayyJayy says:

    I ride my bike to my friends houses so we can actually hang out and talk.

  4. snaggletooth102 says:

    trololol nice one

  5. snaggletooth102 says:

    trololol nice one

  6. gianteatingtaco says:

    I agree with you 110%! How is typing in a machine better than seeing your friend in person? Instead of sitting on your ass all day texting, get a god damn life. Get a hobby, get smarter, learn a new language, walk down the street kicking little boys in the balls, I don’t know, SOMETHING!

  7. Zinarystar says:

    I hate morons =.=

  8. agnellacenwxz42Oy says:

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  9. TheAnimefreak215 says:

    phone sex sucks

  10. TOXICWASTELabs says:

    Actually worse than your teeth are mine :D

  11. Brawckx says:

    My mom has gone 50 years and counting without a cellphone… WE HAVE A WINNER!

  12. roflcopterlazer116 says:

    @OutbackZack dude ur my fav person i subed to

  13. waluigithecool2 says:

    It seems as if my entire middle school has to be showoffs and carry their mobile devices everywhere. It’s like they’re tech-prostitutes. Do I have a cell phone? I do. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO SHOW IT OFF AT EVERY FRIGGIN’ PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE. I’M NOT GOING TO BE LIKE, “HERP DERP I GOT A FUCKING TEXT!!!” I hate texts, and I’m concerned about my generation, I really am. They’re so tech-savvy, I don’t think they’re fully prepared for their future adult lifes, especially with the struggling economy.

  14. 991woot119 says:

    one of the girls in my school is smarter by everyone else (including boys) besides 1 person

  15. samimadivids says:

    @shairaptor shut the fuck up u sexist bitch

  16. vzik2 says:

    I agree….

  17. shairaptor says:

    not only in ireland girls are stupid. girls are stupid in gerenal everywhere  (outside my family I mean) :)

  18. vzik2 says:

    well…thats….different….I like girls but….in Ireland girls are THE most stupid thing in the world…..they are just bunch of Justin Bieber fangnoys/girls….Women are stupid get them selves in bunch of trouble because
    started to date with an idiot while a good guy is right there….fuck….

  19. shairaptor says:

    that’s why I love being gay! no girlies with their annoying cellphones, yay! :D

  20. shairaptor says:

    you naked hetero

  21. shairaptor says:

    33 and I only have an old cell for certain cases, but other than that cellphons suck!

  22. shairaptor says:

    you rule! don’t get a cellphone and don’t get a girl that’s crazy about cellphones. :)

  23. shairaptor says:

    good to hear, cellphones really suck!

  24. shairaptor says:

    great, keep it up! no cellphones!Q

  25. letspretend6 says:

    My phone is busted but I really don’t care because I never use it. My life is unchanged because of its loss.

  26. upf9602 says:

    get that checked out by a doctor then [ jokingly ]. It depends on how you use your tongue ( taking verses moving it in a circle for a hour.

  27. deenulhaqq29 says:

    so sad that he actually has to say…’don’t answer your phone DURING CLASS’?!?

  28. AishahDaGreat says:

    Wa alaikum as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu. If the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salaam) told a secret to Fatimah (radi Allahu anha), then it is not a bad thing, and Allah knows best.

  29. jammy65 says:

    AA brother video editing. Please drop the reverb. It sounds tacky in this day and age. The sheikh is speaking from a room setting, not a 20,000 seat auditorium.

  30. maahyze says:

    WHOA!!! what happened to the visuals at the end ??? looked very scary…. that apart jazakallah khairu thanks a lot for this enlightening video.

  31. AlhamdulillahMedia says:

    That is a very flawed logic, there is nothing wrong with secrets.

  32. BelligerentPacifist says:

    ~4:45 not trying to be a smartaleck, but my tongue actually gets tired.

  33. blurrystar says:

    Masha’Allah, really great, useful info.

  34. 4EverMuslimah says:

    mashallah good lecture…and very relevant!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 4EverMuslimah says:

    loool at phone challenge

  36. revosys says:

    i wanna know good and true book on Abu Bakr…. and Khataab in english for study…

  37. AhsanAhmed94 says:

    I love his lectures.

  38. khalifahklothing says:

    The great scholar Bakr Abu Zayd rahimahullah wrote a little book called “Adab al-Hatif”. Which deals with the the same thing as this video.

  39. Lhaw06 says:

    verry good lecture

  40. Nkinga1 says:

    , I the name of allah , show respect and humility to the humanity..I truly believe you need to reflect and ask yourself where is this -ve behaviour stem from..You seem to have so much anger and it is not healthy for you and the Umma that you are concerned for. Let me know where you reside i can hook you up with a psychotherapist..AssalaamU Alikum.

  41. Abdullah2009 says:

    Ahlu Sunnah wal Jama3ah? (before I listen)

  42. aminahmuminah says:

    Masha allah very impportant topic

  43. wwert987 says:

    asalamu alaikum, no secrets doesn’t just refer to bad things in Islam. It is whatever is between two individuals that shouldn’t be shared with others, whether it is good or bad. When the prophet SAW told something to Fatima and Aisha asked her what it was she said, ‘I would not disclose the Messenger of Allah’s secret.’ Even though it wasn’t bad. The hadith is in Muslim and riyadh us Saliheen. Wasalamu alaikum

  44. GreyWolf1904 says:

    I did not know that! Thank you all very much for clearing it up for me. + the source! :)

  45. GreyWolf1904 says:

    Hi, nothing wrong with it i was just unsure of its use but i understand better now. I guess its just the context in which the word is used that matters. (^_^)’

  46. themuslimtalks says:

    @ GreyWolf1904 There’s nothing wrong with secrets. Did u knw that for a good beleiver on the day of Judgement Allah will cover him up and talk to him privately and ask him is it true you did this sin and that sin etc etc then He will ask did anyone know of these sins? the Beleiver shall reply no and Allah will say I have kept it a secret in the past and in the same way I will keep it a secret forever.

    Source: Said Rageah the crossing. (KhalifaKlothing uploaded it)

  47. khalifahklothing says:

    What’s wrong with the word ‘secret’? It does not imply that it is bad.

  48. GreyWolf1904 says:

    salam alaikum to all, at around 36mins, Kamal speaks about secrets, that if you speak to another you are not to disclose it to others which I fully agree, but is Secret the correct word to use? secrets are bad are they not, doesnt Allah frown upon such acts?
    I’m not raising an issue, I would just like some clarity.
    jazakallah for the video.

  49. fazle523 says:

    salam alaikum to muslims all over the world. i loved this talk may God keep us with the muslims n on Deen. Ameen

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