Intel for Cellphones – The Atom is Here

The inevitable has happened: Intel has gone mobile! Intel unveiled their first ever smartphone at CES 2012. It features a Z2460 processor, runs Android Gingerbread and has amazing battery life. For more tech goodness, check us out at: Follow Us on Twitter Like Us on Facebook: Check Us Out on Google +
Video Rating: 4 / 5

a video of blinged out cell phones and cell phones covers
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Androidpit batterythe note comes with a modest 3,220 mah removable battery, while the g3 houses a removable 3,000 mah battery

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49 Responses to Intel for Cellphones – The Atom is Here

  1. chonichon07 says:


  2. jewsarenotcool says:

    Why is Bear Grylls at CES working for Intel?

  3. 1XxM0DzGlitchesXx says:

    HOLY SHIT!! 

  4. lordhuck says:

    All these posts sound like they’re from Itel employees.

  5. PcWizTechProductions says:

    This is seriously the future, imagine the possibilities with such small form factors and energy efficient chips. 

  6. spiderali97 says:

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  7. KRE8TVT says:

    Thanks for you answer! I did find you comment earlier funny, made me chuckle a bit. But I was really hoping for the answer cause I’m interested to see what’s new with this Intel chip. Thanks a lot though!

  8. rahmanroni says:

    @KRE8TVT Sorry, that didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. Thought it’d be funny or w.e. Anyways, this chip is based on Intels own designs. That was one of the main concerns because a lot of apps are specially coded/optimized for arm based chips, so they either wont run properly or run at all on a new architecture, such as atom. However, intel said it has an emulator built in and they are giving training to devs that makes apps run faster on arm and intel chips.

  9. KRE8TVT says:

    @rahmanroni Thanks for the sarcasm but really, if you had all of that to say, you could have easily answered the question. But judging from your comment, it seems to be that it isn’t an ARM chip? ARM is just an architecture, Tegra 3 is an ARM chip, so is TI OMAP and Qualcomm. SO if you actually know the answer or anyone reading this does, please reply sincerely. I appreciate any help!

  10. rahmanroni says:

    @KRE8TVT “Intel for Cellphones” after seeing that title, asking whether or not its an ARM chip is almost as bad as asking if its made by AMD.

  11. KRE8TVT says:

    is this chip an ARM chip or what?

  12. ElBurroSabeMasQueYo says:

    holy shit that was amazing.

  13. iTaos69 says:

    was that just a knock off of tiny wings?

  14. ak48you says:

    so it will run android not ios… yeah.. iphone will die…

  15. ahmedp800 says:

    Wow the 360 Video was awesooooome!

  16. CyberPinoy says:

    is this x86 based processor ?

  17. kerayzey says:

    That is quite smooth on Android. It’ll be superb on iOS and WP7 devices.

  18. theinfrawolf says:

    The only thing good from that phone is the 360 camera

  19. theinfrawolf says:

    It is the same thing to have a Motorola xoom 2 or a fiona tablet and bet it can’t. Be cheaper than all the devices mentioned above

  20. buttfacerob says:

    Is that 360 video real time or already recorded

  21. QuixoticQuaver says:

    @BriansPS3 Useless if battery technology doesn’t catch up.

  22. MrMushroomish says:

    Prototype? I cant find it anywhere on the net

  23. igeekone says:

    He said 180P, that’s better than 240P! lol

  24. XxViciousxX says:

    @mbaseballpro2 lol don’t listen to MBP6705 he apparently don’t know what he is talking about its a 1.6GHz single core with Hyper Threading more cores and more mhz does not always mean more power in the cpu world.

  25. GemCraftVac says:

    Nice, My Vacuum pump for SWAROVSKI can help you make this type of project fast!

  26. Hippiefriend101 says:

    Ohhhhhhh 2:18 adorable love em’ all !!! Wonderful job

  27. 1Dmitrievna says:

    over 3 minuets of pure joy and bliss and magical happiness O.O i love sparkles and glitter and rhinestones loooovveee it

  28. ILYGIRLXXX says:

    i dont rely like any of them

  29. jaystorm1093 says:

    @SCLBUTTERFLY try this website..
    she has great stuff; huge variety, and VERY afordable.. She is awesome, her name is Yukie and she is very sweet. i’ve ordered twice from her already.

  30. GemCraftVac says:

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  31. omg1234352 says:

    @heks3333 wallmart in the art section or michaels(:

  32. SCLBUTTERFLY says:

    Where do people get those3D flowers like the ones in minute 3:06…the larger ones and smaller ones…. thanks :)

  33. nikkipie33 says:

    At 1:51 where do you get those bubbles? Please answer!!!!!!

  34. Hippiefriend101 says:

    I liked at the 3:14 was my fav not really but it was awesome looking

  35. elisespieces11 says:

    I glue stuff on my phone with Elmer’s glue. lol

  36. mysweetheart07 says:

    they’re so cute and pretty!

  37. 2loveable4 says:

    hottttttt love these lol

  38. twizzle650 says:


  39. nanistar1 says:

    love it can u do this for an incognito and how much i want it done to my phone

  40. applebaby132 says:

    gawd i want a jap phone

  41. tanshay99 says:

    Sorry wasn’t clear enough like the little flowers and bows

  42. tanshay99 says:

    Plzzzzz reply were do u get ur stuff

  43. alyssarocks123456 says:


  44. RainbowPandaKiiwii says:

    Wow! This is cool!

  45. 407nikkiful says:


  46. KaGoesRawr says:

    these are so cute
    MAN now i wish i had a phone:/

  47. watermelonguzzer says:

    it’s white trailer trash stuff

  48. msmarch45 says:

    0:06 0:34 0:51 1:23 1:43 3:02 2:56 Love It!!! You should probualy advertise on Facebook…I know tons of people that would love to get this on their phone ^ x ^

  49. tulaans says:

    Oh My gawsh, They Are LUSH!

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