Introducing Smart Phones with Intel®Inside™

Sit back and learn how Intel® creates a seamless interaction between the user and the phone. With such features as speed, multi-tasking, and 8mm camera burst smart phones with Intel® inside helps keep you in the flow.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Smartphone vs Tablet Comparison – – Nicole and Sascha are comparing their Smartphone and Tablet platforms with each other and are going head to head in this ultimate usability test
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A ipad 3 release dates, sony to drop 11 new phones and much more
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49 Responses to Introducing Smart Phones with Intel®Inside™

  1. PivotXL1 says:

    Though it must be clover trail. Also, when Silvermont releases, ARM should just start making their graves.

  2. redhawkmillenium says:

    That actually sounds like a pretty sweet idea.

  3. msolanoo says:

    Battery life exceeds iphone and other smartphones by far…wait and see

  4. xXMy3DSXx says:

    Lets say macs now have intel right? So is iphone.

  5. walikai says:

    next there will be dedicated graphics cards for phones that will look like SD cards that you buy and slip into your phone.. sigh…

  6. GilneaS888 says:

    Which Smartphones have Intel inside??

  7. SabreMage says:

    Lullatone got me here~ =D

  8. 143HK2012 says:

    htc intel inside… good bye iphone…

  9. christoffer501 says:

    I hope intel will make the processor for the next generation iPhone.

  10. lordmasterization says:

    You really expect modern chips to function in a mobile device?

  11. moosazoras1 says:

    intel’s better off alone. NVIDIA is pathetic except for their pc graphics. do you know that tegra 3 is using a ancient graphics core??

  12. 999CATZ says:

    Stickin to exynos all the way

  13. jamesleetrigg says:

    No sure I want an intel chip in my phone.

  14. TheIwanaloveyou says:

    i hate ARM more than u but that’s mean the competition will begin if there’z no ARM and Nvidia intel will actually destroy us with high price sales

  15. Xxlegionnaire2010xX says:

    I”d rather have these chips in a tablet as well cuz it would be awesome having more than 6-9 hrs with something that is built like a tank :P

  16. lordmasterization says:

    yes, but arm still exists. and Apples garbage

  17. cedar234 says:

    yes sir and that indeed is manufactured by samsung, rebranded as apple A5 but the processor is based on ARM cortex A9.

  18. lienard christophe says:

    competing is good, it pushes them to stay in front of the others, while still being cheaper. if they work together and there’s no compiton they can ask any price and you would have to be ok with it becouse there is no alternative

  19. berke sönmez says:


  20. dannypires1 says:

    A5 …

  21. issamu2k says:

    how is the battery life concern?

  22. cedar234 says:

    FINALLLYYYYYYYY intel hurry up…i hate ARM. it would be nice to see some good fast x86 processing in my phone. much better than all that crappy ARM cortex A9 turds

  23. misterpc23 says:

    It’s a neat commercial but it doesn’t really pertain to smart phones all that much. Like if I sat down and started watching this in the middle of it I would have no idea what the hell you were trying to sell

  24. duminicad says:

    if the battery goes out in 1 day, then forget about the mobile market, we got more than enough for those

  25. eldaftbro says:


  26. ONEWAYLEEWAY says:

    WTF are you smoking this video was one of the worst ive seen on youtube,it was tablet vs smartphone yet instead of focusing on performance they focused on size(which tba a child could do) they took time to film which one could fit in your pocket more easier and freaking which on was the better tray are you kidding me…

  27. lrgerv001 says:

    I’ll go with a smartphone like the one I have in hand,Galaxy Nexus ;)

  28. Ahmed Yasser says:

    Why not both ?

  29. Luiz Fernando says:

    muito bom o video paarabens

  30. Under123ism says:

    Smartphones win

  31. Richard Groenendijk says:

    I can’t choose between the samsung galaxy S2 and the iPad3.
    Which one do I have to choose?

  32. antibo617 says:

    Pretty soon smartphone is equal to the price of laptop because of high tech hardware in them. I only use smartphone for bored time. Why I need tablet when I got my PC and ps3. Soon it will be replace by tablet

  33. Florea Oka says:

    Smartphone all the way. You can have a laptop for the same price as a tablet but you get windows os,hd games, cd reader unlike the tablet… despite a tablet is a little more compact but not by much

  34. mkader17 says:

    Great video. it seems the tablet excels at viewing media, playing it back to others, and using the extra screen real estate to multi-task more efficiently. The best place I see to use that is in the office, but I have a PC there.

    I love technology, but in day to day activities I don’t want to be walking around enjoying my 7″ screen as opposed to the world around me. With the smart phone the screen size allows me to get something done, put it away, and back to reality.

  35. whataboutchinacom says:

    Why not buy a 5 inch 3G phone tablet at budget price

  36. akhilmph3 says:

    Smart phones!!!!

  37. executiveE says:

    Smartphones are gay

  38. Adnan Azam says:


  39. 222seanb222 says:

    Nicole wouldn’t pick up my calls >:(

  40. BatfinkUK1 says:

    7.7 all the way!

  41. AlexMakuch says:

    Hey MiniPCPro,
    Do you want a channel design? I could make you one if I could have a shoutout in the beginning or end of a video.  Please check out my channel, you can see a design I made!

  42. WTFranky says:

    Wat ne Nerdshow. xD Aber nett umgesetzt.

  43. bunnyhallow says:

    A lot of people have been nominated and some won Darwin Awards because they’re texting/browsing while walking, the ice skating part doesn’t count since they’re “probably” aware that checking your electronic devices while skating is not smart and and may hurt other skaters

  44. vivienmeally says:

    Also so langsam nervt dieses video. Kannst du es vll. so einstellen das es nicht automatisch startet, sobald deine youtube Seite aufgerufen wird?

  45. inFamousCeRea1 says:

    i have an idea!  get both! theyre two completely different things. Its like trying to compare a full tower desktop with a netbook.

  46. tonyd223 says:

    and I thought my Galaxy Note was big!

  47. PeikkoKuningas95 says:

    buy a pc

  48. leiona0 says:

    lol this video made me laugh A LOT! I loved you guys, you’re really frindly! We don’t have much frindly reviewers… well, I guess I’m sticking with my smartphone on that one, I just can’t see my self carrying a windshield arround

  49. LostMySauce says:

    Just get a Note and shut the hell up lol

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