iPhone vs Windows Phone: Which smartphone is simply faster?

We offered iPhone users 0 that Windows Phone is simply faster at the everyday stuff they do on their smartphones. Who will win and who will get smoked by Windows Phone? See more of the Windows Phone Challenge at newwp.it
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25 Responses to iPhone vs Windows Phone: Which smartphone is simply faster?

  1. TheQuicksterOya says:

    iphone ftw

  2. YTwallaby says:

    Android is simply faster! LOL, bitches! =D

  3. Techdude212 says:

    Windows phone is a load of bullshit!

  4. JBirdDaSk8a says:

    To be honest with you. Who the fuck cares? :)

  5. necbal says:

    you probably care cause you answered, now wait for the next windows phone that will upload a picture to fb in maybe 3 seconds, talking about the definition of a…..serious smartphone

  6. hans kris says:

    Yeah, battery power won’t be alive with a multi-core processor either. Just because it has more cores, doesn’t make it faster.

  7. lopapapapa says:

    Which Asian Chick there are three in this video ?

  8. Ewan2H says:

    “What’s cool with these live tiles is, everything on my home screen is alive”, the only thing that won’t be alive is your battery power. Waste of power having everything on when not being used. Just because it’s already open, doesn’t make it faster.

  9. Setheras21 says:


  10. nic3Chris says:

    W is with the android vs wp challenge..

  11. nic3Chris says:

    The funny thng is that you don’t see somebody trading in their iphone for a wp device. But you sa

  12. MultiNigga5000 says:

    I wish Windows Marketplace had more apps :(

  13. hans kris says:

    Wow. Who cares?

  14. 7daysofsunnyjune says:

    Pissing contest!!Both smartphones are great I have a Wp7 cause it only costs 1/4 of an iphone (off contract) best feature: Find my phone (via WindowsLive) in iphone you need to pay…

  15. vodkainmayo0o says:

    really really cool

    SlickTasks for windows phone => Visit: slicktasks.co//

  16. DeadBrokeNinja says:

    Cant afford an iPhone? You think its the most expensive thing? thats funny. Also iPhone was copied by Android at the beginning you can say but lately iOS is copying Android. ex. Slide down menu, notifications, wireless sync, over the air updates, customizable keyboard, tabbed browsing. From WP7, they copied, twitter integration, Lockscreen camera, wallpaper bounce at the lock screen. Basically you cant say anyone is copying from it anymore cause they clearly have no problem doing it. FAIL.

  17. thefuegotiger says:

    The blog “”The Fuego World” is a Windows Phone blog, please google it!

  18. SergiuszOlszewski says:

    Only idiots have Iphone! Windows Phone is a lot faster!

  19. JorJorArmany says:

    Windows Phone TROLLED

  20. TheFluffyDuck says:

    These kind of videos are stupid. Samsung did the same kind of video with possibly the most technologically illiterate woman on the face of the planet against a power user.

    That said, I love the windows phone, I am an iPhone user and it is refreshing to see a new approach to mobile interface design that doesn’t blatantly rip off Apple like Android does.

    I have recommend the windows phone to friends who cant afford an iPhone. Android is a cheap knock off.

  21. PhoenixEdwards says:

    i hear u…but i mean with as often as people do mobile uploads on facebook n stuff i mean how are there still people who dont know how? lol

  22. lopapapapa says:

    What’s good about windows phone is that they didn’t need a dual core processor to make a functional OS. This is good because you get more battery time.

  23. rockindoodcm says:

    i understand that. My point is that other phones also have the ability to show the weather instantly. they should know the phone they are competing agaisnt before the challenger does that specific challenge.

  24. PhoenixEdwards says:

    if u have an HTC windows phone the weather shows up on the HTC hub live tile…other windows phones u have to use ACCUWEATHER app…but it updattes and shows up on the live tile too if u have the options set to do that tho

  25. TubeYou4Good says:

    my thoughts exactly, I feel like all of those people just sucked at using their phones lol.

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