Japanese Cell phones (Keitai Denwa/携帯電話): Texting and Emoticons

My second video on Japanese cellphones! I’ll show you how to text in Japanese as well as use their ridiculous emoticons. It’s just my crappy Softbank phone, so I can only show you the basics, but the basics are pretty wicked, IMO. Wanna learn more about studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai University or Japan? Check my blog! www.brotherannie.kansai-gaidai.com Yay!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Beck performing Cellphones Dead on From the Basement 2007.

Vinovskis, an education historian at the university of michigan in ann arbor, said in an interview

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49 Responses to Japanese Cell phones (Keitai Denwa/携帯電話): Texting and Emoticons

  1. LanguageofPoseidon says:

    This may require an extensive answer, but why do the Japanese have two different characters for the same word? i.e. cat?

  2. thebeeplz says:

    you got tht from clanned
    i love that anime

  3. oooqo1 says:

    Your videos are Very informative! +1

  4. spike2fei says:

    why not making a video of dose famous mountain

  5. beetlejuice115 says:

    @brotherannie Where did you learn Japanese??

  6. zeldageek234 says:

    i’m kotomi. you spell kotomi with three hiragana. when you talk to me call me kotomi-chan. sorry… i couldn’t resist… ^w^

  7. WolframvonBielefeld9 says:

    erm was that the complete chart for hiragana or is the full one larger? i can speak some japanese and would be really interested in learning how to read it, but dont have a clue where to satrt:D

  8. marlinibojnk95s2 says:

    Easy application,get iphone4,nothing is better than that! wuO accuc.info

  9. FTS57 says:

    5:24 Get ready for the MInd Fuck! 5:25- 5:35= 0_0′ !

  10. plasma991 says:

    I don’t know about you, but whenever i bid my friends farewell, I ALWAYS give them a friendly light-bulb heart penguin. I mean, common courtesy to the max, dude :p

  11. thenamejack says:

    About how long did it take you to have a good understanding of the Japanese language and have an in-depth conversation with another person.

  12. zsdg34 says:

    Emoji ?

  13. BIOSHOCKFOXX says:

    It’s not boring for those who like japan and want to know how the hell they type Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji on mobile phone :D so it’s basically like average phone of westerners( which is us) , you have to press the same button if you want to get a word which is in the same line that is showed on button.

  14. rich1051414 says:

    ‘Lightbulb heart penguin’??? light hearted ice chicken?

  15. thecb5online says:

    Loved your reaction to ‘lightbulb heart… penguin’ lmfao :-)

  16. BloxPhantome says:

    neko, they even have the cat icon~ :) )

  17. BlahBlahBlahful27 says:

    The ‘lightbulb heart penguin’ part KILLED me XD

  18. No1Fan4SWAC says:

    ‘Lightbulb heart penguin’ xD

  19. akito989 says:

    You don’t have to go anywhere to learn Japanese. :o

  20. JAWdog777 says:

    Thankyou for your “language”-ness!!

  21. peopleareinmyhouse says:

    am i the only one that likes this phone better then touchscreen and keyboards??

  22. BlankEssence says:

    Where did you go to start to learn Japanese?

  23. GokuMcDuck says:

    Eres muy bonita.

  24. xXVioletShadowXx says:

    Hiragana isn’t phonetic, it’s syllabic. 

  25. vereck0115 says:

    are you still in japan??

  26. ThievingBandit says:

    He doesn’t practice per say, but I think he resorts to it sometimes.

  27. futurfry says:

    Where did you hear that? I heard him say he was just born into it and doesn’t even practice it.

  28. FuckYeahVideogames says:

    wow, beck’s voice sounds better than in the album versions, and all these musicians done it better than in the album versions too

  29. Saninson says:

    Обажаю Beck мои иностранные друзья.

  30. TheAaron359 says:

    MC Beck!!!!!!!!

  31. DinDan306 says:

    So damn good. I definitely prefer all of this live stuff to the album versions.

  32. probrojeffro says:

    Beck! come back and lend some sanity and talent to this pathetic music scene.

  33. madpierrot92 says:

    I want to learn that piano riff thing so fucking badly

  34. ThievingBandit says:

    Scientology is fucked up nonetheless. Beck uses as a self-help thing more than a religion

  35. BeastlieDraws says:

    Arthur Dent on maracas.

  36. anetchi says:

    I like Beck : )

  37. Wavelength247 says:


  38. gizzlowe says:

    Maida Vale Studios.


  39. yuyo350 says:

    why did someone put “ dont like” .
    man its Beck!

  40. jfwIV87 says:

    HEADHUNTERS anyone?!?!?

  41. Guerolisto says:


  42. stereosanctity7 says:

    how lovely…do you drive a big truck?

  43. Guerolisto says:

    My dick was too

  44. knightofeurasia says:

    probably the BBC studios in london

  45. Daschuk123 says:

    Can someone Answer me if i ask…. WHERE ON EARTH IS THE BASEMENT?

  46. bonjouralicia says:


  47. solomon8833 says:


  48. mrtombombadil78 says:

    Trenchcoat/towel guy steals the show at the end!

  49. stereosanctity7 says:

    beck was black in his past life….

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