Japanese Cell phones: Keitai Denwa

A brief introduction into the magical world of Japanese cellphones, or “keitai denwa” (携帯電話). My provider is Softbank, one of the biggies in Japan. Hope I don’t bore you guys to tears. Sorry this one’s so late/crappy. Enjoy!

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25 Responses to Japanese Cell phones: Keitai Denwa

  1. peopleareinmyhouse says:

    i really like flip phones.. but in america all the flip phones are OUTDATED. thats why i always loved japan. i wanna go there someday. :D

  2. TaviYamato says:

    I always wondered why Japanese phones are not marketed in Europe and US , we only have ugly black phones here back in EUROPE

  3. TaviYamato says:


  4. BlackVeilBrideMaggie says:

    How much did that cost you? o: and is it really 8 bucks a month? wow!

  5. AndyDude1412 says:

    perfect phone to bring to a school in America… watch tv instead of paying attention in class =D

  6. 236Takara says:

    After the first time I saw this video, I became obsessed with Japanese cell phones.
    When my brother went to Japan, he came back with a Japanese cell phone.
    I really wanted it.. But he refused to give it to me TT___TT

  7. MelodyYhin says:

    .. Your so brave!!! @@

  8. brotherannie says:

    @MelodyYhin Haha, no, I’ve never been afraid of bugs.

  9. MelodyYhin says:

    …. Ouch. Did it scare you? Haha I think I would be better seeing those rather than my fear. I think if I saw ‘those’ i would scream haha — thanks for the information and replying me! :)

  10. brotherannie says:

    @MelodyYhin I remember the wasps and beetles being pretty big.

  11. MelodyYhin says:

    Okayyy thanks for the information and when you meant by huge insects any examples? :/ haha and thanks again for replying! ;)

  12. brotherannie says:

    @MelodyYhin Yeah, you can email someone’s phone from an actual email, I believe. And I don’t know about spiders, but in general, Japan has HUGE insects. I don’t remember seeing many spiders though.

  13. MelodyYhin says:

    Oooo that means normal email provider can still mail the softbank mail? Or docomo too right? Haha, and no problem, also, does japan have errr, HUGE spiders? :/ i hate them :( so yeah, typing that word scares me somehow hehe -don’t mind me —

  14. brotherannie says:

    @MelodyYhin They aren’t from yahoo, gmail or any other normal email provider, usually your phone email addresses are from your provider, so like blahblahblah @softbank.com, or something. And yes, that’s a great idea for a video! I think I will. I’m not in Japan right now, but I’m moving back in August for a job. Only thing it’s not in a place where it gets super cold or where it snows, so it might not be all that interesting but I will make it nonetheless. Thanks for the suggestion!

  15. MelodyYhin says:

    Hi, Just wanna tell you, Im not bored watching your videos and you made me laugh a few times somehow xD, Really love your videos. Could you do a video about japan when it is winter? How to keep yourself warm or how cold it is? — hehe though I also want to ask, the japanese phone e-mails, are they yahoo mail only? Is there like hotmail or gmail?

  16. seaturtle55 says:

    so can you write a text in english..then have the phone..translate it? i bet a super fancy phone could…

  17. kikiza123 says:

    i wonder what the most expensive phone can do o_____O

  18. YamiAlex224 says:

    @confused6thworld you need to enter their calling code i think its
    +81 then the area code then the number double check with google i think its like this but like i said double check
    +81 090 43264 like i said i know for a fact you need a calling code. and i think you can google how to text a japanese phone

  19. YamiAlex224 says:

    @willfox12345 i think its just the style they like and think their flip phones can do way phone than ours

  20. 827Bunny says:

    how long did it take you to learn Japanese ?

  21. willfox12345 says:

    Why do they all have flip phones?

  22. confused6thworld says:

    Is it possible for some one in America with an American phone to text a Japanese person with a Japanese phone? And I do not understand the numbers/emails. My phone says I dont enter the numbers in when I try to call Japan numbers so I don’t understand how to enter them in my phone. Can you explain?

  23. YamiAlex224 says:

    oh texting for some ppl thats the only reason they have a cell phone. i am not sure if you answered this before but is softbank the JAP equalant of verizon

  24. Poopyheadnumber1 says:

    @brotherannie isnt that $855 usd?

  25. TheWonderlandWorld says:

    when you turned your tv on the phone what show was that?

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