Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

Why? Well, it’s a melancholy tale filled with despair and hope and a Bruce Springsteen song. More CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com/video Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night…
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For instance, there is no dual camera technology
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25 Responses to Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

  1. BlindSloth721 says:

    Wanna know what I hate?
    When you’re hanging with a mate and they’re on their phone half the time.
    Like what the fuck? You invite me over just to sit there texting other
    Fuck you, everyone who does that.

  2. Michelle McNamara says:

    I’m too comfortable being alone. I get the biggest smile on my face when
    I’m just on my own that sounds so weird but I love my own company haha.

  3. klystron2010 says:

    I own a mobile phone. But since no one ever calls, it doesn’t matter.

  4. Mr Eighty says:

    cell phones arent the problem its the users

  5. Ol' Whitey McWhiterson says:

    Louis CK has a profound deep sadness to him and a spiritual void which he
    tries to cover up with comedy. Beneath the facade and beyond the jokes, I
    feel he actually means the things he says.

    And yes, I do have a Masters degree in Armchair Psychology from the
    University of F.U., and my Doctoral Thesis was entitled “The Post Button:
    Expert Analysis Via Ass-Sitting before Online Videos”. It is now published
    as a standard guideline in chapter 1 of the American Psychological Textbook

  6. Wojtek The Bear says:

    90% of the use of my phone is looking at what the time is.

  7. B Charron says:

    Reasons why I don’t own a Cell phone:
    1. I value privacy over invasive interruptions
    2. I do not live on the road as a travelling salesman of different stripes
    3. I don’t want to waste my time texting
    4. My time is too valuable to waste it with an addictive device
    5. Cause the majority have one, and I have always been a contrarian
    6. It’s a waste of money unless again number 2 above applies to me
    7. I value some peace and quiet which leads to less stress, and better
    health overall.
    Well, that is my top lucky 7 list.

  8. Uh oh Codyos says:

    It really pisses me off when my friends invite me out to eat somewhere and
    everyone’s on their damn phone. It’s very rare we all make eye contact,
    I’ll admit I’m on my iPod all the time but when someone is talking to me or
    I’m leaving to hang out with people, I leave it at home and there’s no
    electronic in my hand. It’s crazy. Sometimes I wonder why I even go
    anywhere with them

  9. Guilherme Braz says:

    if it were a woman talking about all those sort of stuffs, everyone in the
    audience would feel compassion and deeply emocional like in half of the
    speech, and would probably clap for about 10 minutes. and people don’t know
    why men never share deep emotions/self-existence events. 

  10. Kathlyn Hawley says:

    This is surprisingly insightful. We need silence in our lives.

  11. Pinolero90 says:

    Only God can fill that empty feeling bro :) 

  12. John Said says:

    Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones: http://youtu.be/5HbYScltf1c

  13. MysticInvestigations says:

    The sadness, emptiness, and the psychological issues humans experience are
    mainly due to the unfortunate state of evolution we’re in. We’re in
    essence experiencing the awkward teenage years of our species. The sorry
    state of an animal evolving sapience instead of the blissful ignorance of
    simple survival in Mother Nature. Things get worse once civilizations
    form, and people begin to question the mindlessness of their existence now
    far removed from the heart of the planet. As Animal-God hybrids (animal
    bodies-godlike minds) we must make the unpleasant journey that will finally
    lead to the ultimate reward. The future higher dimensional ascension to
    Godhood, and complete freedom to explore all of reality, and even sometimes
    return to our pure animal roots in spirit form.

  14. Zack Valenta says:

    I’m a straight male, but if I was woman, I would want to date Louis. His
    intellect and mentality about life and being a father supersedes his looks
    in every way.The dude is so genuine, successful, and funny as well without
    being full of himself. That’s essentially what every woman should want.
    Incredible human being.

  15. dbright says:

    “It’s good to cry, it’s what separates us from the animals” – Genesis
    Rodriguez, Tusk, (Kevin Smith)

  16. whitefacedakota says:

    Oh, kids are automatically stupid because of a device that helps them
    communicate. I see his your logic there. Not like he is an idiot just for
    saying that in the first place. (Sarcasm, if you cannot already tell). When
    I talk to people, I put down the cell phone. So there’s weak argument of
    yours. Yes, you are behind a screen so it is easier to bully, but again,
    that is not every kid. That isn’t even most kids. I can guarantee that I am
    still myself while using this phone, and I do not have my nose in it at all
    hours of the day. The people who text and drive are pathetic. But if they
    are at a red light, get over it. And not 100% if people text and drive. He
    might want to check his statistics a bit more before he opens his mouth. I
    use my cell phone to text people in case of emergency. I do not distract
    other by doing so. I keep it on vibrate in my pocket. Don’t like it, too
    damn bad. These aren’t the evil spying machines that everybody thinks that
    they are.

  17. obesedog23 says:

    Louis CK sorta sounds like my dad when he refers to texting as “writing”.

  18. Monia ZumbaSamba says:

    He is so RIGHT!!!…1:14 and 1:45 …”…they don’t want to be alone for a
    second”!!!! SO TRUE

  19. saltpan8005 says:

    I used to drive a taxi and had this woman get into the cab and told me she
    needed to go to the airport. On the way she proceeded to text people the
    whole 2 hours. I tryed to ingage in a little conversation but she didn’t
    answer me or even look up the whole time. We got to the airport and she
    gave me a whopping $5 tip for a $190 fare. I left with this real repulsion
    for cell phones and this woman when I noticed a ringing in the back seat.
    She actually forgot her phone. I know the next thing I did was childish but
    I took her phone put it in front of the tire and rolled over it and back
    until it was squished into little pieces and it felt so good.

  20. Rachel V says:

    That empty hole can only be filled with Jesus Christ.

  21. PillCosby says:

    Cell phones exist because we wanted them, people. Don’t pass the buck. Just
    learn how to live life instead of videoing every damn thing that happens.

  22. Airforceproud95 says:

    I’ve watched this segment several times. This is brilliant.

  23. MurtezaAFG says:

    Wow Luis, you are enormously depressed.
    Like holy shit. I know you’re trying to make a joke but I can tell you’re
    serious when you talk about that emptiness and sadness.
    That feeling is the result of being away from God btw.
    It literally goes away when you start accepting and thinking of Him.

    Read the Quran people. 

  24. Hope For Humanity says:

    Cell phones are great! They were a revolution when they came out. It is the
    basis of modern communication and lets people talk to others even if they
    are 10000km away from you, it is a beauty in itself. And also, how would
    you guys that hate phones and dont use them for that purpose call the
    police, lawyer, parents, kids, dentist, school or whatever. It is an
    amazingly efficient and pro enviormental way of communication. Cells are
    great! Without them, life would be so different

  25. GreatJoFo says:

    Am I the only one who likes living in a world with smartphones? It amazes
    me how many people criticize smartphones effects on society, yet willingly
    buy one and become addicted to it. If you don’t like smartphones, don’t buy
    one. It’s that simple.

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