MAGGD™Bike Mount Holder Cradle for iPhone 360° Rotatable – Compatible for ALL Smartphone – Motorcycle and Bicycle Cellphone Mount!(Black)

  • Grips up to 3″ wide mobile device.
  • Suitable forAny Smartphone, PDA, GPS…etc.
  • Fits motorcycle and bicycle handle bars: 1 1/4″ and smaller.
  • Fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape view.
  • Easy one-touch mounting system. Lock and release the device with just a push of a finger.

Your smartphone is the ultimate accessory for your bike, as you can use it to keep you pumped up with your favorite songs and track your mileage and speed with a variety of apps.
But how can you easily access your smartphone in the middle of your ride?
You shouldn’t have to take time out to dig through your pocket or fumble through your bag when you want to reach for your phone, and you certainly don’t want to keep your smartphone in an unsafe place where it could fall and break.

List Price: $ 32.00


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