Major Ruling Protects Your Cellphone From The Police… Sort Of

“The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that police officers usually need a warrant before they can search the cellphone of an arrested suspect, a major d…
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50 Responses to Major Ruling Protects Your Cellphone From The Police… Sort Of

  1. Mat Broomfield says:

    It only gives the illusion of privacy. Given that they monitor EVERY
    communication routinely, they already HAVE all the content on your phones.

    BTW John, deleting the videos doesn’t actually erase them.

  2. Mark Twain says:

    The real question: Can a judge order you to reveal to the police your
    passcode to give the police access to your phone.

  3. ahlamkin says:

    I think they should make one exception, and can easily word it to where the
    cop never holds the phone, but after an accident, those involved should
    have to show the cops the txting log for time purposes. I know some people
    will figure out to get out of it, but txting and driving is really a
    problem. Im personally ok with no cell phone use while driving at all, with
    the exception of gps purposes. You dont need to chat while driving and damn
    sure dont need to txt. 

  4. BackToSchool says:

    im so glad 9 random old people in a cult wearing robes decided that i cant
    be harassed. thanks a bunch!

  5. Wizdomtrek says:

    This is an excerpt from an article covering INDEFINITE DETENTION in
    relations to the Supreme Court :

    The United States Supreme Court this week effectively ended all efforts to
    overturn a controversial 2012 law that grants the government the power to
    indefinitely detain American citizens without due process.
    On Monday, the high court said it won’t weigh in on challenge filed by
    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges and a bevy of co-plaintiffs
    against US President Barack Obama, ending for now a two-and-a-half-year
    debate concerning part of an annual Pentagon spending bill that since 2012
    has granted the White House the ability to indefinitely detain people “who
    are part of or substantially support Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or associated
    forces engaged in hostilities against the United States.”

    SOOOOO YOUR CELLPHONES ‘SAFE’ BUT YOUR PERSON (you as a living/ breathing
    human being) IS NOOOOT!

  6. The Realist says:

    Oh man the government isn’t watching ALL of us Ana just a select few, and
    for you idiots that think they specifically watch you your just as
    conceited as Ana and the rest of the morons out there 

  7. supervegeta101 says:

    No wonder Justice Thomas never asks questions, he’s jacking it.

  8. BikerBry says:

    Privacy is a constitutional right… How is that ruling liberal? I’d say
    ruling in favor of the constitutionality of law is as conservative as it
    gets. Liberals are the anti-constitutionalist, Obama wipes his ass with it
    every day it seems. 

  9. chasemebaby says:

    What surprised me was that Obama was actually FOR cops being allowed to
    search an individuals phone even during a routine traffic stop. Thats
    really very telling about which way he actually leans. 

  10. Emigdiosback says:

    4 NSA workers disliked this.

  11. xhoggerx129 says:

    Why does this need a Supreme Court ruling to decide? The Fourth Amendment
    is already quite clear regarding this topic.

  12. beauxq says:

    You people are so naive, believing it when the government tells you you
    have rights…

  13. mexicanexalted1 says:

    Obama argued against this ruling? Holy shit… booo :( 

  14. David Samland says:


  15. Joseph Price says:

    While I understand Ana’s point, it is also important to note, the
    information stored by the NSA is not freely available to local and state
    police, or even to a random Federal agent. This fact alone makes this
    ruling all that more of a victory. 

  16. Jose Tula says:

    No Sir. They did not vote that way because they have cell phones.
    Conservatives, real conservatives believe in freedom. 

  17. micers says:

    These TyT clowns fail to understand the right completely. *Most*
    conservatives with half a brain are going to always elect for privacy over
    government intrusion. Really this whole segment is about how surprised
    these clowns are when the conservative court agrees with them. Rather these
    morons have to put it down to the justices looking at porn on their cell
    phones… Just because you TiT clowns do it, doesn’t mean everyone else on
    the planet does it.

  18. Phil Sheridan says:

    Google is worse than the Government on this one. Government is trying to
    keep up.

  19. Frank Lithiumz says:

    Good ruling, too bad the cops won’t give a shit about it.

  20. fuchusen666 says:

    TYT missed the point that this ruling is going to be a precedent in future
    cases against the NSA spying and the telecoms. Why else would the Obama
    administration fight for warrantless cell searches? This also applies to
    all government searches of cell phones and brings us closer to a legal
    standard that considers data as well as voice under common carrier rules
    and does not allow cell phones to be an exception.

  21. darknessseess64nin says:

    I think I need a pocket protector protector protector…

  22. Magicwillnz says:

    Again, croney capitalism IS capitalism.

  23. WisemanTimes says:

    Sounds to me like someone on the supreme court had their cell phone stolen
    or something along those lines and this law is simply a response to their
    own personal discomfort.

  24. Silver Sasquatch says:

    I hope the black phone is successful, definitely getting one as soon as
    there available in central canada

  25. BillOralRushRimjob says:

    So was the “…sort of” end on the title just clickbait, because you knew
    nobody would care to watch the video since we already knew about this

  26. austin amaya says:

    Deftones never fails to surprise me.

  27. xXTheFreakinManxX says:

    3:59 Well that escalated quickly! lol

  28. trustkill415 says:

    Ohhhhh, so *THAT’S* why British people have bad teeth. Thanks Deftones!

  29. Joseph Chamberlain says:

    Hail Satan

  30. LatexHydra says:

    Am I the only one here who skips this song when listening to this album?

  31. Dario Machiavelli says:
  32. Dario Machiavelli says:
  33. S. Texaspatriot says:

    hot carling..

  34. shuvit90 says:

    it’s Annie Hardy from Giant Drag

  35. Eric Rodriguez says:

    Annie Hardy

  36. tapiocayeah says:

    wow ok u clearly didnt listen 2 the song the 1 true power is hot carling.

  37. Melissa Hall says:

    the end is so weird

  38. mummylambs says:

    *tips fedora

  39. Candice Ennis says:

    Great song..huge deftones fan..but why must we know about a butt fu**ing
    academy lol

  40. Nell says:

    Ah, thank you!

  41. TheHappyKitten says:

    freaking weirdest song right after “Die Antwoord – Evil Boy”

  42. Ian Deuser says:

    No one cares?

  43. Babsrblla says:

    Buttfuck! Good idea.

  44. Nell says:

    Is the female vocals Lana Del Rey?!

  45. TheRickyp83 says:

    The one true power is not your faith in whatever god you believe in. That
    is just wishful thinking. The belief in the ONE TRUE POWER is the belief in
    YOURSELF, YOUR MIND. What you KNOW to be real, is the one true power. What
    doesn’t take faith, but obvious evidence. What is no doubt, true…which is
    YOURSELF. You control yourself and your destiny. Noone else, no other
    thing. Stop being weak minded, theism is for lazy minded people.

  46. Yuka Li says:

    Can’t stop the sound, can you? Can’t stop the sound, can’t stop the sound,
    I can’t stop you ♪♫♪♫♪♫

  47. RockGodessKatieKilla says:

    … first i was like heeyyyyy this sounds cool then… then… wthhhhh
    did i just listen to lol

  48. toyrtedas1 says:


  49. soulcalibur22 says:

    r u serious?

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